100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Chris de la Rocha - 92.8
2. Charles Oliveira - 92.4
3. Curtis Blaydes - 92.3
4. Robert Whittaker - 92.0
5. Yoel Romero - 92.0
6. Colby Covington - 91.4
7. Anthony Smith - 91.3
8. Holly Holm - 91.3
9. Dan Ige - 91.2
10. Rafael dos Anjos - 90.8
UFC 225: Whittaker vs. Romero 2
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Elevation: 594'
-Fight of the Night-
Robert Whittaker vs. Yoel Romero
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.5
     Ige came out swinging, he rushed Santiago, pressured him into the fence, took him down, took his back, punched him in the head repeatedly, and the fight was stopped in under a minute. That was a fantastic performance by Dan Ige, as he earns his first official UFC win. He pretty much plowed right through Santiago.
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys spent a couple of minutes trading punches & kicks while bouncing around a lot, and then Guida shot in for a takedown, Oliveira slapped on a guillotine choke on the way down, once they hit the ground, Guida was stuck, and the fight was over. That was a solid win for Charles Oliveira, and a disappointing loss for Guida since he was building a nice little 2-fight winning streak before this fight.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and Benavidez got rocked in the first 45 seconds, but he was able to recover enough to score a takedown a minute into the round. Pettis popped back up 30 seconds later, they reset, and Pettis went back to picking apart Benavidez with his striking. Round one goes to Pettis for outstriking Benavidez for most of the round.
     The second round was a decent round of competitive striking, with Benavidez working in some takedown attempts, but he wasn't able to get Pettis to the ground at all. Benavidez's striking also looked really sloppy, as he was throwing a lot of big looping punches, and then he'd stop, and look at Pettis to see if he was hurt at all, which he wasn't. Benavidez should have just followed up his strikes, with more strikes. I have Pettis ahead, 20-18, going into the final round, mostly because Benavidez's strategy hasn't been working, but he was a little more aggressive in the second round, so this fight could potentially be all tied up.
     The final round had Benavidez blasting Pettis with big shots, and he was actually landing more in the third round. Benavidez scored a final takedown with 30 seconds left in the fight, but Pettis went for a guillotine on the way down, so he was able to use that to get back to his feet and reset. I'm giving that last round to Benavidez. This fight has split-decision written all over it, but I'm leaning slightly in favor of Benavidez I think? The judges were split, with one judge giving all 3 rounds to Pettis, leading to the split-decision victory in the biggest fight of his career.
(Knee & Punches)
      These guys traded a few strikes, Evans shot for an early takedown, Smith threw him off to the side to stuff the shot, they clinched, Evans pressed Smith against the fence, he ducked down to attempt another takedown, Smith blasted him with a perfectly placed knee to the forehead, Evans got knocked the fuck out, and Smith finished him off with a few punches before the referee could stop the fight. That was a solid performance by Anthony Smith, but Evans is now on a FIVE FIGHT losing streak. Why the fuck is he still in the UFC?
      These guys came out with some heavy clinching, Rocha was bullying Coulter early, but Coulter blasted him with some big shots, and then Rocha fell on top of Coulter, slapped on a mounted guillotine choke, couldn't hold it, so he let it go in favor of dropping some 261 pound elbows, Coulter gave up his back, and Rocha tried to setup a rear-naked choke, but Coulter was able to spin into it, and then they stood up and reset halfway through the round. Coulter immediately opened up with some bombs, and rocked the shit out of Rocha. He eventually gassed out, Rocha fired back with some bombs, and then they turned the fight into a legit slobberknocker. Rocha scored a takedown with 30 seconds left in the opening round, and he finished the round on top. That round was wild, and could go either way. I'm assuming Rocha stole the round with that late takedown.
     Rocha clearly had more energy to start the second round, as he beat up Coulter for a few seconds, and then took him down a minute into the round, mounting him against the fence. He took his back, tried to work a neck crank, couldn't get it, so he postured up and threw a lot of punches, and Coulter just didn't have the energy to get out from the bottom position. The referee gave Coulter plenty of time, but he wasn't doing anything, so once Rocha opened up with a barrage of punches, the referee finally stopped the fight. That was a fun fight, and a nice win for Chris de la Rocha.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Lamas shot for a takedown a minute into the opening round, but Bektic did a decent job staying on his feet while Lamas pressed him against the fence. Bektic took control of the clinch, they traded some random knees, and then they reset halfway through the round. Round one should probably go to Bektic. The second round was similar to the first, and it's another round in the books for Bektic. He took down Lamas 90 seconds into the third round, and pinned him in the center of the cage, where he tried to setup an arm-triangle choke, but Lamas did a good job scrambling around on the ground to avoid submissions. Lamas locked on a tight guillotine choke halfway through the round, but Bektic was able to pull his head free, and then he finished out the round grinding Lamas against the fence. Lamas slapped on another wild guillotine choke, but he couldn't finish it, so he blasted Bektic with a brutal elbow, and then dropped back for the guillotine again, but Bektic popped his head free on the way down, and earned a split-decision victory.
      Gadelha blasted Esparza early in the first round and knocked her down, and then wrestled with her for a few seconds, before resetting 90 seconds into the round. They boxed with each other for a minute or so, and then Esparza somehow wobbled Gadelha with some close range punches, she jumped on her, and then Gadelha recovered, and went for a leg lock, which allowed Gadelha to end up on top with 2 minutes left to work. Gadelha controlled Esparza for the rest of the round, and nearly finished her with a late mounted guillotine attempt. I'm giving the first round to Gadelha.
     They traded a few random shots to start the second round, Esparza clinched, they traded a few knees against the fence, and then Gadelha took her down 2 minutes into the round. Esparza tried to sweep her with a head lock, but it didn't work, so Gadelha settled back in on top, and worked some basic ground & pound while pinning Esparza against the fence. Esparza eventually stood back up, only to get taken down again. Esparza swept Gadelha with 10 seconds left in the round, but it was too little too late. I have Gadelha ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     They traded a few strikes to start the third round, and then Gadelha scored another takedown halfway through the round, pinning Esparza against the fence. She was mostly just holding Esparza down, not really doing much of anything significant, but she was pretty clearly winning the fight in my opinion. Esparza scrambled into top control with a minute left in the round, and worked a little ground & pound. You could make an argument that Esparza stole the third round, but this fight was a pretty clear decision for Gadelha in my opinion. I'm not sure why the crowd was upset with her winning the split-decision.
      Nothing really happened in the first half of the first round, and then Blaydes executed a perfectly timed takedown, pinning Overeem against the fence. Blaydes mostly just held down Overeem, and then Overeem went for a heel hook with 20 seconds left in the round, but wasn't able to get it. That was a fairly uneventful round, and I guess it goes to Blaydes based on the one takedown.
     Overeem blasted Blaydes with a clean knee to start the second round, and then Blaydes took him down again, only to find himself caught in that heel hook again. Blaydes spun out of it, and then resecured his top position, as he continued to grind Overeem against the fence. They eventually stood back up, Overeem threw another knee, and Blaydes took him down with the quickness. Blaydes finally unloaded with some big punches with 20 seconds left in the round, but he wasn't able to put him away. I have Blaydes ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Overeem landed a few decent shots to start the third round, and then Blaydes unloaded on him, nearly finished him as Overeem curled up near the fence, but Blaydes took him down instead of finishing him on the feet. It looked like he was going to grind his way to a decision, and then he unloaded with some MASSIVE elbows halfway through the round, causing Overeem's face to explode with blood after every shot, forcing the referee to jump in quickly to save Overeem. That was a fantastic finish by Curtis Blaydes.
      This fight was chaotic. This literally looked like they pulled two guys from the audience to fill some space at the start of the PPV. They were both throwing wild punches & kicks at each other, neither fighter appeared to display much actual skill, but they were both going for it, and in a matchup like this, I guess that's all that really matters? Punk scored his first takedown with 45 seconds left in the round, but he wasn't able to hold Jackson down. Punk's face was a bloody mess by the end of the round, so I have to give that round to Jackson, but Punk is the hometown favorite, AND he scored a takedown, so I'm not even going to attempt to predict the outcome of this fight if it goes to a decision.
     The second round started with some more awkward striking, Punk was winging wild shots, Jackson was showing slightly better technical striking, Punk got hurt, so he sort of pulled guard with the most awkward flying guillotine attempt I've ever seen. Jackson settled into his guard, and threw some of the worst ground & pound I've ever seen, like a big brother bullying his little brother, without really wanting to hurt him, but without having the ability to hurt him even if he wanted to. I'm having fun with this fight, but both fighters are kind of terrible. That round definitely goes to Jackson, so he's more than likely ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Punk was clearly out of gas at the start of the second round. He threw some loopy punches, but he looked like a drunk guy swatting at a fly. Punk flopped to his back, tired Werdum style, Jackson didn't follow him down, so he appeared to ask the referee if the fight was still going... They stood back up, Jackson beat up Punk a little bit, Punk rolled for a terrible kneebar, failed miserably, and Jackson spent the final 90 seconds or so working some awful ground & pound. Congrats to Jackson for securing the first victory of his career, but neither of these guys have ANY BUSINESS AT ALL fighting in the UFC, or even the LFA for that matter.
      These guys traded a few clunky strikes, and then Tuivasa clinched and took down Arlovski 90 seconds into the opening round, and landed in full mount. Arlovski tried to tie him up from the bottom with his arms, but Tuivasa is a big guy. Nothing happened on the ground at all, so they stood back up with 2 minutes left in the round, and Tuivasa immediately dropped Arlovski with a big punch. Tuivasa's face is cut up from something, but I'm not sure what caused it.
     The last two rounds were both full of sloppy back & forth boxing, with Arlovski probably winning the second round, and Tuivasa probably winning the third round. This should be a clear 29-28 decision for Tuivasa, if not 30-27. All 3 judges agreed with me, giving Tuivasa the 29-28 unanimous decision victory.
      Anderson came out swinging, as she blasted Holm with some excellent punch combinations and some big knees. Holm was forced to clinch 45 seconds into the round, to slow down the attack from Anderson. Holm basically just stalled in the clinch for 2 minutes before they reset to trade some more strikes. Holm scored a takedown with a minute left in the round, and Anderson tied her up on the way down, but wasn't able to set anything up, so Holm just smothered her. Holm controlled most of that round, but Anderson did more damage. I guess Holm probably won that round based on stalling, but I would like to see someone score it for Anderson, based on her striking in the first minute of the round.
     Holm beat up Anderson with her boxing to start the second round, they clinched a little bit, Anderson tried to fire back with some strikes, and then Holm scored a takedown halfway through the round, pinning her in the center of the cage. Holm passed to full mount with 90 seconds left in the round, and she landed some big punches while trying to open her up for an arm-triangle choke. Holm finished the round with some decent ground & pound. Holm is pretty clearly ahead going into the final round, and the second round could have even been a 10-8 round for Holm.
     The final round was more of the same, with Holm beating up Anderson, throwing her around, outwrestling her, beating her up with her striking, and Anderson was in pure defense mode for the duration of the round. This was a really solid win for Holly Holm, and a disappointing UFC debut for Megan Anderson.
      Covington came out swinging, he grabbed Anjos, and threw him to the ground in the opening seconds of the fight, but Anjos was able to work his way back to his feet a minute into the round. They traded some solid strikes, Covington continued to try to dig for a takedown, and Anjos continued to stuff his shots, while blasting him with elbows to the side of the head. Covington was clearly more aggressive in that round, but I think Anjos was more effective, so I'm giving the round to Anjos, but it could go either way.
     The second round was all about Covington still plowing forward, winging punches at Anjos while running forward like a bull or whatever, while Anjos seemed like he was having a bit of trouble dealing with Covington's pressure. I scored the second round for Covington.
     They continued to battle at a competitive pace for the duration of the 25 minute fight, with Covington winning the third round, and Anjos won the fourth round, leading to a scorecard that's more than likely all tied up going into the final round. The final round was another close round, with both guys swinging for the fences, looking for takedowns, looking for different ways to control the action, etc... In the end, I'm expecting Covington to win this fight, but I wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision going either way. All 3 judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Colby Covington. I hate this guy.
      The first round had Whittaker picking apart Romero with his boxing, and he was throwing a lot of teep kicks, trying to take out Romero's lead leg. Meanwhile, Romero only threw a handful of strikes, but they all looked like nuclear bombs with the intentions of taking out entire cities. I'm giving the first round to Whittaker, based on being more active, but Romero is fucking scary.
      Whittaker continued to chip away at Romero, and he caused Romero's right eye to swell shut almost immediately. They both threw some hard shots in the second round, and they both landed with a lot of shots, but Whittaker is on another level when it comes to technical striking. Romero shot for a desperate takedown le in the round, and Whittaker stuffed the shot and walked out of it with ease. Whittaker is clearly ahead 20-18 after the first two rounds.
      They both threw some solid shots to start the third round, and Romero rocked the shit out of Whittaker, causing him to do the chicken dance. Romero followed that up with the aggression of a murderer, and he continued to beat the shit out of Whittaker for a solid 90 seconds or so. Whittaker was able to get him to back off by landing a couple of sharp elbows, but Romero was still all over Whittaker, clinching and pressing him against the fence. Romero tried to throw down Whittaker halfway through the round, but Whittaker still had enough left to stuff the shot. They both continued to unload on each other, with Romero pretty clearly beating the shit out of Whittaker, but Whittaker was still able to land a perfectly placed head kick, which Romero just ate without even flinching. That was a hell of a round for Romero, and you could MAYBE even argue it was a 10-8, but I think Whittaker did enough to keep it a 10-9. I have Whittaker ahead 29-28 going into the fourth round.
      Whittaker landed several head kicks to start the fourth round, and Romero was just standing there, loading up to launch something. Whittaker kicked Romero in the dick, and they took a brief timeout. When the fight started back up, Whittaker blasted Romero with countless left jabs, as his right hand was clearly broken. He was also sticking to the "kick the knee" gameplan. Romero on the other hand was like the paddles on a pinball machine, bouncing Whittaker around the cage every time he would throw combinations at Whittaker. His power is insane. Romero rocked Whittaker with a massive left hand with 20 seconds left in the round, and he followed it up with a few hard shots, but Whittaker was able to chicken dance his way to safety. This fight could potentially be all tied up going into the final round. I really have no idea what to expect from the scorecards.
      Romero hurt Whittaker with some hard shots in the final round, and he BASICALLY knocked him out, causing Whittaker to turtle up, so Romero jumped on him, and unloaded with some big punches, and some hard elbows, and the referee had to warn him for throwing an elbow to the back of Whittaker's head. It looked like the fight was over, but the referee let them continue, and Whittaker was able to recover enough to shoot for a single leg, but that obviously didn't work out for him, as Romero continued to bully him, throwing him around like a wounded ragdoll. To be honest, I think this fight should be a 48-47 decision for Yoel Romero, BUT... It's worth noting that he missed weight by 0.2 pounds, which is insignificant, BUT... It means that if Romero wins, then he can't become Champion, so...? The judges were split, and the gave the decision to Whittaker, which is good, for business reasons, plus I wanted him to win, but holy shit, I think Romero won this fight. He was clearly the closest to finishing the fight on multiple occasions.