100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (28 Total):
1. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos - 92.8
2. Alex Oliveira - 92.4
3. Sergio Moraes - 92.4
4. Thiago Santos - 92.4
5. Livinha Souza - 91.8
6. Augusto Sakai - 91.8
7. Francisco Trinaldo - 91.8
8. Mayra Bueno Silva - 91.4
9. Charles Oliveira - 91.4
10. Ryan Spann - 90.4
UFC Fight Night 137: Manuwa vs. Santos
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Elevation: 2,493'
-Fight of the Night-
Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs. Luigi Vendramini
Fighters & Matches 88.7
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.3
(Guillotine Choke)
     Souza came out swinging to start the opening round, she rocked Chambers around the cage with some big shots, and then took her down 45 seconds into the round. She locked on a mounted guillotine choke, cranked the shit out of it, and forced Chambers to tapout early in the first round. That was another really solid performance by Souza, and another bit of evidence that Chambers has no business fighting in the UFC. She is now 1-5 in the UFC when you include her fight on The Ultimate Fighter. Souza is pretty legit though.
(Flying Knee & Punches)
      Santos threw a kick, Vendramini shot for the worst takedown I've ever seen, and found himself caught in a Peruvian Necktie, I've never actually seen someone caught in that choke, by shooting for a sloppy takedown like that. Vendramini finally broke free 90 seconds into the round, and immediately tried to wrestle Santos against the fence. He jumped on his back while Santos was still standing, locked on the body triangle, and then a rear-naked choke. Santos did a good job fighting the hands, but Vendramini's back control is brutal. Santos finally broke free and reset with 90 seconds left in the round. Santos threw some decent strikes, but he was clearly slower than usual after carrying Vendramini on his back for half a round. That round was very back & forth, with Santos winning the striking exchanges, but both guys held onto chokes for 90+ seconds each, so... I'm giving that round to Santos, but it could go either way.
     The second round started kind of slowly, Vendramini threw a few punches but didn't make much progress. Santos then blasted him with a flying knee, followed by some heavy punches, and Vendramini got knocked the fuck out, crumbling to the ground against the fence, in old school UFC style. That was another fantastic finish by Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos, and even though he still hasn't fought a Top 20 Fighter yet, he's still becoming one of my favorite lower ranked fighters in the UFC Welterweight division.
      The first round had both guys circling each other slowly, while trading single shots. Leites was throwing the faster punches, but Lombard was throwing BRUTAL inside leg kicks. That entire round was all about the counters, which means there wasn't much action at all, but I'm giving that round to Lombard for sure, based on those brutal leg kicks, and controlling the center of the cage.
     Lombard continued to beat up Leites with those brutal leg kicks to start the second round, and then Leites knocked him off balance a minute into the round, but he wasn't able to control him at all, so they popped back up and reset. Leites finally started to pick apart Lombard with his boxing, landing a few solid combinations, and then he pulled guard with sort of an awkward flying armbar attempt, but Lombard just calmly stood back up and reset. By the end of the round, Lombard had a massive gash above his right eye. Leites had a giant lump on his left knee though, so... I'm giving that round to Leites, and have this fight all tied up, but I wouldn't be shocked if one of the fighters gave up between rounds.
     They traded a few strikes to start the third round, Lombard clinched, and then Leites destroyed him with some heavy knees from the clinch. This entire fight was pretty slow paced, but both guys were throwing with everything they had, so it was still exciting, even though there were a lot of 10 second pauses in between moments of action. The first two rounds were pretty clearly split with one round going to each fighter, and the third round I thoughtLeites pretty clearly beat up Lombard with his striking, as Lombard was mostly just trying to clinch. I'm scoring this fight 29-28 for Thales Leites. All 3 judges agreed, giving Thales Leites the unanimous decision victory in his retirement fight. It's also worth noting that Hector Lombard is now on a 6-Fight losing streak. What the fuck is he still doing in the UFC?
      These girls started with some heavy clinching, Robertson attempted a takedown, Silva did a good job defending, so Robertson backed out, and then shot for another takedown, and landed in half mount this time, a minute into the opening round. Robertson landed a few punches, and then Silva scrambled back to her feet halfway through the round. Robertson took her down again, Silva stuffed the shot, sort of, so Robertson rolled for a heel hook, and used that position to sweep Silva, and then she pinned Silva against the fence, where she beat her up with some punches until the end of the round. That was a competitive round, but I think it's a pretty clear 10-9 round for Robertson. Wait... Nevermind... Silva slapped on an armbar in the final 10 seconds, and finished the fight by submission. When they stood back up, Silva couldn't even walk anymore, so... If Robertson would have held on for another 5 seconds or so, Silva probably would have had to quit between rounds. That was a solid debut for Mayra Bueno Silva, as she's coming off a win from Dana White's Contender Series in Brazil for 6 weeks ago.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Saunders spent the first minute of the opening round circling around the outside, and then Moraes rushed in and took him down. That was an interesting round of Jiu-Jitsu, with Moraes spending most of the round on top, and he even passed to full mount with 50 seconds left in the round. He dropped back for an armbar with 10 seconds remaining, but Saunders did a great job defending. Round one goes to Moraes for sure though.
     Moraes quickly took down Saunders to start the second round, and he pinned him against the fence. He absolutely smothered Saunders for the duration of the round, and then he locked on an arm-triangle choke, finishing the fight by submission, and Moraes becomes the first fighter to submit Ben Saunders.
      The first round had both fighters winging big kicks at each other, while mixing in some decent combinations, but neither fighter really took a significant lead in that round, so I'm not sure where the judges will be with the scores here. I'm assuming the round will go to Sakai for fighting out of Brazil, so he clearly has the crowd on his side.
     The second round was another somewhat slow paced tired round of striking between two heavyweights. I'm assuming Sakai is ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but it's at least been a competitive fight. I just don't think either fighter is really "going for it" at this point.
     Sherman tried to move forward in the final round, but Sakai blasted him with a big combination that forced Sherman to back up toward the fence. Sakai unloaded on Sherman with 2 minutes left in the round, mauling him with big punches and heavy knees from the clinch, and right when the referee looked like he was going to stop the fight, Sherman sort of tried to fight back, causing the referee to back off. Sakai then threw him to the ground, landed in side control, unloaded with some elbows, some heavy punches, and the referee finally stopped the fight with a minute left in the final round. That was a good UFC debut for Augusto Sakai.
      These guys traded a few random strikes for the first half of the round, with Spann sort of controlling the pace, and then Oliveira took him down halfway through the round, but couldn't hold him down for long. He then tried to take him down again, and Spann caught him in a tight guillotine choke, which Oliveira was able to roll out of, so they stood back up and reset again. Oliveira finished the round with another takedown. Oliveira might have won that round with his takedowns, but since he couldn't hold down Spann at all, and Spann won all of the other things (striking exchanges, octagon control, etc...) I'm giving that first round to Spann.
     Oliveira came out clinching to start the second round, and he tried to take Spann to the ground, but Spann reversed him and ended up on top. Oliveira then wrestled his way into top control 2 minutes into the round. Oliveira beat up Spann with some decent punches on the ground, and then tried to catch him in a guillotine choke, which Spann used to sweep him, and land in side control. Oliveira kept squeezing his guillotine, and Spann tried to work a Von Flue choke. Spann finished the round on top, pounding on Oliveira with hammerfists. This fight has been competitive, and could be going either way at this point. I have Spann winning, but I have no idea what the Brazilian judges are going to be looking for here.
     Oliveira took down Spann again in the third round, Spann quickly wrestled his way into top control, and then spent the rest of the round on top, pinning Oliveira against the fence, while beating him up with short shots, and then some heavy knees to the body at the end of the round. I'm scoring this fight 30-27 for Spann, but I'm expecting the scorecards to be a lot closer than that. All 3 judges agreed with me, giving Spann the unanimous decision victory.
(Knee to the Body)
      The first round had both guys boxing with each other for the most part, and then in the final minute of the round, they wrestled a little bit, with Trinaldo controlling the wrestling. The first round could probably go either way, but I'm leaning slightly in favor of Trinaldo.
     Trinaldo dropped Dunham 10 seconds into the second round with a big left hook, but Dunham recovered and created some space by circling around the outside. Trinaldo grabbed a front choke and sort of yanked Dunham down a minute into the round, and mostly just held him there. They stood back up, and went back to boxing for a while, and then a loud crack sound popped out, and Dunham hit the ground holding his body like he had just been shot. I couldn't see what happened due to the original camera angle. Ooooooooh, the replay showed that it was one of the most brutal counter knees to the body that I've ever seen, blasting Dunham in the ribs at a sharp angle. That was a really nice win for Francisco Trinaldo. I feel bad though, because I'm under the impression Evan Dunham is retiring after this fight.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys spent the first round trading some random strikes, and clinching a little bit, and then Oliveira scored a takedown with a minute left in the round, and quickly passed to full mount. Giagos was able to throw him to the side and stand back up a few seconds later though. I'm giving that round to Oliveira, but it wasn't a dominant round for either fighter.
     Oliveira blasted Giagos with some slick striking to start the second round, mixing up his shots to show a variety of techniques. Giagos threw some decent punches, but Oliveira was just outworking him with style. Oliveira scored another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, Giagos gave up his back as he tried to get back to his feet, Oliveira locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission with around 90 seconds remaining in the second round. Charles Oliveira now has the most submission wins in UFC history.
      The first round started with a minute of heavy clinching, and then Markos yanked Rodriguez to the ground with a head lock, and landed in full mount. Markos basically just smothered her, while mixing in a few clunky punches here & there. Round one clearly goes to Markos.
     The second round was a very even round of kickboxing, where they were both pretty much landing the same shots, but Rodriguez plowed forward in the final seconds of the round and blasted Markos with some big punches, so I thought that was enough to secure the round for Rodriguez.
     The final round had 90 seconds of back & forth striking, followed by a takedown from Markos. Rodriguez scrambled back to her feet with 2 minutes left in the round, and then spent those last 2 minutes picking apart Markos with punches & kicks while moving forward. I scored this fight 29-28 for Rodriguez, and one judge gave the fight to Markos, while the other two judges declared it a majority draw. I'm giving Rodriguez the victory points though, because a record of 10-0 (*and one draw) is an ugly scuff mark, based on a fight that she probably should have won anyway. This was a close fight for sure, but Rodriguez should have won this fight.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Barao took down Ewell 90 seconds into the round, and pinned him against the fence. Barao spent the rest of the round basically just laying on top of Ewell. Round one goes to Barao.
     The second round consisted of Ewell picking apart Barao with his boxing. Round two clearly goes to Ewell. Barao took him down with a minute left in the round, so you could argue he stole the round with that takedown, but he didn't do anything on the ground, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was another round of boxing, where I thought Ewell pretty clearly won the round with his striking, leading to what should be a 29-28 decision for Ewell in his UFC debut. Two judges agreed, giving him the split-decision victory. That's the biggest win of Ewell's career for sure, beating a former UFC Champion, but it's also worth noting this marks 3 losses in a row for Barao, so I don't see much of a reason to bring him back at this point.
      It's crazy to think at 32 years old, Sam Alvey is 10 years younger than Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. The first round was basically a boxing match, where Alvey was clearly waiting to counter, and Nogueira was moving forward and pressuring him, but neither fighter was really throwing much of anything significant.
     The second round started the same way, with Nogueira moving forward, throwing punches, and Alvey was looking to counter, but he just looked super awkward, like he didn't want to fight at all. Nogueira unloaded on him, dropped him near the fence, punched him a few more times, the referee stopped the fight, and then Alvey took him down. So... That was a good win for Nogueira, but I'm REALLY wondering what the fuck happened to Alvey, because he had a decent little winning streak going there for a while, and now he kind of sucks.
      OH SHIT! These guys traded a few strikes, Oliveira caught a kick, fired back with some brutal punches to Pedersoli's face, he knocked him down, pinned him down, unloaded on him with some heavy punches on the ground, turning his face into mush, and the fight was stopped just 39 seconds into the first round. That was a fantastic finish by Alex Oliveira, and it ends an 8-Fight winning streak for Pedersoli. Alex Oliveira is legit, but I don't know if beating Pedersoli really does much for his ranking. I really do like Oliveira though, and hope they give him someone AT LEAST in the Top 15 next. He shouldn't have to fight these new guys like this.
      The first round mostly consisted of Anders trying to take down Santos, while Santos was chipping away at him with strikes. The second round started with Anders digging for a takedown, and Santos was able to just throw him down, and then beat him up with punches on the ground. I have Santos ahead 20-18 going into the final round, as Anders seems a little too desperate for the takedown, and he hasn't had much success yet.
      Anders finally scored a takedown to start the third round, and he took Santos's back a minute into the round near the fence. He threw a few punches, and then locked on what appeared to be a tight rear-naked choke, but he let it go for some reason. Santos jumped up at that point, and then started winging wild punches & kicks at Anders while chasing him around the cage. Anders took down Santos again, beat him up with a few shots, but Santos stood up with a minute left to work. Anders kept digging for a takedown, and Santos drilled a hole into the side of his head with some brutal elbows while stuffing the shot. Anders was "sort of" saved by the buzzer, but he collapsed multiple times on his way back to his corner in between rounds, so the fight was stopped. That was a big win for Thiago Santos.