100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Michel Prazeres - 93.3
2. Johnny Walker - 92.8
3. Cynthia Calvillo - 92.7
4. Alexandre Pantoja - 92.4
5. Santiago Ponzinibbio - 92.4
6. Marlon Vera - 91.9
7. Laureano Staropoli - 91.4
8. Ricardo Lamas - 91.3
9. Nad Narimani - 91.3
10. Austin Arnett - 89.7
UFC Fight Night 140: Ponzinibbio vs. Magny
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elevation: 82'
-Fight of the Night-
Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Neil Magny
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.6
     The first round was basically a kickboxing match, where Narimani was stalking Santos for most of the round, while hammering him with big punches. Santos threw a few solid counters, but for the most part, the first round was all about Narimani being the more aggressive fighter.
     The second round was another competitive round of kickboxing, but Santos was in control this time, as he landed a few shots that seemed to phase Narimani a bit. Narimani scored a takedown halfway through the round, and spent the rest of the round grinding out Santos on the ground, leading to a 20-18 lead for Narimani going into the final round.
     Narimani took down Santos a minute into the final round, Santos caught him in a tight guillotine choke, but Narimani was able to wrestle his way out of it and stand back up. They continued to throw hard strikes at each other, Santos opened up a cut on the left eye of Narimani, and then Narimani took him down again with a minute left in the round. This was a competitive fight, but I still scored it 30-27 for Narimani, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory. That was a strong performance for Nad Narimani.
      Pinedo danced around with a lot of awkward movement, they both landed a few decent strikes, and then Pinedo caught a kick and tripped Powell, but didn't do anything with it, so they reset 90 seconds into the opening round. Pinedo tripped Powell again, and they reset again. Powell moved forward and threw some wild combinations, and landed quite a few solid strikes, including some big knees from the clinch. Pinedo tripped Powell again with 10 seconds left in the round, but I still think Powell did enough with his striking to win that round.
     The second round was similar to the first, with Powell bullying & beating up Pinedo on the feet, but he kept throwing single kicks that were easy for Pinedo to catch, so Pinedo tripped him a few more times, and then spent most of the round standing above Powell, while Powell just flopped around on the ground. The second round goes to Pinedo, but I really don't like his style of just tripping Powell, and then standing there, without really being willing to go to the ground with him at all. If you don't want to fight on the ground, then why waste time tripping Powell? Either way, I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Pinedo continued to dance around the outside in the final round, while Powell kept moving forward. Powell wouldn't stop throwing those single kicks though, which I feel was a bad gameplan, considering the number of times Pinedo caught kicks and tripped him in the first two rounds. It happened again halfway through the final round, and Pinedo just stood there, looking down at Powell, while Powell flopped around again. Powell has low fighter IQ, and Pinedo seems like he fights inside his own head a little too much, which could be easy to expose for other fighters in the future. I'm scoring this fight 29-28 for Pinedo, but I'm somewhat disappointed in both of these fighters for different reasons. All 3 judges agreed, giving Pinedo the unanimous decision victory.
      Aldana started this fight with some hard leg kicks, and Staropoli came out swinging, throwing BOMBS. They were both unloading on each other with everything they had, but Staropoli probably landing the better combinations, and he opened a cut on Aldana's left eye early in the first round, but Staropoli had a MASSIVE lump growing on the right side of his forehead. That was an AWESOME first round, with a ton of damage being dealt both ways, and even though it slowed down late in the round, both guys really packed a ton of action into that 5 minute period.
     The second round started with Staropoli kicking Aldana in the dick. When the fight started back up, they were a lot slower than in the first round, but they still had a few explosive moments going both ways. By the end of the round, Aldana's face was all smashed up again, with blood pouring out of his left eye, and Staropoli still looked pretty good, and even that lump on his head seemed to be going down. I have Staropoli ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round was another round of wild scrapping, with both guys landing some big shots, it was still slowing down, especially compared to the first round, but considering how action packed the first half of the fight was, that's understandable. I scored this fight 30-27 for Staropoli, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory in his UFC debut.
      The first two rounds were competitive, with Bandenay probably winning the first round, and the second round could have maybe gone either way. They were close though. The final round had Arnett taking down Bandenay halfway through the round, he pinned him near the fence, and spent the last half of the round beating the shit out of Bandenay with big punches. The third round was a clear round in the books for Arnett, and he nearly finished him in the final 15 seconds, making it a possible 10-8 round for Arnett. I scored this fight 29-28 for Austin Arnett, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded some hard punches & kicks, Sasaki scored a quick takedown, Pantoja sort of tried to catch him in a triangle choke, he switched to an armbar, Sasaki flipped out of it, Pantoja continued to work for a triangle, Sasaki threw a few punches on the ground, and then Pantoja wildly scrambled to take Sasaki's back, he slowly locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission halfway through the first round. That was a great performance by Alexandre Pantoja.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Fabinski rushed forward like a bull, Prazeres clipped him with some big punches, dropped him 15 seconds into the opening round, he pinned him against the fence, unloaded with some big punches, Fabinski tried to stand up, Prazeres took him down aggressively, mounted him, Fabinski scrambled back to his feet, Prazeres slapped on a tight guillotine choke, and nearly ripped Fabinski's head off, finishing the fight by submission at 1:02 of the first round. That was a fantastic performance by Michel Prazeres, who is now on an 8-Fight winning streak.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Botelho hammered Calvillo with some big kicks and punches, Calvillo caught a kick, and took down Botelho, but Botelho immediately scrambled back to her feet. Botelho continued to outstrike Calvillo on the feet, and then Calvillo took her down again with 2 minutes left in the opening round. Calvillo spent he rest of the round chipping away with some sort punches on the ground, and then she slapped on a rear-naked choke, from sort of a side turtle position, finishing the fight by submission late in the first round. That was a solid win for Calvillo, especially after missing weight, and nearly dying on the scales yesterday.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded a few strikes, Vera locked Cannetti into a tight Thai clinch, he hammered him with a series of knees, Cannetti fell down, tried to secure an armbar, Vera picked him up, Cannetti reset, rocked Vera with some punches, and then threw him to the ground. Vera was clearly rocked, and was having trouble getting back to his feet. They eventually stood back up, and Cannetti unloaded with some wild punches and kicks, as Vera was still trying to regain his composure. They clinched again, and Cannetti took down Vera again. The round ended with Cannetti standing above Vera, just staring at him, stalling as the clock ran out. Round one goes to Cannetti.
     Vera started the second round with a flying knee, he followed that up with a series of knees from the clinch, he dropped Cannetti, went for a guillotine choke, Cannetti slipped out, reset, Vera continued to unload with brutal boxing, mixing in some heavy knees, Cannetti's face was getting all fucked up, the referee nearly stopped the fight standing, Vera threw Cannetti down, mounted him, beat the shit out of him, took his back, and finished him with a rear-naked choke. The first round was a good round for Cannetti, but Vera fucked his shit up in the second round.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Ferreira scored a quick takedown a minute into the round. Heinisch scrambled back to his feet, but Ferreira continued to press him against the fence. They reset, traded a few more strikes, Ferreira pressed Heinisch against the fence again, Heinisch pulled guard with a guillotine attempt, and Ferreira just let him hang onto it, as I think Ferreira was trying to burn out Heinisch's arms. Ferreira eventually wrestled his way into top control, Heinisch threw up an armbar attempt with 30 seconds left in the round, and Ferreira wrestled his way out of that as well. Round one PROBABLY goes to Heinisch based on his submission attempts? But Ferreira did a good job staying on top for the most part, so... That was a close round.
     The second round started with Ferreira scoring another takedown. Heinisch tried to setup a Kimura, couldn't get it, and then they reset back on their feet 90 seconds into the round. They traded some strikes, and then Ferreira scored another quick takedown. They reset back on their feet with 2 minutes left in the round. Not a lot was happening, the crowd was getting restless, and then Heinisch dropped Ferreira in the final seconds of the round. I'm assuming Heinisch is ahead 20-18 going into the final round? But I don't know, I wouldn't argue with a 20-18 scorecard in favor of Ferreira either. I have no idea what the score is going into the third.
     Ferreira went right back to digging for takedowns against the fence to start the third round. Heinisch broke free and opened up with a wild combination halfway through the round, and it looked like he wobbled Ferreira, before taking him to the ground. They stood up with 90 seconds left in the round, it LOOKED like Heinisch should be able to finish the fight with strikes, but he let Ferreira clinch again, which slowed everything down enough for Ferreira to recover. After the first two rounds, I thought the fight was close, but I'll be shocked if Heinisch doesn't win after his performance in the third round. All 3 judges agreed, giving Heinisch the unanimous decision victory. Both fighters showed low fight IQ and mediocre cardio in this fight.
(Elbow & Punches)
      Rountree started the opening round with a pair of solid leg kicks, Walker was taunting him quite a bit, he then clinched, and blasted Rountree with a brutal elbow from the clinch, Rountree hit the ground like a sack of bricks, Walker mounted him, blasted him again, and it was clear Rountree was unconscious. Johnny Walker is a scary dude, with brutal striking, and he's really tall for 205. I'm definitely interested in seeing where he goes from here.
      Lamas caught an awkward kick, and then threw Elkins to the ground to start the first round, but he popped back up almost immediately. Elkins then started grinding Lamas against the fence in the clinch. They traded some random strikes, and then after a brief scramble, Elkins sort of took Lamas's back in a turtle position, but Lamas was able to get back to his feet, only to get slammed, and Elkins took his back again. Round one goes to Elkins for finishing strong.
     Lamas scored a takedown early in the second round, but Elkins did a great job getting back to his feet quickly. Elkins caught a kick and took down Lamas 2 minutes into the round. Lamas reversed him, opened up Elkins with a hammerfist, and then they stood back up. Lamas threw some low leg kicks that hurt Elkins, causing him to limp around, but Elkins was able to recover just enough to clinch, and press Lamas against the fence to finish out the round. Round two goes to Lamas, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     I thought Elkins was winning the striking exchanges in the third round, and then Lamas took him down with 2 minutes left in the round, and blasted Elkins with a big elbow on the ground. Lamas continued to unload with some big shots on the ground, and he eventually forced the referee to stop the fight as Elkins was a bloody mess, but Elkins was pissed that the referee stopped the fight. That's the first time Elkins has been finished since his fight against Chad Mendes 5+ years ago. This is a big win for Ricardo Lamas.
      Magny spent the first round circling around the outside, with his back against the fence, while Ponzinibbio beat him up with combinations, and pressured him for the duration of the round. Ponzinibbio nearly finished Magny in the final seconds of the round, but Magny was saved by the bell. Round one clearly goes to Ponzinibbio.
     Ponzinibbio dropped Magny with a leg kick 45 seconds into the second round. He dropped him again with another leg kick 90 seconds into the round. The doctor had to check Ponzinibbio's eye, because it was cut open by a headbutt. When the fight started back up, he dropped Magny again, and kicked his legs a few times on the ground before letting him back up. Ponzinibbio is clearly ahead 20-18 going into the third round.
     The third round was more of the same, with Ponzinibbio beating up Magny, chopping away at his leg, causing Magny to hobble around, while Ponzinibbio was also picking him apart with combinations. Ponzinibbio is running away with this fight on the scorecards.
     Ponzinibbio continued to drop Magny with leg kicks, over and over again in the fourth round, the referee warned Magny that he needed to fight back, so he tried, and then Ponzinibbio knocked him the fuck out. That was a fantastic performance for Santiago Ponzinibbio.