100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Cory Sandhagen - 94.9
2. Justin Gaethje - 93.0
3. Mickey Gall - 92.2
4. Deiveson Figueiredo - 92.0
5. Drew Dober - 91.8
6. Joanne Calderwood - 91.3
7. Eryk Anders - 91.2
8. Rani Yahya - 91.2
9. James Krause - 91.0
10. Bryan Barberena - 90.8
UFC Fight Night 135: Gaethje vs. Vick
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Elevation: 1,176'
-Fight of the Night-
Cory Sandhagen vs. Iuri Alcantara
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.5
(Heel Hook)
     This fight started with Yahya trying to pull guard a few times, he wasn't able to keep Sanders down for long, but he kept going after him, pulling Sanders to the ground repeatedly while digging for leg locks, he eventually locked on a heel hook, and finished the fight by submission early in the first round. That was a really nice win for Rani Yahya.
      Drew Dober started this fight with a series of hard kicks to the body & legs of Tuck. He spent most of the first round hammering Tuck with big kicks, while Tuck looked timid during most of their exchanges. Round one clearly goes to Drew Dober.
     Tuck finally started to fire back in the second round, but Dober was still pressuring him with his boxing, and then he scored a takedown 2 minutes into the round, Tuck caught him in a tight guillotine choke, Dober eventually pulled his head free, and then he started working some ground & pound while pinning Tuck against the fence. Dober beat the shit out of Tuck on the ground until the end of the round. Dober is clearly ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Dober came out swinging in the third round, he beat up Tuck for a minute or so, shot for another takedown, Tuck went for another guillotine but was too tired to make it work at all, so Dober popped his head free, and went back to beating the shit out of Tuck on the ground again. He continued to beat the shit out of Tuck on the ground until the end of the round, leading to the clear cut unanimous decision victory for the hometown fighter, Drew Dober.
(Triangle Armbar)
      Faria came out swinging, she clinched, and then she took down Calderwood 15 seconds into the opening round, quickly passing to side control. Calderwood tried to buck her off, but Faria jumped back down into Calderwood's guard. Calderwood was doing a good job tying up Faria on the ground, but Faria was also clearly controlling the fight, while working some ground & pound, until Calderwood locked on a tight triangle choke with a minute left in the round. It looked like Faria was going to be able to hang on until the end of the round, but Calderwood switched to a triangle armbar, and finished the fight by submission, which is the first submission victory of her career. That was a much needed win for Joanne Calderwood.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded a couple of strikes, and then Gall scored a quick takedown 30 seconds into the opening round, immediately taking Sullivan's back with the body triangle. He locked on a tight rear-naked choke and finished the fight in just over a minute. That was a fantastic one-sided performance by Mickey Gall, against a guy that has now lost his last 3 fights in a row.
      These guys both started the first round by trading some heavy punches & kicks. They both landed some solid shots, and then Sanchez took control of the clinch, and slowed things down by pressing Perez against the fence. That was a close round, but I'd probably give it to Sanchez.
     Perez blasted Sanchez with some big shots to start the second round, but Sanchez eventually took control of Perez with the clinch again, and beat up Perez a little bit, making the first 3 minutes of the round feel like a draw. Sanchez continued to beat up Perez for the rest of the round, so I have Sanchez ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Perez came out in the third round looking like an angry killer, as Sanchez looked like he was willing to just coast his way to a decision. Once again, Perez started strong, but Sanchez was able to clinch and get him back under control a couple of minutes into the round, and Sanchez started to pick apart Perez with his boxing & clinching again. I have Sanchez locked in with a 30-27 scorecard, but Perez made it a good fight, and I'm halfway expecting a weird split-decision or something. All 3 judges agreed, giving Sanchez the 29-28 unanimous decision victory.
      These guys both came out swinging, Alcantara clipped Sandhagen, dropped him, flipped him, slapped on an armbar, nearly ripped Sandhagen's arm off, it LOOKED like it was broken, Sandhagen didn't seem phased at all, Alcantara blasted him with some punches to the face, Sandhagen was a bloody mess, Sandhagen magically broke free from the impossible armbar, and then Sandhagen beat the shit out of Alcantara with some big punches, as he bullied his way into top control. Alcantara rolled for a kneebar, but Sandhagen did a good job staying on top, while dropping massive punches from the sky. Sandhagen unleashed some of the most brutal elbows I've ever seen, he secured full mount, landed a million punches, Alcantara curled up in a ball, and Sandhagen took out every bit of frustration that he's ever felt in his entire life, on the face of Alcantara. That was one of the most insane first rounds I've ever seen, and I'm giving that round to Sandhagen for sure. HOLY SHIT, what a round of back & forth violence.
     Sandhagen picked up where he left off at the start of the second round, he dropped Alcantara early, unloaded on him with some more violent ground & pound, and the referee eventually had seen enough, so he stopped the fight. That has to be the best performance of Cory Sandhagen's career so far, and it's probably going to be the fight to put him on the map. I've seen him fight 3 times before, and couldn't remember who he was, but I'm definitely a fan now, and he's on a 4-Fight winning streak, so he's definitely someone to keep any eye on. HOLY SHIT, that fight was fucking crazy.
(Knee & Punches)
      These guys both looked sloppy at the start of the fight, as they both threw some heavy strikes, while flopping around the cage wildly, trying to control each other with takedown attempts & clinching. The first round was a very back & forth round, where either fighter would take control every 10 seconds or so, making it a hard round to score. Hopefully the next two rounds will be a little easier to score.
     The second round was another wild round of back & forth striking, where they traded control, until Krause blasted Alves with a clean knee that rocked the shit out of Alves. Krause followed that up with some punches, Alves wasn't defending himself while leaning against the fence, and the referee stopped the fight. That was a big win for James Krause.
(Head Kick)
      Williams was circling around the outside, while Anders was moving forward for most of the first round. It looked like Anders was in control, but Williams appeared to be landing the cleaner strikes while backing up. Williams shot for a single leg with 30 seconds left in the round, Anders sort of went for a guillotine, failed, and Williams dumped him to the ground. I'm giving that first round to the biggest underdog on the card, Tim Williams.
     Anders came out looking a lot more aggressive in the second round, as he blasted Williams with some big punches, opening a cut under the left eye of Williams. Williams shot for a takedown halfway through the round, but Anders was able to stuff his shot. Anders spent the rest of the round throwing strikes at Williams, while Williams mostly just backed up. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Anders dropped Williams 30 seconds into the final round with a punch that knocked Williams off balance, but Williams didn't appear to be hurt at all, so he stood back up. Most of the rest of the round was somewhat uneventful, until the final minute, where Anders knocked down Williams again, and then as Williams was trying to stand back up, Anders blasted him with a Hulk smash kick to the jaw, knocking Williams unconscious. That was a solid finish for Eryk Anders.
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and then they clinched, tried to take each other down, and Figueiredo ended up on top inside Moraga's butterfly guard 2 minutes into the round. They spent most of the rest of the round locked up on the ground, not really doing much. Figueiredo eventually tried to work some ground & pound, Moraga tried to setup a leg lock, they ended up in a 50/50 leg lock battle, and then Figueiredo ended the round punching Moraga. I'm giving that first round to Figueiredo.
     They traded some punches & kicks to start the second round, with Figueiredo moving forward, and Moraga circling around the outside. They eventually clinched again, and Figueiredo tripped Moraga, allowing Figueiredo to end up on top again, where he worked some decent ground & pound, opening up a cut on Moraga's face. They stood up halfway through the round, and Figueiredo started chasing Moraga, unloading with some big shots that hurt Moraga. Moraga fought back though, trying to land some big shots, but Figueiredo dropped him with a hard punch to the body, and then finished him off with some punches on the ground. Deiveson Figueiredo is legit, with a 15-0 record now. That was a good fight.
      These guys traded a few random jabs, but neither fighter seemed interested in really engaging with much heat. Halfway through the first round, Barberena dropped Ellenberger with some big punches, Ellenberger tried to wrestle his way to safety, Barberena knocked him down again with some big punches, Ellenberger looked lost, so he went belly down, Barberena kept punching him, and the referee stopped the fight halfway through the opening round. That was a decent performance by Barberena, but it also brings Ellenberger's record to 2-8 in the past 5 years, so... I mean... It's time to retire, right? I know he's only 33, but come on man... This shit isn't working out anymore for you. Congrats to Barberena for the first round finish though.
      The first round was a back & forth striking match, where they were both landing a few random strikes, and then Casey clinched and took down Hill with 90 seconds left in the round, and Hill almost immediately slapped on an armbar. Casey was able to sort of slam her way out of the armbar, but Hill used that moment to pin Casey against the fence. They reset with 30 seconds left in the round, and exchanged a few sloppy strikes. That was a close round, but Hill finished strong with a series of hard punches, so I'm going to give that round to Hill.
     Casey came out throwing some big punches to start the second round, and then she pressed Hill against the fence for some clinching, but Hill was able to spin out of that and create some distance. They traded a few more strikes, and then Casey shot for a takedown halfway through the round, but Hill did a good job staying on her feet. Casey looked like a girl defending herself, and Hill looked like the attacker, so I have Hill ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but it's been a close fight so far, so the scorecards could be all over the place.
     The third round was another competitive round of back & forth boxing, where both girls landed some big shots, they threw each other around inside the clinch, and in the end, this fight is kind of hard to score, but in my opinion, I would give this fight 30-27 to Angela Hill. Two judges disagreed, and one even gave Casey all 3 rounds, resulting in a split-decision victory for Cortney Casey.
      The first round was a back & forth kickboxing match, where they were both landing similar shots, and they both controlled the center of the cage about the same amount. That round could probably go either way. To be honest, it looked more like a sparring match though, as neither fighter was really going after the other fighter beyond just basic exchanges.
     In the first round, Fili poked Johnson in the eye with a thumb, and the second round, Johnson started it by kicking Fili in the dick. When the fight started back up, Fili took down Johnson, and quickly took his back. Johnson stood up, and Fili was riding him like a backpack, while they were leaning against the fence. He locked on a rear-naked choke with 2 minutes left to work, but Johnson did a good job squirming his neck out of danger. Johnson spun around into Fili's guard with a minute left in the round, and he worked some decent ground & pound, but he found himself caught in a triangle for a few seconds. The first round was close, but the second round should go to Fili.
     Fili took down Johnson again a minute into the second round, and tried to secure back control again, but Johnson did a good job scrambling back to his feet this time. They spent the rest of the round trading strikes at that sparring pace, while following each other around the cage. This was a close fight, but I think Fili should win at least 29-28. The judges were split, with one judge giving Fili all 3 rounds, and the other two judges gave the split-decision victory to Michael Johnson. He needed this win, and it was a close fight, but I think Fili probably should have taken this one.
      These guys started this fight by pumping some jabs and throwing some front kicks to test the distance, Gaethje looked like he was pressuring Vick for the most part, but Vick was doing a good job keeping his distance by using his range. Gaethje backed Vick up toward the fence, threw a left hook, followed by a right hook, and Vick got knocked the fuck out, faceplanting near the fence. That was a fantastic finish by Justin Gaethje, and a much needed win against a Top 10 opponent.