100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Matt Mitrione - 94.1
2. Alan Belcher - 93.1
3. Michael Guymon - 92.2
4. Mauricio Rua - 92.0
5. Johny Hendricks - 91.7
6. Marcus Davis - 91.1
7. Joey Beltran - 91.1
8. Patrick Cote - 90.9
9. Josh Koscheck - 90.3
10. Jeremy Stephens - 90.3
UFC 113: Machida vs. Shogun 2
Location: Quebec, Canada
Elevation: 322'
-Fight of the Night-
Alan Belcher vs. Patrick Cote
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.3
(Leg Injury)
     This fight was fucked up. The only noteworthy things were, Jason MacDonald landed a hard shin kick to the head of Salter, but Salter countered with a takedown, that literally broke MacDonald's leg in half, pretty much ending his career. Fucked up way to go out, for a dude that I thought had all the potential in the world.
      Well that was pretty much a massacre. In all 3 rounds, Guymon was able to take Yoshida to the ground, and smash his face in with punches & elbows, pretty much dominating the entire fight. I thought Yoshida was making a comeback in the third round, when he got the top position for a minute or so, but Guymon swung it around and got back on top, and finished that round in brutal fashion as well, with some more hard elbows smashing Yoshida's face against the cage. Good fight overall, and a really emotional win for Guymon.
      As usual, Joey Beltran is a scrappy dude, and he brought the fight to Hague in all 3 rounds, winning at least the first 2 rounds on my scorecard. Hague got on top in the third round, and laid down some nice ground & pound with his fists, which I thought could potentially finish the fight, but somehow Beltran escaped, and at least tied that round, if not maybe even winning all 3 rounds. So yeah, Beltran kicked some ass in this fight, and Hague put up a fight, but he was kind of defeated by his poor cardio.
      This was a pretty decent 3 round war, with both guys going at it pretty hard. Some might say that Grant won this fight, but unfortunately, he kicked Hendricks in the balls multiple times, and had a point taken away because of it. After they continued to scrap for all 3 rounds, in the end, the judges gave the fight to Hendricks via majority decision, and I agree with that decision. It has to suck losing a fight because you kicked someone in the balls, but it can't be MUCH better for the guy that got the win, by getting kicked in the nuts.
      Jonathan Goulet still fights in the UFC? That always seems weird to me, since the only memories I have of him, are watching him fall to the floor after being on the receiving end of brutal knockouts. Well, here we are again, the first round was competitive enough, but Davis knocked Goulet the fuck out early in the second round. So yeah, whatever...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Eh, this fight was ok. Tom Lawlor was kicking some ass in the first round, and they were both going a little wild, and by the end of the first round, they both looked like they were ready for bed. The second round started, they went at it, Lawlor went for a weird takedown, Doerksen hopped on his back, locked on a quick rear-naked choke, and Lawlor was forced to submit. Decent fight, just don't really care much about either guy yet.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty great fight. The first round consisted of Alan Belcher throwing HUGE kicks to the body of Cote, and Cote trying to counter with some decent boxing skills. Cote was able to take Belcher to the ground, and almost locked on a kimura, but Belcher escaped and finished the round on top, almost locking on an arm-triangle choke. The second round was basically all Belcher, as he delivered a piledriver to Cote, and followed it up immediately with a rear-naked choke. Belcher looks hungry, and he called out Anderson Silva... Hmmmmmm... Interesting...
      Damn! This was a pretty crazy fight. All I remember is, the first round consisted of Kimbo picking up Mitrione, and slamming him repeatedly, big powerbombs & shit, going crazy, but Mitrione eventually just picked apart Kimbo, and Kimbo basically fell asleep by the end of the first round. The second round was embarrassing for Kimbo, as Mitrione just pounded away on him. Kimbo literally looked like a punching bag, laying on the ground for the entire second round, while Mitrione just laughed at his lack of cardio. So yeah, Mitrione destroyed Kimbo, and the referee had to eventually stop the fight before Kimbo was killed.
      You'll never guess what just happened! Sam Stout went all 3 rounds, to a decision, again!!! I gave the first round to Jeremy Stephens, he was kicking some ass in that first round. The second round was harder to judge, but I gave it slightly to Sam Stout. The third round was pretty back & forth, but Stout buckled Stephens with a leg kick, and basically kicked his ass for a minute or so, so in the end, I gave the third round to Stout as well. OVERALL, I scored the fight a draw, but if we used the unified rules "scorecard" or whatever, then I guess I gave the fight to Stout, 29-28. Unfortunately for my scorecard, Stephens wins via unanimous decision. On the plus side, I actually like Stephens more, so I was cool with him winning... but yeah... how about we finish a fight for once, Mr. Stout!?!
      What the fuck was that? This fight was a disaster. Josh Koscheck took Daley down in every round, slammed him, threw him across the octagon, etc... Basically, Koscheck wins. The more interesting shit though, is all of the illegal action going on. Daley threw an OBVIOUSLY intentional knee to Koscheck's head while Koscheck was CLEARLY on the ground in the first round (and missed), Koscheck dramatically acted like he was going to die, HE DIDN'T EVEN GET HIT WITH THE FUCKING KNEE, but still, that was fucked up for Daley to even throw that. Top top it off, after the third round ended, and both fighters were supposed to walk back to their corners, Daley threw the most blatant sucker punch I've ever seen in MMA (about 10 seconds AFTER the bell) so there is no way he can even act like he didn't realize the fight was over or whatever. This fight was fucking ridiculous. *throws papers up in the air and walks out of room*
      Well, can't really complain about a title fight, where somebody gets knocked out, so we have a definitive winner... YAY! But yeah, Lyoto Machida looked like he was taking a nap the entire fight, and Shogun picked away at him, until eventually Machida just laid down and fell asleep. Good show by Shogun I guess, but I'm not real happy with the idea that either of these guys is the champion. So yeah, who's next?