100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Max Holloway - 95.2
2. Thiago Santos - 94.7
3. Gunnar Nelson - 93.3
4. Aleksandar Rakic - 92.8
5. Carlos Diego Ferreira - 92.6
6. Gilbert Burns - 92.3
7. Brad Katona - 92.0
8. Brian Ortega - 92.0
9. Valentina Shevchenko - 91.8
10. Hakeem Dawodu - 91.7
UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega
Location: Ontario, Canada
Elevation: 1,000'
-Fight of the Night-
Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega
Fighters & Matches 90.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.8
TOTAL 91.7
     Rakic threw a body kick, Clark immediately blasted him with a big right hand, knocking Rakic to the ground, and then Clark grabbed him and pressed him against the fence as Rakic worked his way back to his feet. They reset 30 seconds into the opening round. They continued to trade some solid strikes, and then Clark rushed forward and dropped Rakic, but I think Rakic mostly just lost his footing. Rakic worked his way back to his feet, and Clark unloaded on him with a series of 10+ illegal knees to the head, but the referee just watched and applauded basically. They eventually split up, Rakic landed a few hard leg kicks, Clark randomly rushed forward and landed face first, Rakic jumped on him, unloaded with some big punches, and the fight was stopped. That was a fantastic win for Aleksandar Rakic, after dealing with some heavy adversity early in the first round. That was a fun fight to watch, with both guys putting on a good show.
      The first round started with both guys trading strikes, and Nelson hurt Ferreira in the first minute of the opening round with a series of punches and kicks to the body. Ferreira tried to pull guard, but Nelson just punched him, stood back up, and told him to stand with him. Ferreira was slow to get back to his feet. They both started unloading on each other with big winging shots, and then Ferreira scored a takedown halfway through the round, and pinned Nelson against the fence. It looked like Nelson was clearly experiencing an adrenaline dump. Ferreira tried to crank on a Kimura from half mount. Nelson was able to escape, but Ferreira switched to dropping punches & elbows, he chopped up Nelson's head, mounted him, destroyed him enough to steal the round, and Nelson was barely saved by the bell. Round one goes to Ferreira.
     Ferreira started the second round with a quick takedown, quickly securing side control. He quickly passed to full mount, unloaded with some big punches, Nelson just covered up and laid there, so the referee stopped the fight. That was a good win for Ferreira, even though Nelson was making his short notice UFC debut.
      Laprise started this fight by chipping away with some slick boxing, some heavy leg kicks, and a lot of pressure, Lima's back was against the fence for most of the fight, and then Lima landed ONE significant left hand, that knocked Laprise the fuck out. That was a fantastic finish by Dhiego Lima, ending his 3-Fight losing streak, with a win over a heavy favorite.
      These guys both landed some big punches & kicks in the first round, with Katona landing a couple of head kicks, and Lopez blasted him with some heavy right hooks. Lopez took down Katona at the end of the round, and Katona finished the round with a series of hard elbows on the ground, from his guard. Even though Lopez scored the takedown, Katona did 100% of the damage on the ground, so I'm giving that first round to Katona.
     Katona threw a few strikes to start the second round, Lopez caught a kick, took him down, and Katona quickly worked his way back to his feet. They continued to trade some slick combinations, Lopez took down Katona again, and Katona quickly worked his way back to his feet before anything happened on the ground. Lopez slowed down significantly halfway through the second round, and Katona was able to pick him apart for most of the round. I have Katona ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but it could easily be all tied up.
     The final round was another solid round of boxing, with both guys landing some solid shots, I thought Katona was winning the round based mostly on being aggressive, and then he finished the round with a wild scramble where he put Lopez to sleep with a wild rear-naked choke where he had Lopez's arm trapped between his legs. Lopez was somehow saved by the bell though. The referee should have called it a stoppage, but he let it go to the judges. Fortunately, all 3 judges scored the fight for Brad Katona.
      The first round had Theodorou doing his typical "side to side" movement around the outside of the cage, while he threw slapping kicks & punches at Anders. Anders tried to land some big shots, but Theodorou did an excellent job of avoiding damage, and when they'd clinch, Theodorou would land shots, and Anders still looked lost, like he couldn't predict where Theodorou was going to go next. Round one goes to Elias Theodorou.
     The second round looked like more of the same, with Theodorou working his awkward footwork, and awkward striking, and then Anders rocked him with 2 minutes left in the round, Theodorou started to lose his balance, Anders tried to finish him off, and Theodorou was STILL doing a good job moving around, just enough to stay alive. Round two goes to Anders, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The last round was a close round of back & forth striking, with both guys looking sloppy, Anders was still trying to find something powerful, and Theodorou was just blindly whipping random shit out into whatever direction he happened to be facing while spinning around in circles, clearly exhausted. I'm scoring this fight 29-28 for Anders, but it really could go either way. I have no idea what to expect here. The judges were split, with two judges giving the hard fought split-decision to Elias Theodorou.
      The first round was a pretty decent kickboxing match, with both girls landing a few solid shots, with Chookagian showing solid footwork, and some nice counters, and Eye was moving forward more, and winging shots, but she didn't look as crisp as Chookagian. That was a close round, but I'm scoring it slightly in favor of Chookagian.
     The second round was another solid round of back & forth striking, with Eye still looking aggressive, constantly moving forward, while Chookagian continued to use her footwork to avoid a lot of the shots, while working her counters. This fight is really close, and could be up in the air going into the final round. I'm still leaning in favor of Chookagian, but Eye could just as easily be ahead 20-18 going into the final round, so they should both try to step it up a few notches in the final round to put a stamp on the fight.
     Chookagian got rocked a minute into the final round, Eye went in for the kill, got sloppy, they both sort of fell down, and Chookagian kind of took Eye's back, and punched her a few times, while Eye continued to drive Chookagian against the fence. They stood back up 2 minutes into the round, with Eye still pressing Chookagian against the fence. They eventually split up, continued to unload on each other with big strikes, and in my opinion, Chookagian pretty clearly won that third round. I'm scoring this fight 29-28 for Chookagian, but I'm expecting a split-decision. Two judges disagreed with me, giving the split-decision victory to Jessica Eye.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Burns dumped Mercier to the ground, and wrestled the shit out of him for a little while, until Mercier was able to get back to his feet. Burns then dropped him, pounded on him with some massive punches, nearly finished Mercier with some brutal ground & pound, and then he took his back, locked on the body triangle, and tried to set him up for an armbar from back control, but Mercier was able to roll out of it at the end of the round. Round one clearly goes to Gilbert Burns, as he nearly killed Mercier. You could argue that was a 10-8 round for Burns, as he nearly finished Mercier a couple of times.
     Burns started the second round with a hard body kick, and then Mercier unloaded on him with some slick boxing combinations, while mixing in some solid head movement. The second round was a lot closer than the first round, it took place entirely on the feet, and I thought Mercier was able to land more strikes, so I scored the second round for Mercier. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round, but with a takedown in the final 10 seconds, you could make an argument that Burns is ahead 20-17 going into the final round. Mercier really needs to make something happen in the final round, and stay off the ground, if he wants any shot of winning this fight.
     They traded a few strikes in the final round, and then Burns scored another takedown, and started grinding the shit out of Mercier while pinning him near the fence. Burns absolutely dominated Mercier in this fight for 10+ minutes. Mercier finally stood back up with 20 seconds left in the fight, and they started brawling, but it was too little too late. Burns wins the clear cut unanimous decision victory.
      Gadelha blasted Ansaroff with some big punches to start the first round, and then she clinched and whipped her to the ground 90 seconds into the round. Gadelha did some damage on the ground, and then Ansaroff worked her way back to her feet with 2 minutes left in the round. They traded strikes at a fairly even pace for the rest of the round. Round one goes to Gadelha based mostly on the ground work and some big shots early in the round.
     Ansaroff looked a lot better in the second round, as she was able to work her striking to score some points early on, but Gadelha dumped her to the ground again with 90 seconds left in the round, and controlled her on the ground for the rest of the round. I have Gadelha ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but the second round was close.
     The final round was basically a striking match, with Ansaroff picking apart Gadelha. Gadelha tried to work some takedowns, but failed repeatedly, and she just wasn't able to hang with Ansaroff on the feet at all. In the end, all 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Nina Ansaroff.
      Santos dropped Manuwa almost immediately with some big punches, Manuwa stood back up, Santos dropped him again, grabbed a guillotine choke, they rolled around for a few seconds, Santos rocked Manuwa again, and then Manuwa tried to create some distance to work some offense, but he was still having a hard time finding his footing a minute into the opening round. It looked like Manuwa rocked Santos with a hard jab, but Santos fired back with a pair of head kicks, followed by a takedown, but he wasn't able to hold Manuwa down. Manuwa rocked Santos with some big shots in the final 40 seconds of the round, and then Santos fired back with a tornado kick, but fell on his ass. Manuwa finished the round on top of Santos, but that first round should still go to Santos.
     They both came out unloading on each other early in the second round, they were both looking to kill each other, they both got rocked, and then Santos knocked out Manuwa in the first minute of the second round. That will more than likely be fight of the night, and you could argue it was fight of the year. That was an AMAZING 6 minutes of action, and a huge win for Thiago Santos, as he continues to look amazing at 205. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do to the rest of the division. You couldn't possibly start a PPV with a more exciting fight.
      Dawodu spent the first 4 minutes of the opening round chipping away at Bochniak with some fast punches, and huge leg kicks, and then Bochniak violently threw him to the ground with a minute left, Dawodu immediately popped back up, but Bochniak continued to grind him against the fence for 40 seconds or so, before Dawodu was able to create some distance and reset. Round one SHOULD go to Dawodu, as he controlled the striking for most of the round, and Bochniak wasn't able to do much on the ground with the one takedown he scored.
     The second round was another round of striking, with Dawodu picking apart Bochniak with his striking. Bochniak sort of scored a weird takedown after catching a kick early in the round, but Dawodu popped back up immediately, so it probably doesn't even count as a takedown. Dawodu should be ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Bochniak finally scored a decent takedown 2 minutes into the final round, and he tried to take his back, but Dawodu worked his way back to his feet a few seconds later. This was a pretty solid fight overall, but it was pretty clearly a one-sided striking match, to show off the skills of Dawodu, as Bochniak wasn't really able to show much of anything, other than a couple of takedowns, with zero ground control. I scored this fight 30-27 for Dawodu, two judges agreed, and one for some random reason scored it 29-28 for Bochniak. At least Dawodu won the split-decision, but I have no idea how that could possibly have been split.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Oliveira threw a hard leg kick, and then Nelson rushed forward awkwardly, pressed Oliveira against the fence, Oliveira blasted him with some elbows to the back of the head, and then Nelson took down Oliveira, took his back, locked on the body triangle, and Oliveira powered his way out of it, secured top control, and smashed Nelson with some BRUTAL ground & pound. Nelson was throwing his legs around to try to find some submissions from his back, but Oliveira's ground & pound was fucking BRUTAL. Nelson attempted to setup a heel hook at the end of the round, but it was too little too late. Round one goes to Oliveira.
     Oliveira beat up Nelson in the clinch for a couple of minutes to start the second round, and then Nelson took him down, landed in full mount, and started chipping away with short punches. Nelson spent a couple of minutes just sitting on Oliveira, and then he finally blasted him with a hard elbow, and he opened a massive hole in Oliveira's head, Oliveira panicked, gave up his back, and Nelson won with the quick rear-naked choke. That was a nice win for Gunnar Nelson after a 17 month vacation. His top control is ridiculous.
      They threw a few light strikes, and then Shevchenko clinched and threw Jedrzejczyk to the ground a minute into the opening round, quickly securing side control. Shevchenko tried to work some strikes from a mounted crucifix position, but Jedrzejczyk quickly scrambled back to her feet 2 minutes into the round. Shevchenko stayed stuck to Jedrzejczyk like glue, while pressuring her against the fence for a while. Shevchenko tried to trip her a few times, but Jedrzejczyk did a fantastic job staying on her feet. Jedrzejczyk eventually created some distance, threw a few jabs, and then Shevchenko blasted her with a brutal spinning back kick to the body, but Jedrzejczyk didn't seem too phased by it. Round one clearly goes to Shevchenko based on her pressure and strength, but Jedrzejczyk definitely kept active, and stayed in the fight.
     Jedrzejczyk controlled the center of the cage to start the second round, and she was moving forward for most of the round, while Shevchenko was mostly looking to counter. Shevchenko then caught a kick with 90 seconds left in the round, and dumped Jedrzejczyk to the ground, and secured side control again. Shevchenko worked some basic ground & pound, while controlling Jedrzejczyk on the ground, securing another round for Shevchenko.
     Shevchenko landed some big heavy strikes in the third round, including another spinning back kick to the body, but for the most part, Jedrzejczyk was moving forward the entire time, and seemed more active with her offense. Shevchenko is clearly winning this fight by being the bigger stronger fighter, but I would make an argument that Jedrzejczyk won the third round based on her offense.
     Jedrzejczyk continued to beat up Shevchenko in the fourth round, and then Shevchenko caught another kick, and threw Jedrzejczyk to the ground again 90 seconds into the round, landing in side control again. Jedrzejczyk powered her way back to her feet halfway through the round. They continued to battle in the clinch for a while, with Shevchenko controlling the clinch with her power, but Jedrzejczyk was throwing a lot more knees. Shevchenko is more than likely winning this fight, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say this fight is all tied up going into the final round.
     Jedrzejczyk continued to attack in the fifth round, but Shevchenko was able to control her in the clinch for a while, basically just stalling. Jedrzejczyk continued to chip away with short punches inside the clinch, and then the referee reset them. Jedrzejczyk continued to beat up Shevchenko with her striking, as Shevchenko was slowing down significantly. I think most people would give this fight to Shevchenko, MAYBE all 5 rounds, but I'm going to score it 48-47 for Jedrzejczyk, and hope for a split-decision. All 3 judges scored the fight 49-46 for Valentina Shevchenko, the new UFC Women's Flyweight Champion.
      These guys started the first round by chipping away with some random punches, Ortega shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, and Holloway quickly stood back up, basically stuffing the shot. They both landed some solid shots in that round, but Holloway looked like he was in control for the most part, so I'm assuming Holloway won the first round.
      Holloway continued to chop up the nose of Ortega in the second round, with some slick boxing, as Ortega was barely able to connect with anything, and Holloway looked like he was just toying with Ortega. Ortega was still firing some big shots, but Holloway is on another level when it comes to technical striking, and Ortega hasn't had any success at all with bringing the fight to the ground. Holloway is ahead 20-18 going into the third round.
      Ortega rocked the shit out of Holloway a minute into the third round, and then he picked him up, dumped him to the ground, almost took his back, but Holloway was able to scramble back to his feet and reset. They both did a ton of damage in the third round, basically brawling with each other, so just to keep things interesting, I'm giving that round to Ortega, and have this fight scored at 29-28 for Holloway going into the fourth round.
      Holloway came out strong in the fourth round again, and started toying with Ortega with his boxing, Ortega continued to fire back with wild bombs, but he was clearly running out of gas, and Holloway seemed like he refilled his tank between rounds. Holloway nearly finished Ortega multiple times in the fourth round, but Ortega refused to quit. That was a 10-8 round for Holloway, MAYBE even 10-7. I'll be surprised if he comes out for the final round. Ortega wasn't able to continue, as his left eye was completely swollen shut. That was an amazing fight, and a HUGE victory for Max Holloway, as he's officially cleared out the division, and continues his 13-Fight winning streak.