100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Gerald Harris - 93.6
2. Yushin Okami - 93.2
3. Roy Nelson - 93.0
4. Andre Winner - 91.4
5. Gleison Tibau - 91.2
6. Jorge Rivera - 91.2
7. Ross Pearson - 91.2
8. Jacob Volkmann - 91.0
9. Kenny Florian - 90.7
10. Nik Lentz - 90.4
UFC Fight Night 21: Florian vs. Gomi
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Elevation: 748'
-Fight of the Night-
Gerald Harris vs. Mario Miranda
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.6
     This was a pretty decent fight. It makes sense to have it at the start of the card, since it didn't really matter at all, but yeah, both guys put forth a good effort. Charlie Brenneman controlled the entire fight with his superior wrestling, but whenever High got an opening, he went for strikes & submissions. So I was kind of hoping High would pull something off, but in the end, Charlie Brenneman was too relentless, and pulled off the unanimous decision victory.
      This was a pretty badass undercard fight, probably the best fight on the card really. Mario Miranda had really solid striking, with his 6'4" ripped frame, he looked quick & sharp. Harris had a weird wrestler stance though, and displayed excellent counterstriking, which eventually secured him the win at the end of the first round, when he knocked Miranda down with a punch, and then followed it up with some WILD & CRAZY punches coming from all directions, forcing the referee to stop the fight before the ambulance was needed. Gerald Harris looked legit in this fight, and Miranda looked pretty good too.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Okami's striking looked AWESOME in this fight, he completely picked apart Linhares in both rounds with his boxing skills, knocking him to the ground in the first round, and pounding on his face for a few minutes, and then cutting his eye badly in the second round, forcing the doctor to stop the fight due to how deep the cut was. Yushin Okami looked awesome in this fight.
      I didn't even know Caol Uno was still fighting. This was a pretty quick fight, without much to comment on. Tibau was a lot bigger, he basically controlled Uno, and he finished him near the end of the first round, by climbing on his back, and punching him in the head, in a similar fashion to the way Matt Hughes took out Royce Gracie back at UFC 60. So yeah, Gleison Tibau looked pretty good, and I'll be surprised if Caol Uno continues to fight in the UFC.
      Well, that was a fairly close fight. I thought Lentz won the first round, with a takedown, and some basic grappling control. Lentz was doing well in the second round, but Emerson rocked him with some punches, so even though Lentz came back from that, I gave the second round to Emerson. The third round was all Lentz, taking the fight to the ground, and keeping control for the entire round, so even though Emerson probably did more damage overall, Lentz won this one on my card, 29-28, and the judges agreed (one judge gave him all 3 rounds).
      This was a competitive fight, between two strong grapplers. Torres scored a few points at the beginning of each round by throwing some HARD punch combinations, and he was even able to get on Volkmann's back in the first round, which I think won him that round. But most of the rest of the fight, had Volkmann taking Torres to the ground, and controlling him with his strong wrestling skills, grinding out a split-decision victory for Jacob Volkmann, 29-28 on my scorecard.
      This was a pretty good striking match, with Oliveira scoring tons of points throughout the fight with his brutal leg kicks, but ultimately, Winner landed WAY more punches, his boxing looked crisp, his movement was good (but started to eventually slow down due to the leg kicks), and in the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Andre Winner, and two of the judges agreed, and the other one gave 2 rounds to Winner, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      This was a pretty great fight, considering it went to a decision. Ross Pearon's striking looked sharp, he had great counters, and stayed active the entire fight. Siver also looked good, just not quite as clean as Pearson. In the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Ross Pearson, and all three judges agreed, so there you go.
      I don't really like either of these fighters, so I wasn't that excited going into this fight. With that being said, Jorge Rivera basically beat the shit out of Quarry in both rounds, and he pretty much knocked him out early in the second round. Jorge Rivera looked really solid in this fight, and Nate Quarry looked like a zombie, as usual.
      Big Country! Nice quick victory by Roy Nelson, taking out (in my opinion) a Top 10 Heavyweight, by knocking him the fuck out in under a minute in the first round. Roy Nelson is big, fat, and legit. I tend to think of him as a joke, but he always surprises me, and he's quickly becoming one of my favorite fighters to watch. Excellent quick finish.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Takanori Gomi makes another disappointing UFC debut, for a guy coming over from Pride. Kenny Florian started the fight by jabbing the shit out of Gomi's face. The second round was basically more of the same. The third round, Florian slammed Gomi on the ground, climbed on his back, and then locked on a rear-naked choke. Kenny Florian looked solid, but Takanori Gomi looked like he was bored & looking for retirement.