100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Anthony Pettis - 93.0
2. Ryan Bader - 92.2
3. Ricardo Lamas - 91.8
4. T.J. Grant - 91.8
5. Clay Guida - 91.8
6. Hatsu Hioki - 91.7
7. Rafael Natal - 91.4
8. Pascal Krauss - 90.9
9. Shawn Jordan - 90.4
10. Demetrious Johnson - 90.1
UFC on Fox 6: Johnson vs. Dodson
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Elevation: 594'
-Fight of the Night-
Clay Guida vs. Hatsu Hioki
Fighters & Matches 89.6
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.6
     This was a pretty decent fight for the most part (between two no name fighters), but due to technical difficulties, I wasn't able to watch the last couple of minutes of the final round. So that's kind of fucked up. Ultimately, David Mitchell seemed to have the more active striking, and eventually, Thoresen just kind of crumbled in front of him due to an eyelid cut. Decent fight, but pretty meaningless in the overall welterweight division.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Here we are with a couple of guys I don't really care about. The first 2 rounds were somewhat uneventful, with Natal ending up on top at the end of the second round. The third round was 100% Natal, taking Spencer to the ground, getting him locked in the crucifix position, raining down elbows, locking on an Americana armlock, and then eventually he finished the fight with a tight arm triangle choke. Natal looked pretty legit in this fight, but Spencer looked like an amateur, so it was a little less impressive than it could have been against a worthwhile opponent.
(Punches & Elbows)
      This fight was basically between two big fat heavyweights. Mike Russow looked good in the first round, pinning Jordan against the cage, and raining punches towards his face. The second round was the exact opposite though, with Russow blowing his wad in the first round, Jordan was able to take him to the ground with ease, and then rain down heavy punches & elbows to finish the fight. Jordan looked good, especially considering the way he came back from getting his ass kicked in the first round. Russow on the other hand, clearly needs to work on his conditioning.
(Guillotine Choke)
      The fastest submission in 205 pound history? That's pretty cool I guess. Ryan Bader basically just started the fight by locking on a guillotine choke, Matyushenko wasn't able to defend it, it was pretty bizarre with the way that Matyushenko was practically standing on his head trying to pull himself out of the choke, but it was useless. Ryan Bader looked sharp tonight.
      I didn't really know either of these guys going into the fight, but it was a solid fight regardless. Mike Stumpf put up a good solid fight, kind of kept coming, kept TRYING, but ultimately, couldn't keep up with the skills of Krauss. Krauss's striking really impressed me, with great technical skills, punches, kicks, he never seemed to run out of gas, always moving forward, etc... In the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Pascal Krauss, and so did all 3 judges. Good fight.
      In my opinion, this was the fight of the night. Clay Guida is a little monster, especially at 145, this is a good solid weight for him to compete at. I gave the first round to Guida, for a great takedown, and basically controlling Hioki for most of the round. The second round I gave to Hioki, even though Guida SLAMMED him hard, and stayed on top, Hioki's submissions were more aggressive, and his striking was superior, with a solid head kick at the end of the round. The third round was basically more of the same, with Guida taking Hioki to the ground and controlling him. So I'm happy to see Guida win the fight, TECHNICALLY I probably would have called it a draw, it really could have gone either way. Excellent fight regardless! Both guys are Top Notch 145 Fighters!
(Elbows & Punches)
      Matt Wiman used to be one of the best lightweight fighters around, but I don't know what has happened to him in recent years. T.J. Grant on the other hand, is climbing his way up the Lightweight ladder, and I'm definitely going to be keeping a closer eye on him from this point forward, after he knocked Wiman the fuck out at the end of the first round, with a couple of brutal standing elbows, followed by some punches on the ground. Good clean fight overall.
      I didn't really have any opinion of either fighter going into this fight, and even after the first round, I had no opinions. The second round ended with BRUTALITY though, as Lamas got Koch to the ground (after Koch botched a takedown), and he unleashed some BRUTAL ground & pound, with an elbow that cut the shit out of Koch's eye, and after pounding away at that opening for a few seconds, Koch's face was spraying blood everywhere. Ricardo Lamas is a beast!
(Kick to the Body)
      Damnit! I've been waiting for this fight for a while, because I wanted to see Cerrone beat Pettis's ass, and then get a title shot. Cerrone looked pretty bad in this fight though, didn't really land much of anything, and then Pettis showed extremely sharp striking, ending the fight halfway through the first round with a BRUTAL shin landing on Cerrone's stomach, forcing him to crumble to the ground in pain. Pettis looked sharp tonight, but I'm still pissed that Cerrone got floored like that.
      Well, that fight was a little disappointing. For me, Glover Teixeira is sort of the future of the 205 division, and I've been waiting for him to get closer to a title shot for a while, because he absolutely DESTROYS most guys. Rampage Jackson on the other hand, is on his way out of the UFC after this fight, and he looked solid for the most part, but about halfway through the fight, Jackson just kind of got tired, and seemed to sort of give up. He was still throwing some wild counters all the way up until the end, but ultimately Glover controlled this fight, and walked away with the unanimous decision victory.
      Here we are again, with two tiny little 125 pounders, scrapping it out for another impressive 5 round decision. Can you tell I'm a little underwhelmed? Yeah... I really wanted John Dodson to knock out Demetrious tonight, but that just wasn't in the cards. Dodson did an amazing job for the first 3 rounds, but by the time the fourth round hit, Demetrious Johnson started to utilize his Muay Thai clinch, and Dodson wasn't able to cope very well with that, and got punished for a solid 10 minutes at the end of the fight. Good fight overall, but I would have liked to see somebody finish the fight.