100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Julian Marquez - 93.4
2. Glover Teixeira - 92.7
3. Josh Emmett - 92.4
4. Santiago Ponzinibbio - 92.4
5. Chad Laprise - 92.1
6. Rafael dos Anjos - 91.9
7. Nordine Taleb - 91.7
8. Jordan Mein - 90.8
9. Mike Perry - 90.8
10. Darren Stewart - 90.7
UFC on Fox 26: Lawler vs. Dos Anjos
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Elevation: 1,364'
-Fight of the Night-
Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Mike Perry
Fighters & Matches 89.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.5
     Silva clinched early and pressed Mein against the fence, only to have Mein whip him to the ground with a hard Judo throw. Silva quickly stood back up though, and they reset a minute into the round. They traded some wild punches, with Mein picking apart Silva for the most part with some big combinations. They both landed some big shots, but Mein was far more aggressive, as Silva was forced to just kind of cover up, throwing counters every once in a while, but Mein was clearly the aggressor in the first round. In the final minute of the round, Mein really opened up on Silva. That was a decent first round, that clearly goes to Jordan Mein.
     The second round started with a couple of minutes of striking, and then Mein took Silva down with the body clinch, landed in his guard, and then tried to throw some elbows, but Silva did a decent job tying up his arms to avoid absorbing too much damage. Round two clearly goes to Mein, based on being more aggressive with his striking, and also dominating Silva on the ground with his top control, even though he didn't do a ton of damage. Silva needs a finish in the final round if he wants to win this fight.
     Silva turned it up a few notches to start the final round, as he blasted Mein with some big strikes, and he was walking him down. Mein shot for a takedown a minute into the round, Silva didn't even try to defend against it, as he dropped back for a guillotine attempt, but he was nowhere near locking it on, so he let it go as Mein settled back into Silva's guard again, to work some more ground & pound. Silva put some serious effort into sweeping Mein, but Mein did a good job staying on top, where he punched Silva in the face repeatedly. Silva attempted a few triangle chokes, but that went nowhere, as Mein just passed to full mount, and then took Silva's back to finish the round. This was a clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Jordan Mein.
      The first round started kind of slowly, with Bamgbose moving around the outside, while they traded a few random single shots, but for the most part, nothing was happening. Bamgbose threw a wild spinning kick halfway through the round, but Chirico caught it, and threw him to the ground, but he didn't follow him down, so Bamgbose popped back up, and continued to circle around the outside. That first round was pretty fucking boring, considering the two wild fighters that were involved. Hopefully they pick it up in the next couple of rounds. Round one goes to Di Chirico I guess, based entirely on pressure & controlling the center of the cage.
     The second round was more of the same, with Bamgbose bouncing around the outside, as the crowd was booing. Bamgbose landed a few fast leg kicks, but was still mostly just running around the outside. The crowd was really getting restless, Bamgbose's corner told him to turn it up a notch, so Di Chirico blasted him with a knee, and Bamgbose face planted on the canvas, nose first. That was a solid knockout by Di Chirico, but a terrible fight overall, and after 3 losses in a row, this might be all the UFC has to offer for Bamgbose. He looks awesome, but he has been extremely underwhelming in his career in the UFC so far.
      The first round started with both guys trading a few random strikes, and then Makdessi caught Trujillo with a brutal eye poke that was basically a big hook to the eye, fingers first. When the fight started back up, they went back to trading random strikes, sort of at a slow pace, and then Trujillo rushed in, and Makdessi dropped him with a big right hand, but he didn't follow him to the ground, so Trujillo stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round. They traded a few more punches, and then Makdessi kicked Trujillo in the dick. I guess Makdessi won that round based on knocking Trujillo down, but I almost want to score it a draw, since he fouled Trujillo twice, but the referee only gave him a warning for both shots.
     The second round started with some slow stalking, Makdessi threw a couple of light leg kicks, and then Trujillo shot for a single leg takedown, but Makdessi stuffed the shot, so Trujillo just pressed him against the fence. Trujillo eventually dumped him to the ground 2 minutes into the round, but Makdessi did a good job propping himself up, and they stood up and reset a few seconds later. Makdessi continued to chip away at Trujillo with fast strikes, and Trujillo was clearly having trouble finding his rhythm. I guess Makdessi is ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Trujillo tried to rush Makdessi early to start the final round, but Makdessi dropped him again with a quick counter left hand. Trujillo finally woke up 2 minutes into the final round, and blasted Makdessi with some big shots, but after his quick explosion, he slowed down again, and they continued to just circle around each other. Trujillo shot for another single leg with 2 minutes left in the fight, but Makdessi stuffed the shot again, so Trujillo just pressed him against the fence again. They reset with 90 seconds left in the fight. Makdessi continued to beat up Trujillo until the end of the round. That should be a 30-27 decision for Makdessi. After the fight ended, Makdessi started screaming at Trujillo, telling him to show some respect, as he started whining & complaining. I would love to see Makdessi lose this fight, because he was acting like an asshole, but it would be hard for anyone to twist the scores enough to award Trujillo with the win. All 3 judges agreed, giving Makdessi the unanimous decision victory.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      These guys traded some random strikes, Roberts landed a few solid shots, and then Taleb kicked him in the head, Roberts grabbed the fence to try to avoid falling to the ground, Taleb blasted him with a fully bodied punch to the face, and knocked him the fuck out. That was a fantastic KO victory by Nordine Taleb. Roberts had NO IDEA what happened when he woke up, and he was pissed and wanted to keep the fight going. Congrats to Taleb for the brutal first round KO.
      Bofando came out with his awkward Karate dancing, Laprise tried to work his way around the outside, and then Bofando dropped him a minute into the opening round with a clean right hand, and then he towered above him on the ground, and unloaded with some big punches, while Laprise tried to tie up Bofando's legs. Bofando let him stand back up a few seconds later. Laprise tripped Bofando and then settled into side control 2 minutes into the round. Laprise tried to chip away with some short elbows, while Bofando squirmed around on the ground, showing a clear weakness off his back. Laprise passed to full mount with 90 seconds left in the round. He continued to chip away with some fast punches & short elbows, while Bofando randomly squirmed around on the ground with no clear path to defend himself. Laprise eventually opened up a cut on Bofando's forehead, and the referee decided to stop the fight. That was a big win for Chad Laprise, especially after nearly getting knocked out in the opening seconds of the fight.
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys traded a few random strikes, they clinched, Stewart sort of scored a takedown, but Marquez quickly wrestled his way back to his feet, only to have Stewart press him against the fence for some aggressive boxing from close range. Marquez landed a nice short knee, and then Stewart took him down again a minute into the round, still pressuring Marquez against the fence, as Marquez tried to work his way back to his feet repeatedly. Stewart continued to pressure Marquez against the fence, while Marquez unloaded with some big punches & elbows to the body & head of Stewart. Stewart eventually backed out, reset, and they both traded some wild punches, until Marquez blasted Stewart with another clean knee to the chin, forcing Stewart to go back to his forward pressure from the clinch, which allowed him to score another takedown. Marquez tried to stand up, and Stewart took his back with 2 minutes left in the round. Marquez stood up, wearing Stewart like a backpack, and Stewart eventually had to let go of his back control, as he fell off, and then they both traded somne wild punches again, capped off with another big knee from Marquez, and then some big bombs by Stewart. This fight is fucking nuts! They both landed some serious shots, I thought I was going to give the round to Stewart based on pressure, but Marquez finished the round with a weird Kimura attempt, which allowed him to finish the round on top. That round could probably go either way.
     They traded a few punches to start the second round, and then Marquez cranked on a standing guillotine choke, which he eventually let go of, in favor of throwing a wild flying knee. Stewart ate the shot, and they both unloaded on each other with some big tired looking punches. They both landed some big elbows, they both landed some big punches, and then Marquez shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Stewart was able to stuff his shot against the fence. Stewart shot for a takedown, Marquez caught him in a 10-Finger guillotine choke, and finished the fight by submission. That fight was fucking awesome, and that was a slick submission victory by Julian Marquez. I'm really looking forward to seeing this guy fight some more in the UFC.
      The first round had both of these guys trading some random strikes, and it was a competitive round, but I guess I would lean slightly in favor of Blachowicz based on the way he was working his jab. Cannonier was landing a lot of slick little calf kicks though, that could add up to cause some problems later in the fight.
     The second round was more of the same, until Blachowicz took down Cannonier 2 minutes into the round, but Cannonier quickly worked his way back to his feet. They traded a few more random strikes, and then Blachowicz dropped Cannonier with around 90 seconds left in the round, which allowed Blachowicz to settle into side control, but he let Cannonier stand up again, and then Cannonier poked Blachowicz in the eye. When the fight started back up, Blachowicz scored another takedown. I have Blachowicz ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Cannonier threw some bombs at Blachowicz's face in the final round, and he was landing some clean shots, but Blachowicz is still far enough ahead on the scorecards, that Cannonier needs to get a finish if he wants to win. Blachowicz scored a takedown with 2 minutes left in the fight, and quickly took Cannonier's back, but Cannonier worked his way back to his feet, and then Blachowicz pressed him into the fence for some clinching, and then took down Cannonier again, landing inside his guard. This should be a 30-27 decision for Blachowicz. All 3 judges agreed, giving Blachowicz the unanimous decision victory.
      The first round started with Cirkunov unloading on Teixeira, beating him to the punch in every exchange, as Cirkunov landed a lot of punches and hard kicks, but they clinched, and Teixeira worked his way into back control on the ground around the 2 minute mark of the opening round. He locked on a rear-naked choke, Cirkunov was able to defend against it, so Teixeira ended up on top in back mount, he unloaded with some punches, and Cirkunov basically just laid on the ground face first, so the referee stepped in to stop the fight. That was a solid first round finish by Glover Teixeira, especially after getting his ass kicked on the feet for a couple of minutes. Title shot? I don't think so... BUT... That was a solid win for Teixeira.
      The first round started pretty slowly, with Perry moving forward, and Ponzinibbio was circling around the outside. Perry was mostly throwing bombs, but he wasn't landing with much, and Ponzinibbio was chipping away at him with some jabs, and with some low leg kicks. Perry unloaded with a big combination late in the round, but Ponzinibbio shrugged him off with a spinning attack of some sort that knocked down Perry, but Ponzinibbio couldn't hold him down, so they stood back up and reset, to trade a few more strikes before the end of the round. Round one probably goes to Perry based on pressure? Ponzinibbio landed some slick shots though.
     They traded a few random strikes to start the second round, and then Perry caught a high kick, and clinched with Ponzinibbio's back, but they quickly reset. Perry clipped Ponzinibbio with a couple of hard shots, and then he clinched with Ponzinibbio's back, and took him to the ground, but Ponzinibbio quickly stood up again, and they reset. Perry continued to throw bombs, which looked great, but Ponzinibbio was really chopping his legs apart with those low kicks. Ponzinibbio unloaded with a big combination that had Perry backing up halfway through the round, and he rocked Perry's head back a few times, and then unloaded on him while Perry's back was against the fence. The round basically ended with both guys brawling. Both guys landed a LOT of huge shots, and both guys were bloodied up by the end of the round. I'm giving that round to Ponzinibbio though. This fight should be all tied up going into the final round.
     Both guys continued to trade heavy punches in the final round, Ponzinibbio continued to work his low leg kicks, and then Ponzinibbio dropped Perry with some wild shit, and then he jumped on his back, and tried to finish him with some punches, but Perry recovered enough to sit down near the fence, but Ponzinibbio was still wrestling the shit out of him, dumping Perry to the ground whenever Perry would try to stand up. They reset back on their feet with 2 minutes left in the final round. Ponzinibbio threw some big punches again, and then dumped Perry to the ground again with around 90 seconds left in the fight. Perry was just clinging from the bottom, and then Ponzinibbio slapped on a guillotine choke with a minute left in the round, mostly just holding him in a head lock, while Ponzinibbio blasted him with punches to the body. They finally reset back on their feet with 20 seconds left in the fight. Ponzinibbio continued to unload on Perry until he decided to just taunt him in the final 5 seconds or so. That was a solid performance by Ponzinibbio, as he gets the unanimous decision victory over one of the most dangerous dogs in the division.
      Emmett missed weight by 4 pounds for this fight, and he looked significantly bigger than Lamas. Emmett threw some big punches in the first round, while Lamas was mostly trying to move around and pick him apart with the cleaner more technical strikes, including a lot of kicks to keep Emmett at range. They continued to trade strikes at a decent pace, and then Emmett dropped Lamas with a brutal left hook for the clean first round knockout. That was clearly the biggest win of Emmett's career by a significant margin.
      The first round had both guys trading some big shots, with Anjos mostly landing with his kicks, and Lawler was mostly landing with his heavy hands. They clinched for a while, and Anjos did some solid work on Lawler's body with his knees, but Lawler kept pushing forward, and controlled the direction of the clinch. That first round will probably go to Anjos.
     The first round started with Lawler throwing some bombs, but halfway through the round, Anjos unloaded on him with a long streak of punches against the fence, while Lawler just covered up, letting Anjos burn out some energy with his offense. Lawler at a LOT of shots, but once that flurry was over, Lawler started moving forward, and pressured Anjos toward the fence. Lawler exploded with some big combinations of his own, but it probably wasn't enough to win back the round. I have Anjos ahead going into the third round.
     They clinched early to start the third round, Lawler unloaded with a fast combination to the body of Anjos, and then Anjos scored a takedown a minute into the round, pinning Lawler against the fence, as Lawler settled into a seated position. Anjos tried to work his way to back control, but Lawler's back was pressed against the fence, so it wasn't working out for him. Lawler stood up 2 minutes into the round, and pressed Anjos against the fence to continue working his body from the clinch. Lawler started to work those big punches to the body again, and then Anjos dropped Lawler with an elbow, and pinned him in the center of the cage, as he settled into Lawler's half guard. Anjos dropped some big elbows with 30 seconds left in the round. I have Anjos ahead 30-27 going into the fourth round, but I still think Lawler is going to make something big happen in the next round.
     The fourth round had Anjos pressing Lawler against the fence in the clinch, with both guys landing some decent short shots, and when they broke apart, they were both still trading punches at a decent pace. Eventually, Anjos really started to pull ahead with his striking, as he beat the shit out of Lawler against the fence, and it looked like Lawler was nearly finished, but he was saved by the bell. Anjos is running away with this fight on the scorecards, so Lawler has 5 minutes left to make some magic happen.
     The fifth round was another clinic delivered by Rafael dos Anjos, as Lawler's legs were completely shot, so Anjos just picked him apart for the final 5 minutes of this fight. In the end, I'm going to score this fight 50-43 for Anjos, and I'm not entirely convinced that Lawler shouldn't just retire at this point. I've been a huge fan of his for years, but he just doesn't seem like he's into it anymore. Anjos on the other hand, he still looks pretty solid, especially since I still kind of think of him as a lightweight.