100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Danny Henry - 92.8
2. Jan Blachowicz - 92.3
3. Leon Edwards - 92.2
4. Alexander Volkov - 92.1
5. Charles Byrd - 92.0
6. Danny Roberts - 91.7
7. Dmitriy Sosnovskiy - 91.3
8. Tom Duquesnoy - 91.2
9. Terrion Ware - 90.9
10. Jimi Manuwa - 90.8
UFC Fight Night 127: Werdum vs. Volkov
Location: Greater London, England
Elevation: 115'
-Fight of the Night-
Alexander Volkov vs. Fabricio Werdum
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.4
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This fight started with some clunky striking exchanges, and then Godbeer initiated a heavy clinch, which Sosnovskiy took control of against the fence. Sosnovskiy threw Godbeer to the ground 90 seconds into the opening round with a body lock, and he landed inside Godbeer's closed guard in the center of the cage. They traded some punches on the ground, and then Sosnovskiy passed to side control with 2 minutes left in the round, but Godbeer was able to wrangle him back into guard a few seconds later, so the referee stood them up. They traded a few big punches, and then Sosnovskiy shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, and Godbeer tried to catch him in a choke, but that didn't work, so Godbeer took his back, threw a few punches, and then Sosnovskiy rolled around to pull guard. Sosnovskiy tried to sweep Godbeer, but he wasn't able to get the heavy Godbeer off him. Round one probably goes to Godbeer for finishing on top.
     They traded some big punches to start the second round, and then Sosnovskiy clinched and pressed Godbeer against the fence again. Sosnovskiy threw Godbeer to the ground again at the one minute mark, landing inside his guard again. Sosnovskiy dropped back for a leg lock, fucked it up, and Godbeer spun around to take Sosnovskiy's back, but Sosnovskiy was able to spin into Godbeer's guard around the 90 second mark, and then he passed to side control. It looked like Sosnovskiy tried to setup a ridiculous bulldog choke, which Godbeer easily shrugged to the side, and then he swept Sosnovskiy. Sosnovskiy cranked on a Kimura, but couldn't get it, so Godbeer threw a few punches down at Sosnovskiy from inside his guard. The referee got bored, stood them up, they traded some ugly punches, Godbeer randomly got rocked by something, he shot for a takedown, Sosnovskiy slapped on a standing guillotine and then threw Godbeer to the ground, mounted him, took his back, and slapped on a rear-naked choke, finishing the fight by submission with 30 seconds left in the second round. Congrats to Sosnovskiy for winning his UFC debut, but that fight was pretty terrible. Both guys looked out of shape & bored.
      The first round had both guys hopping around a lot, without much action at all. Johnson was circling around the outside the entire time, Ray controlled the center of the cage, and they both landed a handful of solid kicks, but a "handful of kicks" doesn't go very far when you spread them out over a 5 minute period. I don't think either fighter did enough to win that opening round.
     The second round started the same way, a lot of hopping around, and then they traded some strikes, Johnson rocked Ray, shot for a takedown, Ray caught him in a guillotine choke, and had it locked out for a few seconds, but Johnson was able to pull his head free, and then they stood up, and Johnson pressed Ray against the fence for some basic clinch striking, before tripping him to the ground. Ray stood back up, Johnson kept him pressed against the fence, Ray hit Johnson with some elbows to the side of the head, and then he took down Johnson, and then they both stood back up and reset with 90 seconds left in the round. Ray threw some big punches, blasted Johnson with a hard leg kick, and then took down Johnson against the fence with 30 seconds left in the round. Ray threw a few short punches, they both scrambled around for a few seconds, and Ray capped off the round with an awkward elbow to Johnson's butt. I'm giving that round to Ray.
     Ray continued to pressure Johnson in the final round, and he clipped him with some nice combinations. He clipped Johnson, he went in for the kill, and Johnson shot for a desperate takedown, they both scrambled around for control, Ray went for a kneebar, and then Johnson pulled his leg free around the halfway mark of the final round, resulting in Johnson securing top control inside Ray's guard. The referee got bored, stood them up, Ray blasted Johnson with some punches, and then scored a big takedown with a minute left in the round. Ray spent the rest of the round punching Johnson in the face while grinding him against the fence. I'm giving that round to Ray, and I'm scoring the fight 29-28 for Stevie Ray. Nope... The judges were split, and gave the decision to Johnson, and then he talked shit to the audience about how it was the greatest fight of all time, even though the fight sucked pretty hard.
(Triangle Choke)
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and then Craig clipped Ankalaev with a knee to the groin from the clinch. After a brief timeout, the fight continued. Craig shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and Ankalaev sprawled all over him. Ankalaev pulled out of the clinch, blasted Craig with some big punches, and then they both hit the ground and Craig was finally able to get on top of the Master of Sambo. Craig tried to setup a choke, and Ankalaev was able to sweep him, with a minute left in the round. Ankalaev threw some big punches, Craig tried to fire back with some upkicks, and then Ankalaev passed to full mount, and brutally beat the shit out of Craig in the final 10 seconds. I'm giving that round to Ankalaev.
     They traded some punches in the second round, Ankalaev clearly throws the harder punches, but for the most part, neither fighter was landing much of anything significant. Craig then scored a takedown with around 2 minutes left in the round, but Ankalaev was able to sweep him with a powerful throw on the ground, which allowed Ankalaev to secure side control with 90 seconds left in the round. I have Ankalaev ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Ankalaev hurt Craig early with a head kick and some punches to start the third round, but he wasn't able to finish him, so he let him stand back up. Ankalaev continued to beat up Craig, while walking around the cage, sort of chasing him around. Ankalaev was basically punking Craig at this point, he pinned him against the fence, it looked like Ankalaev was ready to coast to a decision, and then with 5 seconds left in the fight, Craig slapped on a triangle choke, and finished the fight by submission, handing Ankalaev the first loss of his career. That was a huge win for Paul Craig.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      Dawodu came into this fight to make his UFC debut, and he has a lot of hype behind him. Henry nearly knocked him out in the opening seconds of the first round, he immediately slapped on a guillotine choke, Dawodu rolled around to try to escape, Henry refused to let it go, he continued to sink it in deeper, and then he finished the fight by submission in under a minute, by putting Dawodu to sleep with that hangman guillotine choke. That was a fantastic finish by Danny Henry, as he proves he's a dangerous matchup for anyone at featherweight.
      This fight started kind of slowly, with both guys kind of testing the distance, and circling around each other. Roberts clipped Enkamp with a punch, but Enkamp recovered quickly, clinched, and then they split up. A few seconds later, Roberts dropped Enkamp with a massive left hand that caused Enkamp's legs to go out on him, he face planted, and the fight was stopped. That was a fantastic first round finish by Danny Roberts.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Phillips threw a punch, and then Byrd took him down immediately, reminding me of the opening seconds of C.M. Punk's debut against Mickey Gall. Byrd ended up in full mount immediately, and he spent some time chopping away at the head of Phillips with big punches & elbows while riding him like a bull. Phillips spent a big of energy trying to secure guard, while Byrd continued to control him from the top, while blasting him with those big strikes from his hands, elbows, and also some shoulder strikes. Phillips gave up his back with 90 seconds left in the opening round, Byrd locked on a tight rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission. That was a fantastic one-sided performance by Charles Byrd in his official UFC debut.
      Edwards knocked down Sobotta early in the first round with some clean punches, and then he jumped on him for the finish, but Sobotta caught him in a quick armbar attempt, which Edwards was able to escape. Edwards put some effort into passing Sobotta's guard, but Sobotta has a tight guard. Edwards stood up and reset with 90 seconds left in the opening round. They traded a few random strikes to finish out the round. I'm not really sure who won that round. Edwards got the strong knockdown early, but Sobotta countered that with an armbar attempt. That round could potentially go either way, but I would probably score it slightly in favor of Edwards.
     The second round started with Sobotta throwing a hard leg kick, and then Edwards fired back with a glancing groin shot. When the fight started back up, they traded a few strikes, and then Edwards tripped Sobotta, scoring a takedown in the center of the cage. Sobotta tried to setup a Kimura, transitioned into back control, it looked like Sobotta was close to locking on another submission, and then Edwards yanked his arm free, and resecured top control again. The referee stood them up with 45 seconds left in the round. Edwards chipped away with a few punches, but nothing significant. I really have no idea how the judges are scoring this fight at this point. I'm going to assume whoever wins the final round, will win the fight.
     Edwards landed a few strikes to start the final round, and then Sobotta scored a takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Edwards almost immediately started to stand back up against the fence. Edwards was somehow able to sweep Sobotta, as he pinned him against the fence with around 2 minutes left in the fight. Edwards dropped some solid elbows, chopping up Sobotta's face, Sobotta gave up his back, and Edwards beat the living shit out of him until the end of the round, and then the referee randomly stopped the fight one second before the buzzer sounded. That was a solid win for Leon Edwards as he continues to build a really nice winning streak.
      Duquesnoy came out throwing some really slick punch & leg kick combinations while backing up Ware. Duquesnoy looked like he was in control for the most part, but Ware didn't seem phased at all by anything he threw at him, and Ware was firing back with some solid shots of his own. Ware caught a kick in the final 20 seconds, Duquesnoy tried to do a flip to escape, Ware took him down, mounted him, threw some punches, Duquesnoy got into a decent defensive position, and the round ended. I'm scoring that first round for Duquesnoy, but Ware was definitely keeping it competitive.
     The second round was a very competitive round of striking, with Ware finally taking control of the center of the cage. They both landed a lot of solid shots, but Ware seemed to control the round, until he accidentally kicked Duquesnoy in the Duke. When the fight started back up, they both came out swinging, Duquesnoy tried to throw Ware, but it didn't work, so Ware ended up on top, he landed a few strikes on the ground, and Duquesnoy just tried to tie him up on the ground to avoid damage. The second round clearly goes to Ware, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round, but it's been a hard fight to score so far.
     Duquesnoy landed a lot of brutal leg kicks in the final round, but Ware still didn't seem phased, as he continued to plow forward, keeping the pressure in Duquesnoy's face with his punch combinations. They both continued to trade at a solid pace, with Ware appearing to be the fresher fighter for the most part, leading to what I think should be a 29-28 decision for Ware. The judges gave the decision to Duquesnoy unanimously, and one judge even gave him all 3 rounds which is weird. That was a bad decision, but I'm fine with it.
      These guys both traded some solid punches to start the first round, they were both aware of the danger involved in striking with each other, and Manuwa looked in charge for a minute or so, and then Blachowicz rocked the shit out of him with some big punches, he nearly finished Manuwa after knocking him down, but Manuwa was able to recover, his face was a bloody mess though. They reset, traded a few more strikes, and Blachowicz rocked him again, before clinching and pressing Manuwa against the fence. The round ended with both guys winging wild shots at each other. Round one clearly goes to Blachowicz.
     They both continued to trade bombs to start the second round, with Blachowicz rocking Manuwa a bit, but that didn't stop Manuwa from moving forward and winging some big shots of his own. Blachowicz clinched and pressed Manuwa against the fence, and Manuwa's face was bleeding all over Blachowicz's back. Blachowicz tried to take Manuwa's back with a quick scramble, but Manuwa was able to escape, reset, and then they clinched again, with Blachowicz pressing Manuwa against the fence again. I was ready to give the round to Blachowicz again, but Manuwa landed a big head kick late in the round, but Blachowicz just ate it and clinched again. I don't really know who won the second round, but the first clearly went to Blachowicz.
     The final round was another solid round of boxing, with Blachowicz picking apart Manuwa, while Manuwa was mostly just throwing power shots. Manuwa deserves some credit for constantly moving forward, but as far as actual damage is concerned, I feel like this fight was all Blachowicz, as he picked apart Manuwa for most of the 3 round war. I'm going with a 30-28 scorecard in favor of Jan Blachowicz, with the second round being a draw, but the other two rounds should go to Blachowicz. He also scored a quick takedown to finish the final round on top. This was a hell of a performance by Blachowicz, but he still needs to work on his cardio. All 3 judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Jan Blachowicz.
      Werdum started this fight by throwing his stupid flying knee, and he missed by a mile. He then shot for a takedown, and pinned Volkov near the fence 30 seconds into the opening round. Werdum worked some basic ground & pound, while mostly just keeping Volkov pinned. Volkov was trying to cling to Werdum with his guard, but wasn't making much offense happen on the ground. They stood up with a couple of minutes left in the round, and Volkov unloaded on Werdum, dropping him in the center of the cage, but he let him stand back up. Werdum moved forward, threw another ridiculously stupid flying knee, Volkov caught him, threw him down, and they reset again. Werdum then scored another takedown, this time in the center of the cage with 30 seconds left to work. Round one clearly goes to Werdum, but I don't know if he has much gas left in the tank, and there's still 20 minutes left in this fight.
      They traded a few basic strikes to start the second round, and then Werdum shot for a takedown, but Volkov was able to stuff his shot this time. Volkov stuffed a few more takedown attempts, and then caught a kick, threw a hard leg kick, and then threw Werdum to the ground, bully style, and then told him to stand up again. Werdum scored another takedown with around 2 minutes left in the round. Werdum threw some punches, but Volkov was doing a good job scrambling around to avoid absorbing much damage. Werdum opened a cut on Volkov's forehead, passed to half mount, and then setup a Kimura with 20 seconds left in the round, but Volkov was able to defend until the end of the round. Werdum is ahead 20-18 going into the third round.
      Volkov dropped Werdum early in the third round, popping his eye open, it looked like Volkov was about to finish Werdum, but Werdum was able to scramble enough on the ground to get Volkov to back off, so they reset. Werdum shot for a terrible takedown, Volkov stuffed the shot, and then they reset again. Werdum's right eye looked like it was almost completely swollen shut halfway through the third round. Werdum shot for another takedown, Volkov stuffed it with ease, and then Werdum used black magic to take Volkov's back somehow, but Volkov was able to spin out of danger, and then stood up a few seconds later. Volkov continued to chip away at Werdum's face with combinations, Werdum shot for another takedown, Volkov stuffed his shot again, and punished him with big punches again. Volkov threw Werdum down a few more times before the end of the round. I'm tempted to call that a 10-8 round for Volkov, as Werdum looks like he doesn't want to be in there anymore.
      The fourth round looked like it was going to be a repeat of the third round, with Volkov beating up an exhausted Werdum. Werdum tried to swing for the fences, hoping for one last big explosion, but Volkov dropped him again, punched him a few more times, and the referee had to stop the fight. That was a fantastic performance by Alexander Volkov, and probably the biggest win of his career so far. Alexander Volkov is a beast for a 29 year old heavyweight.