100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Valentina Shevchenko - 95.4
2. Thiago Santos - 93.4
3. Polyana Viana - 92.8
4. Deiveson Figueiredo - 92.4
5. Douglas Silva de Andrade - 92.2
6. Iuri Alcantara - 92.0
7. Alan Patrick Silva Alves - 91.9
8. Michel Prazeres - 91.4
9. Eryk Anders - 91.2
10. Lyoto Machida - 90.9
UFC Fight Night 125: Machida vs. Anders
Location: Para, Brazil
Elevation: 33'
-Fight of the Night-
Thiago Santos vs. Anthony Smith
Fighters & Matches 89.7
Top 10 Fighters 92.4
TOTAL 91.1
     This fight started with Figueiredo clinching, and taking Morales to the ground with a body lock. Morales eventually kicked him off, but Figueiredo still stood above him, and threw some big punches down at Morales's head. Morales tried to control Figueiredo with his guard, but Figueiredo was still beating him up with some decent ground & pound. The referee stood them up with a minute left in the opening round. Figueiredo dropped Morales with a big left hand, and then slapped on a guillotine choke while Morales was falling to the ground, but it wasn't at a very good angle, so Morales was able to hang on until the end of the round. Round one clearly goes to Figueiredo though, in a somewhat one-sided round.
     Figueiredo still looked aggressive at the start of the second round, as he blasted Morales with some bombs. Figueiredo scored a quick takedown a minute into the second round, he pinned Morales against the fence, threw some big punches & elbows, and Morales tried to tie him up again with his guard. Morales stood back up with 2 minutes left in the round. They traded some big punches, Morales landed a few decent shots, and then Figueiredo dropped him again with another massive left hand, and then finished him off with some punches on the ground. That was a fantastic one-sided performance by Deiveson Figueiredo, as he hands Morales the first loss of his career.
(Kick to the Body & Punches)
      Soto started this fight by circling around the outside, while Alcantara controlled the center of the cage. Alcantara blasted Soto with a brutal kick to the body, Soto shot for a takedown, Alcantara stuffed it with ease, and then kicked Soto in the body again. Soto was hurt, Alcantara kicked him again, blasted him with somes elbows, dropped him, unloaded with a lot of big punches on the ground, and the referee stopped the fight. That was a fantastic quick finish for Iuri Alcantara, and the Brazilian crowd goes wild!!!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These girls both came out throwing punches, and then Viana clinched and threw Stevenson to the ground, but Stevenson quickly reversed her, and sort of ended up on top, but Viana immediately tied her up with some sort of wild looking armbar from sort of a reverse triangle position. Viana's Jiu-Jitsu looks really slick. She nearly ripped off Stevenson's arm, but Stevenson was able to work her way back to her feet around the 2 minute mark. Stevenson then tried to score a takedown, and Viana held her off with a front choke, which she used to control her while throwing some knees against the fence. Viana threw Stevenson to the ground again around the halfway point of the opening round, she worked some ground & pound, and Stevenson pretty much looked lost on the ground, like a fish out of water, struggling to keep her head away from the butcher's blade. Viana passed to full mount with 90 seconds left in the round, she took her back, slapped on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by first round submission in her UFC debut. I had no idea who Polyana Viana Mota was going into this fight, but I'm definitely excited to see her fight again after this one. She's one of the best female BJJ fighters I've seen in a while.
      These guys both kind of clashed by throwing kicks at the same time, they fell down, and Patrick ended up on top of Hadzovic. Hadzovic worked his way back to his feet, and Patrick pressed him against the fence for some clinch exchanges, resulting in Patrick throwing Hadzovic down again. Patrick took his back, Hadzovic stood up, and they reset halfway through the round. Patrick scored another takedown, and Hadzovic caught him in an armbar, but Patrick stacked him, tried to slam his way out, I THOUGHT Patrick tapped, so Hadzovic let go, and Patrick settled back into his guard to work some ground & pound. Hadzovic eventually stood back up, only to get taken down two more times before the end of the round. I'm giving that first round to Patrick. He also finished the round with a series of punches while Hadzovic was kneeling near the fence.
     Patrick came out swinging to start the second round, he beat up Hadzovic on the feet, and then took him down again. He worked some ground & pound, and then took Hadzovic's back. Patrick spent almost that entire round in back control. Patrick is clearly ahead, 20-18, going into the final round. The final round was a repeat of the second round, with Patrick beating up Hadzovic on the feet, and then dominating him on the ground for the duration of the round. Congrats to Patrick for the clear cut unanimous decision victory.
      These guys traded some punches to start the fight, and then Moraes clinched and pulled guard 30 seconds into the opening round. Means eventually stood back up, Moraes laid on the floor trying to get Means to come to the ground with him, so Means just stomped on Moraes's leg, and told him to stand up. They both traded some big punches, and Moraes was landing some heavy combinations. Means landed some decent shots, but the first round definitely goes to Moraes, both for ground control (pulling guard), and he was able to outstrike Means on the feet as well.
     Means started to chip away at Moraes in the second round with some clean boxing, but Moraes was still winging wild bombs at him, landing with the more significant shots. I would like to say that Means won that round by showing off his more technical striking, but Moraes is still landing way too often, and when he lands, he's throwing wild haymakers. I'm assuming Moraes is ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but the fight could potentially be all tied up. I'll be curious to see how the judges have this fight scored.
     Means continued to move forward in the final round, like a blender, just throwing a lot of punches & knees, from a variety of angles, as he was pretty clearly picking apart Moraes at this point, as it looked like Moraes was starting to gas after throwing all of those wild shots in the first two rounds. Moraes was still landing with some big shots, but Means definitely looked like he was in control in the final round. Means dropped Moraes with 40 seconds left in the fight, and then he jumped into Moraes's guard, threw a few shots, and then stood up and told Moraes to reset. They finished the round by brawling for a few seconds. I'm giving this fight to Means, 29-28, but I'm sort of expecting the judges in Brazil to go with Moraes. The judges gave the split-decision victory to Sergio Moraes.
(Liver Kick & Punches)
      These guys both landed some heavy clean punches & kicks, with Santos coming forward early, and then it looked like he might have slipped or something, so Smith threw some wild shots, Santos recovered, threw a spinning head kick, knocked back Smith, he blasted him with a flying kick, slipped again, and Smith somehow magically ended up in a high full mount. Santos swept him 90 seconds into the opening round, landing inside Smith's closed guard, and Santos dropped some heavy punches from the top. Smith finally kicked his way back to his feet with a minute left in the round, he rushed toward Santos with some big punches, Santos fired back with a counter right, and knocked Smith to the ground in brutal fashion. Santos unloaded with some big shots on the ground, but couldn't finish the fight before the end of the round, but he still did enough to pretty clearly win that round, even though it was close up until that point.
     There was a cut above Santos's left eye from the first round, which his corner covered in vaseline between rounds. They continued to strike with each other to start the second round, Santos dropped Smith with a liver kick, he unloaded with some big punches on the ground, Smith tried to recover, but he just wasn't able to fight out of it, so Santos unloaded with some big shots on the ground, and the referee stopped the fight as Smith was clinging to Santos's leg for dear life. That was a fantastic fight, possibly fight of the night, and it was a really big win for Thiago Santos.
      These guys both came out throwing wild strikes at each other. Vera was landing a lot of nice kicks, but Andrade was plowing forward, throwing bombs, and it looked like Andrade was in control for the most part, so I would probably score the first round slightly in favor of Andrade. It was a close back & forth round of kickboxing though. Andrade also scored a late takedown to secure the round, in case there were any questions.
     The second round started with Vera throwing a lot of kicks again, he landed some good shots, and then Andrade opened up a cut on Vera's right eye with some punches. Andrade clearly hurt Vera, as Vera was moving away, trying to call a timeout because he thought he was poked in the eye, but it was a clean punch from Andrade's knuckles. Andrade spent the rest of the round beating the shit out of a bloody Vera, with big punches & knees. Vera was still trying to fire back with some offense, but he was clearly a bit overwhelmed. That round could be a 10-8 round for Andrade.
     Vera's corner told him he was letting the fight slip away, and he needs to go ape shit in the final round. That's exactly what he did, as he came out throwing wild kicks & knees. Andrade was able to reel him back in though, as Andrade finished the fight strong, leading to a clear 30-27 decision for Andrade, and I would have been fine with a 30-26 as well. Vera just didn't show up tonight, and Andrade was hungry in Brazil.
      Johnson threw some big punches, Golm clinched, Johnson continued to work his dirty boxing from inside the clinch, and then Golm pressed him against the fence. They eventually split up, traded a few more strikes, and then Johnson clinched and pressed Golm against the fence, and just held him there for a while. Golm took control of the clinch with 90 seconds left in the round, they both landed a few strikes inside the clinch, and then Johnson's right eye started bleeding all over the place. I'm assuming the first round will go to Johnson, based on outweighing Golm.
     The second round had both guys winging massive shots at each other, they both landed some hard shots, and we were left with another dirty looking round, with both guys clinching a lot, both guys landing shots, both guys absorbing a decent amount of damage, etc... I would probably give Golm the striking advantage in the second round though, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round had both guys hopping around, trading shots, with Golm working his kicks, and Johnson was throwing some big combinations. Johnson also spent some time pressing Golm against the fence, basically trying the "outweigh him" strategy again. They reset with 2 minutes left in the fight, and went back to trading strikes. Johnson clinched again, and finished the round pressing Golm against the fence again. All 3 judges gave the decision victory to Tim Johnson.
      Prazeres missed weight by 6 pounds, which is ridiculous, but he gave up 40% of his purse to convince Green to accept the fight. Prazeres started this fight with a hard kick to the body, and Green threw a few leg kicks. Prazeres caught a kick, and sort of dropped Green with a punch, and then tried to take him down, but Green quickly scrambled back to his feet, and then Green tripped Prazeres from the clinch, and then took Prazeres's back near the fence around the 90 second mark of the opening round. Prazeres scrambled out of that bad position, clinched, and then pressed Green against the fence, but Green spun him around and took control of the clinch. They eventually split up, traded a few strikes, Prazeres scored a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, they both scrambled around for control, Prazeres ended up on top, and then punched Green in the head a few times, but the referee stood them up because I GUESS Prazeres punched him in the back of the head? I'm not 100% sure, it's hard to tell with Green's dreads. They continued to scramble for a takedown until the end of the round, with Green showing the slightly better wrestling skills. I'm giving the first round to Green.
     The second round had Prazeres throwing some BOMBS, but he was only throwing single shots, and then Green took him down a minute into the round, and settled into Prazeres's guard in the center of the cage. Prazeres kicked him off 30 seconds later, and they reset. Prazeres threw a big slow left hand, Green ducked under it and shot for another takedown, but Prazeres was able to stuff his shot against the fence. Prazeres clinched, took down Green with 2 minutes left in the round, and he immediately passed to full mount in the center of the cage. Prazeres locked on an arm-triangle choke, but Green was able to twist out of it, and they reset back on their feet with 90 seconds left in the round. Prazeres grabbed Green, pulled guard with a guillotine choke, Green pulled his head free, but Prazeres settled into side control with a minute left in the round. Prazeres setup a north-south choke with 30 seconds left in the round, he tried to crush Green, but he couldn't finish the choke, so he just ended the round in total control on top. Round one was VERY close, but the second round was 100% Prazeres.
     They both looked exhausted at the start of the final round. The slowly circled around each other for a couple of minutes, with Prazeres blasting Green with some big slow punches, and Green was mostly just backing up. Prazeres was slowly picking apart Green with his boxing, until he finally shot for another takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, and Prazeres worked to take back control, as Green just kind of turtled up. Prazeres punched Green in the head repeatedly, and then the round eventually ended. This fight should be a clear 29-28 decision for Prazeres, if not 30-27. All 3 judges agreed, giving Prazeres the unanimous decision victory.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Cachoeira started this fight by walking forward, she threw a few punches, Shevchenko did an excellent job dodging her strikes, and then she countered with some brutal punch combinations, she rocked Cachoeira early, and then took her down a minute into the opening round. Shevchenko threw some hard punches to the body of Cachoeira, she blasted her with one of the most brutal elbows I've ever seen, and then she unloaded with some BRUTAL ground & pound, causing Cachoeira's face to explode, as she was bleeding all over the place just 2 minutes into the opening round. Shevchenko's ground & pound is fucking insane! Shevchenko's punches to the body sound like Mike Tyson punching a cow in the side, and her punches & elbows to Cachoeira's face are chopping her into pieces. That was easily a 10-8 round for Shevchenko.
     Cachoeira was complaining about her knee in between rounds for some reason. Shevchenko started the second round with some clean hard punches, and then she clinched, and threw Cachoeira to the ground again, this time taking side control. She settled into the mounted crucifix, and unloaded with some punches to Cachoeira's face. Shevchenko started cutting her up with short elbows again, and then she tried to setup a keylock, but Cachoeira was able to defend, so Shevchenko went back to working some more ground & pound. Shevchenko locked on the mounted crucifix again, and continued to unload with countless punches to Cachoeira's face. Shevchenko passed to full mount with 90 seconds left in the round, and then she unloaded with some big punches, Cachoeira gave up her back, Shevchenko continued to punch her in the head repeatedly, she landed hundreds of significant strikes, the referee was just hanging out, enjoying the action, refusing to stop the fight, so Shevchenko locked on a rear-naked choke, Cachoeira tapped, the referee (Mario Yamasaki) just kind of stood there watching the tap, waiting for someone else to stop the fight apparently. Eventually, Cachoeira started tapping in panic mode, and the referee FINALLY stopped the fight. That was a fantastic one-sided ass beating delivered by Valentina Shevchenko, clearly the best 125 pound fighter in the UFC at this point. With that being said though, Cachoeira had an 8-0 record coming into this fight, and I still had never heard of her, so I'm not sure if this fight REALLY proves much, other than Shevchenko is not someone you should fuck with.
      Anders looked like he was pressuring Machida at the start of this fight, not a lot was happening, and then Machida dropped him with a clean leg kick to the right knee of Anders, and then Machida jumped down into his guard. Machida stood up, and threw some hard leg kicks while Anders was still laying on the ground. Machida jumped back on top with 90 seconds left in the round, and Anders used that moment to scramble back to his feet. Machida threw some more kicks, Anders was having some trouble closing the distance, so Anders just continued to move Machida's back toward the fence, while Machida tried to circle around the outside. Round one clearly goes to Machida.
      Machida started the second round with some hard kicks, and then Anders blasted him with a big left hand, and then clinched and pressed Machida into the fence. Anders attempted a takedown, but it didn't work at all, so Machida just spun out of that and reset. The rest of the round just had Machida bouncing around the outside in circles, while picking apart Anders with random kicks, and Anders was just walking toward him, resulting in a boring round. Anders tried to fight in the final 30 seconds, and he wobbled Machida a bit, but instead of finishing him off, he shot for a takedown, failed, and Machida will still win that round. Machida is ahead 20-18 going into the third round.
      Machida threw a couple of kicks to start the third round, Anders caught a body kick, finally took down Machida, but couldn't hold him down at all. Anders WAS able to open up a massive cut on Machida's forehead though, I'm not 100% sure which strike caused it, but Machida's face & chest were quickly covered in blood. Apparently it was a knee that cut Machida's head. Machida went right back to circling around the outside again, and Anders just continued to walk toward him, with both guys looking to counter, resulting in zero action. Anders rocked Machida with 30 seconds left in the round, and then rushed in to clinch, as Machida's forehead poured blood all over the back of Anders. I'm giving that round to Anders, based on damage & rocking Machida late in the round. Machida is still ahead 29-28 though, going into the fourth round. Apparently some people gave the second round to Anders though, so this could be interesting if it goes to the scorecards.
      Machida threw some kicks to the body of Anders to start the fourth round, and Anders continued to chase him around, still having a hard time closing the distance. Machida threw a few decent strikes, and then Anders dropped Machida with a left hand, that knocked Machida off balance, but after Anders jumped on Machida, Machida was able to quickly get back to his feet. Anders kept him pressed against the fence in the clinch though, around the halfway point of the fourth round. Machida broke free with 90 seconds left in the round. Anders shot for another takedown, Machida stuffed the shot again, so Anders just smothered him against the fence for some more clinching. Anders put some serious effort into securing the single leg, and he finally dumped Machida with a minute left in the round, but Machida popped back up again. I'm scoring that round pretty clearly for Anders, so either he's up 39-37 going into the final round, or else it could all be tied up, especially considering the fact we're in Brazil.
      Machida started the final round with a body kick, and Anders fired back with a big punch. Machida landed some leg kicks, and then threw a head kick which was blocked. Machida landed a few more kicks to the body, and Anders blasted him with some big punches. They're both still holding back way too much though, for only having 3 minutes left in this fight. Anders blasted Machida with a hard right hand, and then clinched around the halfway point of the final round. Machida quickly spun out of that, and reset again. Anders continued to throw some big punches, while chasing Machida around, and Machida continued to stay just outside of distance. Machida threw a spinning back kick, Anders grabbed him, took him down, and Machida bounced right back up again. They both started swinging wildly in the final 10 seconds, with Anders probably landing the harder shots there? I'm scoring this fight 48-47 for Anders, but I'm halfway expecting Machida to get the win, mostly because this is Brazil. I really feel like Anders was the only one really TRYING to fight though, and I have a hard time scoring these types of fights in favor of Machida's "elusive" style. The judges were split, and one judge even gave him 4 rounds, which was impossible, since he CLEARLY lost AT LEAST the 3rd & 4th rounds. Fuck the judges in Brazil. Honestly, I would be ok with it, if they gave the fight to Machida with 48-47 scorecards, but 49-46 is fucking retarded. That also marks the first loss of Anders career. Way to ruin a prospect with a trash decision.