100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. John Howard - 95.3
2. Jon Jones - 93.8
3. Junior dos Santos - 93.6
4. Cheick Kongo - 92.0
5. Clay Guida - 91.6
6. Daniel Roberts - 91.5
7. Alessio Sakara - 90.9
8. Mike Pierce - 90.9
9. Jason Brilz - 90.0
10. Gabriel Gonzaga - 89.6
UFC Live 1: Vera vs. Jones
Location: Broomfield, Colorado
Elevation: 5,344'
-Fight of the Night-
John Howard vs. Daniel Roberts
Fighters & Matches 88.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.0
     Well, when I first saw Eric Schafer fight, I thought he was pretty awesome, but he has been disappointing me ever since. With that being said, this fight went all 3 rounds, Schafer looked good at first, but the last two rounds, he pretty much got dominated by Brilz, and the fight ended with Brilz on top, throwing elbows. So yeah, Schafer got beat.
      Well, this fight was pretty much 3 rounds of Mike Pierce taking Paulino to the ground, slamming him, controlling him, dominating him, and throwing a few punches here & there when he got the chance. Paulino had a decent moment with punches near the end of the final round, but it was too little too late. Mike Pierce wins via unanimous decision.
      Well, this fight felt like one of those "Loser leaves town" fights, since before this fight took place, neither guy really seemed to belong in the UFC. With that being said, Schaub attacked Gormley, eventually knocking him to the ground, Gormley had no real offense, and the referee stopped the fight.
      Damn! This fight was pretty awesome. Roberts started out by controlling Howard, and beating him up on the ground for a minute or so, but Howard was able to pick him up & slam him. Roberts tried to show off some Jiu-Jitsu skills, but Howard KNOCKED HIM THE FUCK OUT with a brutal divebomb punch, which bounced the head of Roberts off the mat. Excellent exciting fight!
(Ankle Injury)
      Ouch! This fight sucked, mostly just because it ended in an unfortunate way for Duane Ludwig. Elkins went for a takedown, Ludwig sat down on his ankle, forcing it to break & twist backwards, in brutal fashion. It was a pretty uneventful fight, but they had to stop it due to the horrible injury. That sucks.
      This fight was pretty pointless. It was one of those long drawn out 3 round fights, with a couple of good exchanges, but ultimately, I feel like I wasted my time watching this fight. I gave all 3 rounds to Matyushenko, but I guess it WAS a pretty close fight. Either way, he wins via split-decision, so I'm good with that.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty good showing for Clay Guida. I've always been a fan of his, because he's like a fireball, and he just goes in for the kill. Doesn't win most of the fights I've seen him in, but he ALWAYS brings it. He pretty much dominated Gugerty with his wrestling skills, and in the second round, he locked on an arm-triangle choke, and that's all she wrote.
      This was a weird & awkward way to start the televised event. They both traded a few punches, Sakara punched Irvin in the eye, Irvin collapsed claiming he was poked in the eye, the referee stopped the fight and gave the win to Sakara via TKO. After watching the replay multiple times in slow motion, it was CLEARLY a punch, so I have no idea what Irvin was trying to pull, but decent win by Sakara. Irvin needs to get the hell out of the UFC.
(Elbows to the Body)
      This fight was fine and everything, since Buentello always comes to fight, but ultimately, he is nowhere NEAR Kongo in the rankings, so I'm not sure how he got this fight. I thought he retired years ago. With that being said, Kongo pretty much beat his ass all 3 rounds, fouled him a couple of times with illegal knees & elbows, and eventually, forced Buentello to tapout early in the third round, due to elbows to his thighs on the ground. Kongo needs some better competition.
      Well, Gonzaga looks like a beast, but he didn't really offer much in terms of energy in this fight. Eventually, he got punched, fell to the ground, Junior beat his ass, and Gonzaga got knocked the fuck out. Junior dos Santos is legit.
(Elbows & Punches)
      Jon "Bones" Jones! The baddest man at 205! I can't wait to see this guy fight more top level competition. I had him ranked at #2 going into this fight, and I feel like there isn't really anybody in the division at the moment that can stop him. So yeah, Jon Jones, badass man. Vera landed an illegal upkick at one point, but other than that, this entire fight was Jones controlling Vera, and then he brutally broke his face with an elbow in the first round, and followed it up with some punches, while Vera curled up into a ball.