100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Marco Polo Reyes - 93.0
2. Kyung Ho Kang - 92.8
3. Irene Aldana - 92.7
4. Kamaru Usman - 92.3
5. Jeremy Stephens - 92.2
6. Darren Elkins - 91.8
7. James Krause - 91.8
8. Jessica Eye - 91.4
9. Guido Cannetti - 91.2
10. Jessica-Rose Clark - 90.8
UFC Fight Night 124: Stephens vs. Choi
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Elevation: 465'
-Fight of the Night-
Marco Polo Reyes vs. Matt Frevola
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 90.9
     Burnell shot in for a takedown immediately, and took down Santiago 30 seconds into the opening round, and started chipping away with some short punches. Santiago worked his way back to his feet while Burnell was attempting to setup a D'Arce choke, and then Santiago blasted him with some elbows to the side of the head, and then took down Burnell 2 minutes into the round. Santiago locked on a standing guillotine choke as they stood back up, but he couldn't finish it, so he just threw some knees instead. Burnell then dumped him to the ground again with 90 seconds left in the round. They continued to scramble around awkwardly on the ground, and then Burnell slapped on a kneebar, but Santiago slipped out of that and then punched Burnell in the head a lot while clinging to his back. That round could probably go either way, but I think Santiago did more damage, and he also finished the round on top, so I'm giving that first round to Santiago.
     The second round started with Santiago taking down Burnell, and beating him up on the ground, while trying to set him up for another choke attempt. Burnell went for another leg lock attempt halfway through the round, and used that to sweep Santiago, which resulted in both guys standing back up, and then Santiago blasted Burnell with a big knee, before Burnell was able to dump him to the ground again. Burnell took Santiago's back, and punched him in the head repeatedly with both hands, trying to open him up for a rear-naked choke. Santiago eventually rolled over and tried to grab a guillotine, but Burnell was BASICALLY in full mount, so Santiago had to give it up. Burnell took his back again with 30 seconds left in the round, but wasn't able to finish him. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Burnell spend the first 2 minutes of the final round working for a takedown, and he pinned Santiago, while working some basic punches, and Santiago was throwing some elbows up at him. Burnell was mostly just grinding all over Santiago from a variety of top positions, and then he took his back with a minute left in the round. Santiago was able to finally get back to his feet at that point, but a minute isn't long to have to pull some magical shit out of your hat. Burnell went right back to digging for another takedown, and Santiago blasted him with some hard elbows to the side of the head. You could almost argue that Santiago did more damage in that round, but Burnell clearly controlled Santiago for the duration of the round, so I'm expecting a 29-28 decision for Mads Burnell. All 3 judges agreed, giving Mads Burnell the unanimous decision victory.
      Taylor landed some solid strikes to start the first round, and she even dropped Aldrich early with a leg kick, but with around 2 minutes left in the round, Aldrich clinched, pressed Taylor against the fence, and then dumped her to the ground with 90 seconds left in the round. Aldrich spent the rest of the round on top, beating up Taylor with short punches. Round one goes to Aldrich, based on that takedown late in the round.
     They traded strikes for most of the second round, with Aldrich walking down Taylor, forcing her to back up by pumping jabs. Taylor landed some solid shots as well, but she was moving backwards an awful lot. They both went a little crazy late in the round, making it a hard round to score, but I think I have Aldrich ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but it could be all tied up at this point.
     Aldrich blasted Taylor with a BRUTAL spinning back fist a minute into the final round, and it looked like Taylor's left eye was swelling shut. They continued to box each other up for the rest of the round, at a decent pace, but in the end, I really think this fight should go Aldrich's way, but it was definitely a close competitive fight. All 3 judges agreed with me, giving the unanimous decision victory to J.J. Aldrich, 29-28 across the board.
      These girls both came out swinging, Eye threw some hard punches, and then Faria blasted her with a brutal head kick that nearly knocked out Eye, so Faria jumped on her, but Eye went for a heel hook, Faria went for a heel hook, and then they spent the next few minutes trading leg lock attempts back & forth while throwing random punches at each other. The ground battle was pretty even, with a lot of back & forth action, so I guess I would have to score that round for Faria, basted on the big head kick early in the round? Other than that kick delivered by Faria though, the first round could have gone either way. Eye nearly ripped off Faria's leg in the final 10 seconds of that round. Fuck it, I'm calling that round even.
     The second round started with some heavy clinching, with Eye pressed Faria against the fence with a back clinch. She then pulled Faria down, and then wrapped her up while digging for a rear-naked choke. Eye had a body triangle locked on, but she wasn't able to get her arm under the chin of Faria, so she switched to working for an arm lock. Faria almost spun into Eye's guard, so Eye postured up, resecured back control, and then blasted Faria with some big punches & elbows. The first round was a VERY close round, but the second round was 100% Jessica Eye.
     Faria threw some decent knees to start the final round, and Eye just kept circling around her, looking for a decent opening. Faria kicked Eye in the mouth with a side kick, and Eye just ate it, but she still wasn't really attacking at all. As soon as I thought Eye was about to give away the fight by standing & striking with Faria, Eye shot in for a takedown halfway through the round, and dumped Faria to the ground again with 2 minutes left to work. Eye stood back up for some reason with 90 seconds left in the round. Faria then shot for a takedown of her own, Eye stuffed the shot, so they clinched against the fence, and then Eye took down Faria again, but Faria also sort of pulled guard, trying to lock on a triangle on the way down. Eye passed Faria's guard, dropped some short punches, and finished the round on top, grinding on Faria. This fight has split-decision written all over it, but I'm scoring it 29-28 for Jessica Eye. Yup, we have a split-decision, and two judges agreed with me, giving the victory to Jessica Eye. That was a really solid performance by both fighters though.
(Triangle Choke)
      Cannetti started the first round by throwing a series of hard slapping kicks, to the legs & body of Kang, and Kang was just walking him down, not really throwing much early in the round. Cannetti rocked the shit out of Kang with some big punches a minute into the round, and then he rushed him, and took down Kang in the center of the cage. They stood back up 2 minutes into the round, and Kang continued to chase Cannetti, but he still wasn't throwing much. Meanwhile, Cannetti was throwing everything he had at Kang, with some FAST, POWERFUL kicks. Kang landed a decent punch, and then Cannetti unloaded on him again, beating the shit out of Kang against the fence from the clinch. Cannetti is one of the fastest strikers I've ever seen, but Kang was able to grab him, and throw him to the ground with a minute left in the round, as Kang landed in full mount. Kang threw some short punches, he whiffed with a big elbow, and then Kang locked on a triangle choke, and Cannetti picked him up for a slam, couldn't pull the trigger, so he fell down, threw a few punches, Kang locked the triangle on even tighter, and finished the fight by submission with just 7 seconds left in the opening round. That fight was fucking nuts, I'm excited to see Cannetti fight again soon, and Kang came back from getting his ass kicked, with a slick submission finish. Even though it only lasted one round, this could potentially be the fight of the night.
      The first round started with Aldana pretty much dominating Bernardo with her crisp boxing skills. Aldana showed off some solid speed while working some fantastic combinations, she bloodied Bernardo's face 2 minutes into the round, she rocked her with some big punches, Bernardo shot for a takedown, and Aldana ended up on top, and then they scrambled back to their feet, where Bernardo clinched and pressed Aldana against the fence. Aldana then threw Bernardo to the ground with a badass Judo throw, and then she threw some strikes on the ground, but Bernardo tangled her up, since Bernardo clearly wants this fight to take place on the ground. They stood up quickly, and Bernardo pressed Aldana against the fence for some clinch stalling. Bernardo tried to take her down, but Aldana showed some good balance, while she continued to chip away at Bernardo's face with short punches. Aldana broke free with 40 seconds left in the round, and blasted Bernardo with a big knee to the body. She then threw some punches, and Bernardo just laid down, hoping Aldana would follow her to the ground. Instead, Aldana just stood above her and kicked her legs repeatedly. Aldana finished the round by throwing some massive punches down at the face of Bernardo. Round one was a 10-8 round for Aldana in my opinion, as she nearly finished Bernardo.
     Bernardo's face looked like it was brutally beaten by a baseball bat at the start of the second round. Aldana picked up where she left off, as she continued to beat the shit out of Bernardo on the feet with her boxing skills. Bernardo shot for a single leg takedown a minute into the round, Aldana stuffed the shot, Bernardo continued to drive through, and finally secured side control 90 seconds into the second round. They scrambled around for a few seconds, and Aldana pulled guard while trying to setup a triangle choke. Bernardo mostly just held down Aldana, while Aldana chopped her up with elbows from her guard. Aldana tried to fight her way back to her feet, but Bernardo pulled her back down and continued to hold down Aldana. Bernardo really wasn't doing anything on the ground though, while Aldana never stopped throwing those short elbows. Even though Bernardo held top control for the last half of the round, I would still give that round to Aldana based on damage. Aldana stood back up with 30 seconds left in the round, and Bernardo shot in for another takedown, which Aldana stuffed. I have Aldana ahead, 20-17 going into the final round, but it could potentially be all tied up, but I don't think so.
     The final round started with Aldana still stalking Bernardo, while chipping away with punch combinations. Bernardo shot for a few takedowns, but Aldana was able to stuff all of her shots with ease, while she continued to chip away with her punches. Bernardo started throwing some bombs with 2 minutes left, and she clipped Aldana with some hard shots, but Aldana fired back, and then dropped Bernardo with 90 seconds left, and pinned her near the center of the cage. Bernardo almost scrambled into top control, but Aldana overpowered her, threw her down, landed a few strikes, and then they reset back on their feet with 20 seconds left in the fight. Bernardo shot for one last takedown, and Aldana took her down again. Irene Aldana looked awesome in this fight, and she finally earned her first victory inside the UFC.
      Frevola came out looking aggressive, he pressured Reyes for a few seconds, and then Reyes just unloaded on him with some BRUTAL punch combinations, rocking the shit out of Frevola, he knocked his mouthpiece out, continued to pound on him, the referee gave Frevola his mouthpiece back, and then Reyes knocked him the fuck out. That was a fantastic first round finish by Marco Polo Reyes. I'm a big fan of this guy.
      These guys both came out swinging, trading some pretty big punches, with Krause looking to land counters, and White was just winging bombs at him. Krause shot for a takedown a minute into the opening round, but White did a hell of a job staying on his feet. Krause was relentless though, and continued to drive through, until he finally took White to the ground 2 minutes into the round, pinning him near the fence. Krause took White's back, and then punched him in the head a few times, before looking for a rear-naked choke, but White spun into him, giving up side control in the process. Krause spent the rest of the round chipping away at White with short punches & elbows. Round one clearly goes to James Krause.
     White came out swinging again to start the second round, and he rocked Krause's head back, but Krause ducked out of the way, and then reset back in the center of the cage. Krause landed some decent shots, White landed some bigger shots, and then Krause landed some slick counters. Krause shot in for another takedown 90 seconds into the round, and dumped White to the ground, with less effort this time. Krause continued to chip away at White with punches & elbows, while White just flopped around on the ground for a while. White spun around and scored a quick takedown of his own with a minute left in the round. Krause scrambled out of the bottom, pressed White against the fence, and finished the round back on top after scoring another takedown. I have Krause ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     White dropped Krause 15 seconds into the final round with some big shots, but Krause recovered quickly, and shot for another takedown, but White stuffed the shot, so they reset. Krause then shot for another takedown, White stuffed it again, but Krause kept him pressed against the fence for some basic clinch stalling. White landed some heavy elbows from close range, it looked like he nearly knocked out Krause, and then Krause shot for another takedown, which was stuffed again, but it lead to some more clinch stalling to buy himself some more time to recover. Krause pulled guard with 2 minutes left in the round, he went for a flying armbar on the way down, and White wrestled his way out of that, and tried to take Krause's back. Krause shrugged him off, and ended up on top inside White's guard. White tried to setup a triangle choke, but Krause was able to stay out of danger. As soon as I said that though, White chopped up Krause's face with some elbows from his guard. Krause ended the round on top, still pounding on White with some hammerfists. That was a pretty solid fight, with a lot of back & forth action, but it should definitely go to James Krause. All 3 judges agreed, giving Krause the unanimous decision victory.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded some wild strikes to start the first round, with Johnson landing the harder shots, and rocking Elkins early, but Elkins recovered, and continued to fire back. Johnson rocked Elkins multiple times, as Elkins was having trouble dealing with the speed of Johnson. The rest of the round had Johnson beating the shit out of Elkins, while chasing him around with punches. Elkins threw a few solid shots, but Johnson is clearly the better striker. Round one goes to Johnson.
     They traded a few fast shots to start the second round, and then Elkins caught a kick, and took down Johnson in the center of the cage inside the first 30 seconds. Johnson just kind of curled up in half guard, and Elkins tried to posture up a bit, so he could unload with some big punches. Johnson tried to scramble to his feet, and Elkins took his back in the process, locking on the body triangle immediately. He slapped on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission, after getting dominated in the first round. That was another fantastic finish by Darren Elkins, and a disappointing featherweight debut for Michael Johnson.
      Meek threw some big punches to start the opening round, Usman shot for a quick takedown, and then Meek slapped on a guillotine choke immediately. Usman popped his head free a minute into the round, and pinned Meek against the fence. Usman threw some hard body shots on the ground, and Meek tried to work his way back up the fence. Meek was back on his feet 2 minutes into the round, but Usman was clinching with his back, while he continued to press him against the fence. Usman slammed Meek with 2 minutes left in the round, trying to dump him on his head, which allowed Usman to secure side control. Meek worked his way back to his feet again with a minute left in the round, and Usman continued to grind all over him, refusing to let Meek create any space at all. Usman sort of went for a rear-naked choke, but he didn't have back control, so it didn't work. Usman scored another takedown late in the round though, and then Meek blasted him with some hard elbows from his guard. Round one clearly goes to Usman, but Meek opened a cut on Usman's eye.
     They exchanged a few strikes to start the second round, and Meek rocked Usman with a spinning back fist. Usman recovered, and then shot for another takedown, which Meek was able to stuff against the fence. Usman went back to the grind, where he basically just smothered Meek against the fence, before eventually dumping him to the ground with the back clinch. Meek was able to stand up again, and then they dropped to the ground, with Meek trying to setup a Kimura. Meek opened up with some more elbows from his back, while Usman continued to smother Meek against the fence. Usman tried to drop some hard elbows, but Meek did a good job blocking most of them. Meek tried to setup an armbar, and Usman dropped some heavy punches down at the face of Meek. Usman is clearly dominating Meek in this fight, but Meek has done significant damage from his back. This is an interesting fight going into the final round. I really don't want to watch Usman lay on Meek for another 5 minutes though.
     The final round started with Meek throwing a knee, and he accidentally hit Usman with a groin shot. When the fight started back up, Meek unloaded with a hard body kick, a series of hard punches, he was chasing Usman, and the Usman took him down again, a minute into the final round. Meek was able to kick him off this time, but as soon as he stood up, Usman smothered him against the fence again, while throwing basic knees at Meek's thighs. Usman is a powerful wrestler, but I would really like to see Meek magically knock him the fuck out, because this grinding bullshit is getting boring. Meek went for another Kimura, but Usman is awfully strong. Usman passed to side control, continued to chip away at Meek with some short elbows, and the crowd started to fall asleep. Meek stood up one last time with 40 seconds left in the round, only to get suplexed. Usman dominated Meek in this fight, but I feel like this is one of those situations where Meek will walk away with more fans, than Usman will. Congrats to Usman for the big win, but I really think they should match him up with Colby Covington next, because they are both great wrestlers, and they're both fucking irritating.
      VanZant threw a bunch of silly jump kicks and shit to start this fight (she seems to be doing that a lot lately). Clark fired back with some hard punches, and then took down VanZant, they stood back up against the fence, and Clark was trying to setup a standing arm-triangle choke. They fell to the ground, and Clark still had it locked on, but she was on the wrong side of VanZant's body. VanZant was able to cling to half guard, preventing Clark from doing much damage, but Clark still pretty much dominated VanZant on the ground for a solid 4 minutes or so. Round one goes to Clark.
     VanZant came out throwing all of her wild shit again to start the second round, and she blasted Clark with a spinning back fist, but Clark clinched, and then pressed VanZant against the fence. Clark tried to throw VanZant to the ground, but VanZant ended up on top inside Clark's guard. VanZant tried to stand up, and Clark grabbed her leg, stood up, and then dumped VanZant to the ground 90 seconds into the round. Clark looked like she wanted that arm-triangle choke again, but she was on the wrong side, so she passed VanZant's guard, slapped on a triangle choke, and rolled over to her back, and locked on the triangle even tighter with 90 seconds left in the round. That triangle looked like it was locked on tight, but VanZant was hanging on. Meanwhile, Clark was blasting her with hard elbows to the head. Clark is clearly winning this fight, and she nearly finished VanZant in the last half of that round. When they went back to their corners, I THINK VanZant told her corner that she broke her right arm in the first round. They just ignored her and sent her back out to fight with a broken arm. VanZant deserves some credit for being tough at least.
     VanZant went out throwing some flying knees and shit to start the final round, and she landed a few decent kicks, but she was clearly holding her right hand back, because she didn't want to use it at all, which can cause problems if Clark notices. VanZant kept throwing flying knees, and a lot of kicks, and Clark landed some hard punches, but Clark looked like she was just coasting, looking to win the decision based on her performance in the first two rounds. I would really like to see Clark go for the finish though, especially since VanZant can't throw any punches at all. I guess I'm going to give that round to VanZant for throwing a lot of kicks, since Clark didn't really do much of anything, but Clark should still clearly win this fight 29-28 across the board. All 3 judges agreed, with one judge even giving Clark all 3 rounds. Congrats to Clark for a big win over a big name.
(Punches & Elbows)
      The first round had both guys trading hard strikes. Stephens was mostly throwing big punches, but Choi did a good job controlling the distance, he also landed some clean elbows, and some hard leg kicks. That first round was close, but I'm scoring it slightly in favo of Doo Ho Choi.
      Choi started the second round with a kick to the jaw of Stephens, so Stephens fired back with a hard kick of his own, they both unloaded on each other, and they both got rocked a little bit, but that didn't stop them from coming forward at each other. Stephens landed with a few clean jabs that bloodied the nose area of Choi, and it seemed to really bother him, because he immediately started to back up. Stephens then dropped him with a big punch, and then unloaded with some diving elbows on the ground, forcing the referee to step in to stop the fight. That was a huge win for Jeremy Stephens, and a disappointing return for Choi, as he gets his second loss in a row, after a 13 month layoff.