100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Alan Jouban - 93.3
2. Ilir Latifi - 93.1
3. Rani Yahya - 92.8
4. Sam Alvey - 92.6
5. Jeremy Stephens - 92.5
6. Manny Bermudez - 92.5
7. Jessica Andrade - 92.3
8. Marion Reneau - 91.7
9. Brian Kelleher - 91.2
10. Max Griffin - 91.2
UFC on Fox 28: Stephens vs. Emmett
Location: Orlando, Florida
Elevation: 82'
-Fight of the Night-
Jessica Andrade vs. Tecia Torres
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.1
(Guillotine Choke)
     These guys traded a few random strikes, Morales rocked Bermudez in the first 20 seconds, and then Bermudez scored a quick takedown, he mounted Morales, and then Morales swept him 45 seconds into the opening round, and found himself caught inside a tight triangle choke. I thought this fight was over for sure, and then Morales popped his head free a minute later, and then he put some effort into trying to pass Bermudez's guard, but found himself quickly caught back in another triangle choke, followed by an omoplata. Morales rolled out of the omoplata, Bermudez slapped on a guillotine choke, and then used that to secure top control again. Morales threw some hard elbows from his back, while flailing around on the bottom, and then kicked his way back to his feet with 45 seconds left in the round. Morales quickly clinched, and then took Bermudez to the ground near the fence. Morales threw some big hammer fists, and then Bermudez slapped on another wild looking guillotine choke, which he used to sweep Morales. Round one clearly goes to Bermudez based on his submission grappling.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, and then Morales took down Bermudez, and settled back inside the dangerous guard of Bermudez. They eventually stood back up, Bermudez locked on a random guillotine choke, took down Morales and finished the fight with the mounted guillotine choke. That was a fantastic UFC debut for Manny Bermudez, as he proved that he has some of the most dangerous submission grappling I've seen at bantamweight. Morales on the other hand, is now on a 3-Fight losing streak, which could mark the end of his UFC career?
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and then Perez took down Shelton and settled into his guard 90 seconds into the opening round. They popped back up around the halfway mark, and went back to dancing around, feinting strikes, but without either fighter really landing much of anything significant. Perez was a little more aggressive on the feet, and then he scored another takedown with 20 seconds left in the round. Round one goes to Alex Perez.
     The second round was more of the same, with some more striking exchanges on the feet, without either fighter landing much of anything significant, and then Perez scored another takedown 90 seconds into the round, pinning Shelton against the fence. Shelton tried to scramble back to his feet, and Perez just dumped him to the ground again. Perez did a good job pretty much dominating Shelton on the ground, even though he wasn't doing any damage or working for submissions, but his wrestling was clearly on another level compared to Shelton. Perez is clearly ahead, 20-18, going into the final round. The final round was more of the same, with Perez outwrestling Shelton for the duration of the round. This was a clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Alex Perez.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This fight started with Yahya taking Doane to the ground in the opening seconds, and then Doane just tried to clinch with him from half guard. Yahya setup some crazy shit, like a reverse full nelson or something, and I honestly thought Yahya was going to break Doane's neck with the amount of torque he had going there. Yahya threw some knees to the chest of Doane, and Doane was absolutely defenseless. Yahya finally gave up the hold with a minute left in the round, and he started dropping short elbows from side control. Yahya landed a couple of knees to Doane's spine, and the referee decided to stand them up after that. That could potentially be a 10-8 round for Yahya, but more than likely it'll be a basic 10-9.
     The second round started with Doane throwing a few strikes, Yahya shot for a takedown, Doane slapped on a guillotine choke, and Yahya quickly passed through that, and then went for another wild choke, tying up Doane's body with his legs, he took Doane's back, slapped on a rear-naked choke, with the body triangle, and Doane found himself back in another defensive position. Yahya punched him in the face repeatedly with short annoying punches, and Doane basically just laid there, like he was waiting for another round to end. Doane stood up with a minute left in the round, Yahya still had the body triangle locked on, and he was still working for a rear-naked choke, and Doane just stood there, wearing Yahya like a backpack. Yahya is clearly dominating this fight with his grappling. There is no chance Doane can win a decision at this point. Doane dove headfirst with 10 seconds left in the round, and dropped Yahya on his head, which seemed to rock Yahya, but the round ended a few seconds later.
     Doane threw a big punch & kick to start the final round, as Yahya was circling around the outside edge of the cage. Yahya shot for another takedown a minute into the round, and Doane did a better job stuffing the shot this time, and he ended up on top, in Yahya's half guard. Yahya swept him 20 seconds later. Yahya tried to setup an arm-triangle choke, while pinning Doane against the fence, he passed to the proper side, locked it on even tighter, and finished the fight by submission. Rani Yahya looked fantastic in this fight, as he absolutely dominated Doane on the ground for the duration of the fight. Doane is tough, but his record in the UFC is falling apart at this point.
      Prachnio threw a wild spinning kick, Alvey caught it, and then took down Prachnio, and then tried to slap on a guillotine choke as Prachnio stood back up. Prachnio pressed him against the fence, and Alvey continued to try to dig for the guillotine, but it didn't look secure at all. They finally reset halfway through the round. They traded some solid strikes, and then Alvey dropped Prachnio with a clean punch, Prachnio recovered, stood up, tried to walk forward like the Terminator, and Alvey blasted him with a fast right hand that crumpled Prachnio. That was a fantastic first round KO by Sam Alvey, as he takes a fight on short notice, in the weightclass above where he normally competes. That was a fantastic win for Alvey, and a disappointing UFC debut for Marcin Prachnio.
      The first round started with both guys trading some hard punches & kicks, with Jouban landing a lot more frequently than Saunders. It looked like Saunders rocked Jouban 90 seconds into the round, they both kicked each other in the balls a couple of times, shit got really sloppy, both guys got rocked a few times, and then Jouban blasted Saunders with a knee that clearly rocked him, but Saunders continued to come forward, flinging wild sloppy punches. Jouban was landing the better technical strikes, and then Saunders kicked Jouban in the dick again, and this time he folded him over, so the fight was paused for a few seconds. When the fight started back up, Jouban destroyed Saunders with leg kicks, and then dropped him with a combination of punches. Saunders stood back up, and Jouban continued to chip away at him with punches & kicks. That was a sloppy but fun round, and I'm scoring it for Jouban.
     The second round started with both guys still brawling, and Jouban was pretty much destroying Saunders on the feet, but Saunders continued to plow forward, as he tried to work Jouban over with some strikes from the clinch. Both fighters looked like they were going to fall apart 2 minutes into the second round, as their legs flopped around randomly, but Jouban was clearly landing the better shots, Saunders was about to go out, Jouban kicked his leg, knocked him off balance, and then blasted him with a brutal left hand, causing Saunders to collapse in highlight reel fashion. That was a fantastic fight, probably fight of the night, and it was an outstanding victory for Alan Jouban, as he earns the much needed win against a scrappy opponent.
      The first round was basically a kickboxing match, with Moroz throwing a lot of combinations, without landing much of anything, and Hill was throwing some solid combinations as well, and she was landing with some hard leg kicks and some punches. They clinched a few times, with Hill trying to score takedowns, which went nowhere, but as far as the striking exchanges are concerned, round one clearly goes to Hill.
     The second round started with another 2 minutes of kickboxing, with the same kind of exchanges as the first round, with most of the hard shots being delivered by Hill. Moroz tried to take Hill down halfway through the round, and Hill reversed her, ending up in Moroz's guard. Hill dropped some elbows, Moroz tried to scramble up, and Hill blasted her with a knee from the clinch before resetting. They traded some more combinations, Moroz shot for another takedown with 30 seconds left in the round, and Hill stuffed the shot against the fence. That was a closer round, but I still have Hill ahead, 20-18, going into the final round.
     The final round was another round of the same situation, with Moroz throwing a TON of strikes, but barely landing with anything at all, but at least she looked active. Hill on the other hand, was selecting her shots, and landing at a high percentage, but not throwing nearly as many strikes overall. In the end, I'm scoring this fight 30-27 for Hill, but I halfway expect to see a weird split-decision or something, based on the amount of wind Moroz punched. All 3 judges agreed, giving all 3 rounds to Angela Hill, for the unanimous decision victory.
(Triangle Choke)
      These girls traded a few random strikes, McMann threw a wild combination, clinched, and then slammed Reneau, quickly passed to side control, and then the mounted crucifix, but Reneau was able to pull her arm free. McMann threw some short punches, and continued to work to secure that mounted crucifix. McMann's top control is crushing, but she wasn't doing a ton of damage with her ground & pound. She was clearly dominating Reneau with her wrestling though. Reneau rolled to her knees to try to stand up with a minute left in the round, and McMann quickly yanked her back to the ground, and went for a North-South choke, but she couldn't quite secure it, so she went back to side control to finish out the round. Round one clearly goes to McMann, maybe even with a 10-8.
     The second round started with 90 seconds of boxing, without much of anything landing, and then Reneau dropped McMann with some fast punches, McMann shot for a desperate takedown, Reneau stuffed the shot, and then blasted McMann with a knee as they stood back up. They traded a few more strikes, McMann scored another quick trip takedown, and pretty much landed directly in a tight triangle choke. McMann held on for a long time, but Reneau chipped away at her with elbows, locked the choke on even tighter, and forced McMann to submit. That was a pretty crazy fight, and it was a HUGE win for Marion Reneau.
      These guys both came out striking with each other, they both landed some decent punches, but the real difference maker would be the brutal leg kicks Barao was landing, knocking Kelleher off balance multiple times. They clinched, and Barao pressed Kelleher against the fence. They traded control of the clinch a few times, and then the referee reset them with 90 seconds left in the round. Kelleher plowed forward, and threw a lot of wild punches, and he knocked down Barao with a minute left in the round, but Barao popped back up and clinched, and pressed Kelleher against the fence again. Kelleher took control of the clinch, and tried to score a takedown, but that went nowhere. That was a competitive round, but I would probably score it for Kelleher, based on that one knockdown.
     Kelleher clinched early in the second round and pressed Barao against the fence again, still looking to score a takedown, but again, he made no progress with that, so they reset a minute into the round. Kelleher clinched again, pressed Barao against the fence, and they continued to stall there for a while. They traded control of the clinch a couple of times, but nothing was really happening in either direction. The referee reset them with 2 minutes left in the round. They traded some solid punches, and then Barao clinched and pressed Kelleher against the fence. Barao tried to trip Kelleher, but that just allowed Kelleher to take control of the clinch. This fight has been competitive so far, but not very exciting. I have Kelleher ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but I don't feel confident about that scorecard.
     They both came out trading hard punches & kicks to start the final round. I feel like it's weird that Barao stopped throwing leg kicks after the first round, since they seemed to be his best weapons. They continued to box with each other at a decent pace, and then Kelleher clinched, and they traded control against the fence again a few more times. They eventually split up, and Kelleher opened up with some bombs with 90 seconds left in the fight, and he connected with some HARD shots, as Barao looked like he was just trying to back his way out of the cage. It's still kind of weird to see guys that seemed unstoppage, like Barao, have this much trouble getting wins over guys that most people don't even know exist. Congrats to Kelleher for the big unanimous decision victory over a former Champion. Barao on the other hand, I feel should retire or something, because he's clearly on his last legs, even though he's still fairly young at 31 years old. If Kelleher would have had 20 more seconds, he would have finished Barao with the bombs he was throwing at the end of the round.
      Griffin cut Perry's head with one of the first punches he threw in the fight, and then Perry threw some bombs back at him, with Griffin staying just outside of range. They were both throwing some hard shots, with Perry mixing in some hard leg & body kicks. Perry threw a head kick, but shot to high, so Griffin ducked under it, scored a takedown, and then Perry quickly reversed him, and took Griffin's back with 30 seconds left in the round. The round ended with Perry in full mount. I thought Griffin was going to win that round, but with Perry ending the round in full mount, that might have been enough to steal the round for Perry.
     They both traded some hard punches to start the second round, and Griffin rocked Perry with a nice combination early. Perry's face was absolutely covered in blood halfway through the second round, due to multiple cuts. He was also having trouble getting inside the reach of Griffin, which allowed Griffin to pick him apart. Perry was still landing some hard shots, but they were single shots, instead of combinations. Griffin knocked down Perry with 45 seconds left in the round, and I THOUGHT the fight might be stopped, but Perry was able to recover JUST ENOUGH to keep the fight going. He quickly got back to his feet, Griffin unloaded with another wild barrage of punches, and then the round ended. Perry is going to need to get a finish if he wants to win this fight.
     Perry rocked Griffin early to start the third round, but he gave him too much time to recover. Perry then shot for a wild takedown a minute into the round, and tried to take Griffin's back, but Griffin was able to shake him off and reset. Perry landed a pair of massive punches that wobbled Griffin a bit, but he still wasn't moving in for the finish. Perry continued to land big shots, with a series of big punches, and a head kick, and Griffin was literally running away at this point with a minute left in the fight. Perry scored a takedown, sort of, and Griffin quickly stood back up. Perry finished the round with another takedown in the final 10 seconds. That was a wild fight, Perry was a bloody mess, and he clearly won that last round, but Griffin is more than likely going to get the win, as the biggest underdog on the card. I gave the first round to Perry, and the final round to Perry, and I guess that could theoretically provide a way for Perry to win the decision, but it sounds like most people are scoring this fight for Griffin. All 3 judges scored the fight for Max Griffin.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      The first round started very slowly, with OSP throwing a lot of jabs, and sort of moving forward, while Latifi was looking to land a counter. Latifi rocked the shit out of OSP with some big punches, OSP wobbled all over the cage, Latifi slapped on a standing guillotine choke, nearly ripped OSP's head off, and then put him to sleep and just drop him like a dead body in the center of the cage. That was a big win for Latifi, as he BASICALLY knocked out OSP, and then forced OSP to submit (he tapped on the opposite side of the referee), and then OSP fell asleep.
      The first round had Andrade plowing forward, throwing bombs, while Torres was doing a good job backing up, staying just outside of range, while throwing fast counter punches. Torres tagged Andrade with a lot of clean shots, but that didn't stop Andrade from moving forward, and throwing grenades at Torres's head. They were both throwing heavy shots, and they both got clipped by some big punches, and Andrade landed some hard knees from the clinch, but Torres still seemed to be in control of the tactical exchanges. Andrade slammed the shit out of Torres with 12 seconds left in the round, and she landed in side control. I thought Torres was going to win that round, but the takedown, and Andrade's forward movement might have been enough to win the round for Andrade.
     The second round started with the same gameplans, and then Andrade clinched, pressed Torres against the fence, picked her up, and then slammed the shit out of her, but she landed in an inverted triangle choke, which she eventually wrestled her way out of, securing side control in the process, as she pinned Torres against the fence. Torres scrambled back to her feet with half the round left to work. Andrade shot for another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, Torres tried to scramble to take her back, but Andrade just slammed her instead. Andrade pounded on Torres with some hard punches, Torres tried to slap on an armbar, Andrade slammed her way out of it, Torres hit her with an upkick, and then tried to setup another armbar, or triangle, but Andrade shook her off, and overpowered her again. The round ended with Torres clinching and pressing Andrade against the fence, but that was too little too late in my opinion. This fight is probably all tied up going into the final round.
     Andrade plowed forward to start the second round, she landed some big punches, and then took down Torres against the fence. Torres scrambled for back control & they just stood up instead, with Andrade pressing her against the fence again. They reset, traded some more punches, and then Andrade slammed the shit out of Torres again, but couldn't hold her down this time. She grabbed Torres's leg, and then tripped her 2 minutes into the round, pinning her near the fence. Torres tried to work her upkicks, and Andrade wrestled her way past Torres's guard, and started pounding on her with big shots to the body. Torres scrambled back to her feet with a minute left in the round, Andrade blasted her with some big knees, Torres ALMOST scored a takedown, but Andrade quickly shook her off, and finished the fight in top control again, dropping more punches. This fight should be a clear decision victory for Jessica Andrade. All 3 judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Jessica Andrade.
      The first round had both guys throwing a lot of power punches at each other, while bouncing around, with a lot of footwork & offense. Stephens blasted Emmett with some clean punches, and they didn't seem to phase him at all. Emmett then fired back, and dropped Stephens with a minute left in the round, and then he started pounding on him with punches & elbows, but Stephens was able to scramble back to his feet a few seconds later. Round one goes to Emmett, based mostly on that knockdown.
      The second round had both guys trading strikes at a decent pace, and then Stephens dropped Emmett 90 seconds into the round, he blasted him with some shots on the ground, including an illegal knee, the referee ignored it, so Stephens laid into him with some big punches, and bounced Emmett's head off the canvas, finishing the fight with a second round knockout. That was a really solid win for Jeremy Stephens.