100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Cyrille Diabate - 93.8
2. Ryan Jensen - 93.7
3. Melvin Guillard - 92.6
4. Luiz Cane - 91.3
5. Jesse Forbes - 91.2
6. Dong Hyun Kim - 91.0
7. John Hathaway - 91.0
8. Rashad Evans - 90.7
9. Jason Brilz - 90.3
10. Waylon Lowe - 90.2
UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Ryan Jensen vs. Jesse Forbes
Fighters & Matches 89.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.3
(Guillotine Choke)
     This was a pretty amazing fight. Forbes landed a big punch, knocked Jensen on his ass, I mean HE COLLAPSED, and Forbes capitalized on it by jumping on him on the ground, he grabbed his back, locked on the rear-naked choke, SOMEHOW Jensen escaped, and literally 5 seconds later, finished the fight with a guillotine choke. Super fast fight, extremely exciting, and insane comeback for Ryan Jensen!
      This was a pretty basic fight for the most part. Aaron Riley clearly won all 3 rounds, by just landing more punches, and being more aggressive in general. It was kind of a boring fight though, mostly because neither guy ever really seemed in danger of being stopped at all. I've only seen Brammer fight once, and he got choked out in under 4 minutes by Mark Bocek, and I didn't care about him then, and I don't care about him now. So yeah, good win for Riley I guess, even though beating a guy that is barely even ranked in the Top 100 in the weight class, isn't that impressive of a feat.
      Oh man! This is the second FAST comeback of the night so far. Luiz Cane nearly knocked out Diabate in the first minute of the fight, rocking him HARD, knocking him to the ground, and following it up to finish, but Diabate magically got back to his feet, and was able to then knock Cane to the ground with some crisp punches, which made Cane look like he was knocked out. The referee stopped it, and Cane looked like he thought maybe it was a little early, but either way, Diabate was about to crush him, so yeah, really awesome comeback & UFC debut by Cyrille Diabate.
(Knee to the Body)
      This fight was pretty cool. Lowe had a lot of heart, and spent the entire fight trying to takedown Guillard, and he was doing a pretty solid job. Guillard was able to throw a huge flying knee to the chest of Lowe though, blasting his heart out of his back like a shotgun, and the fight was stopped after Lowe collapsed. Excellent first round finish by Melvin Guillard.
      This fight was a little boring to me. Escudero clearly won this fight, all 3 rounds, with his punches, his ability to control the fight from the clinch by the cage, and overall, he just outworked Lauzon. Dan Lauzon didn't really do anything to impress me in this fight at all, and that's probably why he got cut from the UFC after this fight. Good solid performance by Escudero though. Escudero lost a point in the third round for kicking Lauzon in the balls with his toe, but ultimately, that has no impact on the score of the fight, considering the fact that Escudero was so far ahead on the scorecards already.
      The moral of this story is, Amir Sadollah was completely outclassed by the grappling skills of Dong Hyun Kim. Kim took him down at will, completely controlled him on the ground, won all 3 rounds via the scorecards, and just ultimately made Sadollah look like he didn't belong in the same cage with Kim. Sadollah still put up a tough fight, as Kim wasn't able to finish him, but yeah, this was a pretty easy fight to score, 30-27, for Kim.
      Diego just isn't able to find a good weight class for himself, is he? He makes his triumphant return to 170 tonight, or so he thought, until John Hathaway basically beat his ass for 3 rounds. It was a competitive fight, but Diego never looked like he was into this fight at all, and Hathaway never looked like he was in danger at all. Diego needs to get his mind right.
      Well, I'm not sure how that happened. This was a pretty close fight, the first round was extremely close, but I gave it SLIGHTLY to Brilz, the second round was 100% Brilz, and the third round, I THOUGHT I was going to give it to Brilz, but I ended up giving that one to Nogueira, after he really did some cool grappling near the end of that round. Overall though, this fight should have gone to Jason Brilz in my opinion. The crowd apparently agreed with me, because after they said Nogueira won via split-decision, the crowd turned into an ocean of "BOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
      Joe Rogan must have been smoking something, as he exploded at the end of the fight, talking about how this was the best knockout in the history of the sport, etc... That's a bit of an overstatement, but it was still a pretty good comeback. Todd Duffee beat the shit out of Russow in the first round, got tired in the second round (but still won that round), and then the third round started, and Russow punched him in the face, and Duffee fell backwards like an unstable wall of bricks. So, yeah... Good comeback from Russow, and he has a HELL of a chin, but Duffee needs to work on his cardio, A LOT.
      This was basically a 3 round boxing match. Dan Miller talked a lot of shit going into the fight, about how Bisping has "never fought a fighter with his wrestling & submission skills", and he only took Bisping down once in the third round. Other than that, Bisping basically outboxed him for the entire 3 round fight, so I gave the fight to Bisping, and all 3 judges agreed.
      For a high profile main event, this was kind of disappointing. Rampage Jackson definitely came across like a movie star (meaning, lacked proper training & cardio) since his movie "The A-Team" was close to being released. Evans on the other hand, seemed to know that he wouldn't be in any real trouble, so he kind of coasted along, controlling the fight with a series of takedowns, and some decent striking. I gave all 3 rounds to Rashad Evans, even though I BADLY wanted Rampage to win this fight, but he just didn't do anything until the third round, at which point, it was too late.