100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Israel Adesanya - 93.8
2. Jared Cannonier - 93.8
3. Ronaldo Souza - 92.8
4. Shane Burgos - 92.8
5. Daniel Cormier - 92.3
6. Lyman Good - 92.3
7. Karl Roberson - 91.7
8. Lando Vannata - 91.4
9. Chris Weidman - 91.2
10. Marcos Rogerio de Lima - 90.9
UFC 230: Cormier vs. Lewis
Location: New York City, New York
Elevation: 33'
-Fight of the Night-
Jared Cannonier vs. David Branch
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.1
     Wieczorek scored a takedown 45 seconds into the opening round, and then Lima wrestled his way into top control a minute later. With 20 seconds left in the round, Lima finally threw some big punches. Round one clearly goes to Lima, but most of the round consisted of just laying on top of each other. I'm not a big fan of either fighter yet.
     Lima started the second round with some hard leg kicks, and then he tried to take Wieczorek down, but Wieczorek did a good job stuffing the shot against the fence. This fight was pretty slow paced, but Lima was consistently moving forward, and chipping away with big punches & leg kicks, and then they'd clinch and rest for a while, with Lima pushing Wieczorek against the fence. Lima is ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     They clinched to start the final round, and then Lima threw Wieczorek to the ground a minute into the round, landing in side control. He passed to mount 2 minutes into the round, and then Wieczorek quickly scrambled back to his feet. Wieczorek threw a head kick, and then fell down, and Lima jumped back into his guard. The referee reset them with 90 seconds left in the round. Wieczorek threw a few strikes, but didn't have anything behind them. Lima scored a final takedown with a minute left, and finished the fight on top. This was an obvious 30-27 unanimous decision victory for the underdog, Marcos Rogerio de Lima.
      Holobaugh started this fight with a series of hard leg kicks and some fast boxing. Burgos was firing back with some clean punches of his own though. Holobaugh dropped Burgos, it looked like Burgos MIGHT be getting knocked out in the first round, Burgos smiled though, recovered quickly, and then locked on a tight armbar from his guard, cranked, and finished the fight by submission. That was a good fight while it lasted, and a crazy comeback finish by Shane Burgos. That's also the first submission loss for Kurt Holobaugh after 22 fights.
      Frevola landed some big strikes to start this fight, mostly single shots, and then Vannata blasted him with a head kick that nearly killed Frevola, Vannata followed it up with some big punches, knocked the mouthpiece out of Frevola's mouth, and then the referee paused the fight to put the mouthpiece back in. They continued to trade strikes at a solid pace, with Frevola winning most of the exchanges, he rocked Vannata a few times, Vannata tried to take him down late in the round, Frevola turned that into a mounted guillotine choke, Vannata pulled his head free, and was able to hang on until the bell. Round one goes to Frevola.
     Vannata came out throwing some crazy kicks, and big combinations in the second round, Frevola was getting fucked up, he was nearly put down multiple times, and then he shot for a takedown to try to buy himself some time to recover, but Vannata did a good job stuffing the shot. Vannata continued to chip away at Frevola for the duration of the round, while stuffing a few more takedown attempts from Frevola. Frevola finished the round with a takedown, and got caught in a guillotine choke, but was saved by the bell. Round two clearly goes to Vannata, and this fight should be all tied up going into the final round.
     They both landed a few solid shots in the final round, Vannata caught a kick, and tried to turn it into a takedown, but Frevola bounced around on one foot, while punching Vannata in the face. Vannata eventually scored the takedown, but Frevola popped back up almost immediately. Vannata spent the entire round moving forward, the striking exchanges were close, Frevola sort of scored a takedown, but Vannata immediately rolled out of it and stood back up. The third round was pretty close, the second round was arguably a 10-8 round, Vannata dropped Frevola in the first round but ultimately lost the round. I'm expecting Frevola to win this fight, 29-28, but I think Vannata deserves to win, based on aggression, and effort to finish the fight. One judge gave the 29-28 decision to Frevola, and the other two declared it a draw, for the majority draw. I'm giving the victory points to Vannata, because we don't do draws here, but... Yeah, that fight was awfully close, and I'll be interested to see if they setup a rematch or not.
      These guys traded some punches, they clinched, Saunders unloaded with a series of knees to the body from the clinch, Good was unloading with uppercuts inside the clinch, and after a few seconds of trading strikes in the clinch, Saunders randomly fell down, and Good knocked him out with some punches on the ground. That was a fantastic first round finish by Lyman Good, and another disappointing knockout loss for Ben Saunders.
      These guys bounced around for 45 seconds or so, and then Moraes dropped Arce 45 seconds into the opening round. Arce sort of rolled for a leg lock or something, but Moraes just squashed him, and continued to punch him on the ground. They reset back on their feet 90 seconds into the round. Arce jumped up and took the back of Moraes with 2 minutes left in the round, and basically did the backpack thing against the fence for a while, as Moraes continued to just stand there, carrying Arce's weight. Round one goes to Arce based on all of that back control.
     Arce started the second round with a quick takedown, but he couldn't hold Moraes down at all. Moraes controlled the clinch, and he opened up a bad cut on the forehead of Arce, which caused a red waterfall to pour down both of their faces as they clinched, but it was all coming from Arce's head. They split up 90 seconds into the round, and started boxing with each other. Moraes dropped Arce with a hard straight right hand with a minute left, and he tried to finish him, but Arce did a good job flopping around to show he was still awake. You could argue that was a 10-8 round for Moraes, based partially on the amount of blood pouring from Arce.
     Arce spent most of the final round beating up Moraes while chasing him around the cage. The first round goes to Arce, the second round CLEARLY goes to Moraes, and the third round should go to Arce, so... Arce should probably win this fight? Unless you score the second round 10-8 for Moraes, in which case, this would be a draw? The judges were split, with two judges giving the split-decision victory to Sheymon Moraes, and one judge scored it 30-26 for Moraes, which was a horrible scorecard.
      The first round started with some heavy boxing, Eubanks hit Modafferi with some big punches, and then she took her down 2 minutes into the opening round. Modafferi did a good job squirming around on the bottom, while throwing soft punches & elbows from her guard, and Eubanks was trying to drop power shots, but she wasn't able to land many clean shots. The first round goes to Eubanks, but Modafferi is at least making it a fight.
     They continued to trade strikes at a solid pace in the second round, and then Eubanks kicked Modafferi in the head, and then dropped her with some punches. Modafferi scrambled to setup another leg lock or something, and Eubanks just walked away and let her stand back up. Modafferi pressed Eubanks against the fence, and sort of tried to take her down, but for the most part, she was just holding her with the clinch. Modafferi randomly threw Eubanks down with a slow takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. Modafferi did a good job grinding all over Eubanks, leading to a 19-19 scorecard going into the final round.
     They both came out swinging to start the third round, and they both ate a lot of shots, with neither fighter working any defense at all, it was all about just throwing punches and chewing on fists. Eubanks clinched, and took down Modafferi with a body lock halfway through the final round. Eubanks spent the rest of the round beating up Modafferi with some punches, while basically just outgrappling her. That was a solid performance by Eubanks, and a pretty clear cut 29-28 unanimous decision victory. It's also worth noting that she missed weight by a pound though.
      Knight started this fight with a violent combination of punches & kicks while rushing forward. Rinaldi stayed calm, kicked Knight in the head, and then took him down a minute into the opening round. Knight sort of stood back up, threw a few elbows near Rinaldi's spine, the referee warned him, Knight apologized, and then Rinaldi took him down again. Rinaldi spent the rest of the round wrestling the shit out of Knight. Round one goes to Rinaldi based on his top control.
     The second round started slowly, and then Rinaldi scored a quick takedown a minute into the round. He took his back 30 seconds later, and then locked on a body triangle from back control. Rinaldi spent the rest of the round digging for a rear-naked choke, which never happened. Knight did a good job defending himself, but that doesn't change the fact that Rinaldi is up AT LEAST 20-18 going into the final round. Knight needs to make something crazy happen.
     There was a wild scramble a minute into the final round, where Rinaldi sort of tried to take down Knight, Knight took his back, tried to scramble to mount, Rinaldi reversed him, went for a Kimura, and then took Knight's back again 90 seconds into the final round. He locked on that body triangle again, started digging for the rear-naked choke again, punched Knight a few times, and we basically got a repeat of the second round. Congrats to Rinaldi for the one-sided unanimous decision victory. That sucks for Knight though, as this is 4 losses in a row, and he's normally an exciting fighter, but he didn't really show much of anything other than toughness in this fight.
(Knees & Punches)
      Brunson clinched with double underhooks to start the first round. Brunson grabbed Adesanya's shorts twice, so the referee took away the position and reset them with a stern warning. Brunson shot for a terrible takedown, which Adesanya just walked out of, leaving Brunson on the ground, grabbing for Adesanya's toes. That happened a few more times, and Adesanya continued to show some fantastic takedown defense. Adesanya dropped Brunson with some big knees, a head kick, some punches, he dropped him multiple times, and then the referee finally had to stop the fight as Brunson was having trouble getting back to his feet. That was a fantastic finish by Israel Adesanya, and the one weakness people thought he might have (wrestling), he completely nullified with fantastic defense. Israel Adesanya is one of my favorite fighters right now, and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of damage he can do to the UFC Middleweight division.
      Roberson looks fucking massive for 185. He blasted Marshman with some calculated strikes, and every strike he threw landed with authority. Marshman has a solid chin, and he was able to fire back with a few solid shots, but Roberson basically just outclassed him in the first round. That should be a 10-9 round for Karl Roberson.
     Roberson was slowing down at the end of the first round, and Marshman came out swinging to start the second round. They both landed some big shots in the second round, it was a close round, and then Roberson scored a big takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. He basically just held Marshman down with side control until the end of the round. Roberson should be ahead 20-18 going into the final round. Marshman is still dangerous though.
     They spent the first half of the final round trading strikes at a moderate pace, they both landed some big strikes, and then Roberson scored another big takedown, landing in side control again. Roberson sort of tried to setup an Americana, and then gave that up in favor of passing to full mount. Roberson looked like the best fighter in the world in the opening round, and then he just kind of decided to coast to a decision in the last two rounds. He still clearly beat Marshman, but this fight went from explosive, to somewhat boring. Still, congrats to Roberson for the decision victory.
      Cannonier looks fucking JACKED, compared to what he used to look when fighting at heavyweight. He started this fight with a BRUTAL leg kick, and then Branch took him down. Cannonier worked his way back to his feet a minute into the round. Branch took him down again 90 seconds into the round, and then he worked to take Cannonier's back against the fence. Cannonier did a good job getting back to his feet halfway through the round. Branch continued to work for takedowns, while both guys were trading a few solid punches back & forth. Cannonier finished the round by stuffing a shot and throwing an elbow to the back of Branch's neck. Round one goes to Branch. His wrestling looked solid, but he hasn't been able to hold Cannonier down for long.
     Cannonier blasted Branch with another brutal leg kick to start the second round, he dropped him with some big punches, Branch turtled up, Cannonier unloaded with some heavy punches on the ground, the referee gave Branch plenty of time to make something happen, but he just continued to turtle up, so Cannonier continued to unload on him, and the referee was forced to stop the fight. Jared Cannonier looks like a completely different fighter compared to what I remember him being. This was a huge win for Jared Cannonier.
      The first round was a solid round of boxing, with Weidman picking apart Souza with combinations, while Souza was mostly sticking with a handful of hard leg kicks, and some big body shots. That was a competitive round, but I'm giving the first round to Weidman, 10-9.
     The second round was pretty similar to the first round, with Weidman working some slick boxing, while Souza was mostly sticking to power strikes. Souza's nose was also broken, so he was breathing heavily out of his mouth. He still clipped Weidman with some hard shots though. I have Weidman ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but Souza is always dangerous.
     The final round looked like more of the same, both guys were landing a lot of great shots, Weidman's hands looked really sharp tonight, but it ultimately didn't matter, as Souza dropped him with a big right hand, Weidman got knocked the fuck out, the referee let the fight go, Weidman tried to sleep walk his way through a takedown, Souza punched him a few more times, Weidman was clearly out the entire time, and the fight was finally stopped. That was a big win for Jacare Souza.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Lewis landed a couple of leg kicks, he threw a head kick, and then Cormier took him down a minute into the opening round. Cormier smothered him against the fence, and threw some short punches & elbows. Lewis rolled over to get back to his feet, and he made it back to his feet halfway through the round, but Cormier continued to hold onto a tight clinch against the fence. Cormier took him down again with a single leg with 2 minutes left in the round. Cormier continued to chip away with some short strikes, and then Lewis tried to get back up with a minute left in the round. Cormier did a good job keeping him smothered against the fence though. Round one CLEARLY goes to Cormier, but for the amount of control he had, he didn't do much actual damage.
      Lewis threw some big punches to start the second round, and then Cormier took him down again, but Lewis stood back up immediately again. Cormier stayed on him, and then used his slick wrestling to take Lewis down again. Lewis gave up his back, Cormier locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission. That was a really good win for Cormier. Lewis took the fight on short notice (he just fought less than a month ago). That's a disappointing loss for Lewis though, as he came into this fight with a lot of hype behind him after his last fight, and he really didn't have enough time to train for a random title fight that was thrown at him.