100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Jiri Prochazka - 93.4
2. Ayaka Hamasaki - 92.4
3. Yuki Motoya - 92.3
4. Johnny Case - 92.1
5. Floyd Mayweather - 92.0
6. Kazuyuki Miyata - 92.0
7. Kyoji Horiguchi - 91.8
8. Gabi Garcia - 91.4
9. Tofiq Musayev - 91.4
10. Yuta Sasaki - 91.3
Rizin FF 14
Location: Saitama, Japan
Elevation: 52'
-Fight of the Night-
Jiri Prochazka vs. Brandon Halsey
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 90.6
     The first round was sort of a slow paced kickboxing match, without much action, but Musayev finished strong, hitting Osawa with some big shots, and then he took him down and smashed him on the ground. Round one goes to Musayev. The second round had Musayev scoring an early takedown, he unloaded with some brutal ground & pound, and the fight was stopped around the 90 second mark of the second round. That was a good performance by Tofiq Musayev.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These girls both came out scrapping at a decent pace, and they both landed some solid shots. Auclair took down Haba halfway through the round, and Haba almost immediately threw up a triangle, switched to an armbar, and cranked. It looked tight, but Auclair did a good job staying calm. Haba gave that up with 90 seconds left in the round, and she started working on a toe hold. Auclair kicked her in the face a few times, and then scrambled to take Haba's back. Round one goes to Haba for her submission attempts.
     Haba attempted an early armbar in the second round, and then ended up taking Auclair's back. She punched her a few times, and then started digging for a rear-naked choke with 90 seconds left in the round. That was a fantastic MMA debut for Justyna Zofia Haba.
      These guys both came out swinging, they both landed some solid shots, but Kape's boxing looked really clean, so he was able to clip Sasaki's chin a few times with some clean counters. Sasaki shot for a takedown 90 seconds into the opening round, but Kape stuffed the shot against the ropes. Sasaki finally got him to the ground, but Kape popped back up immediately. That was a close round with Kape probably winning the striking exchanges, and Sasaki winning the wrestling. Sasaki finished the round with a rear-naked choke attempt, but Kape escaped and swept him in the final seconds, so I really have no idea who won the first round.
     Sasaki ducked under a punch and scored a takedown a minute into the second round. Sasaki threw a lot of short punches, but he wasn't doing much damage. He was pretty much dominating Kape with his wrestling in the second round though. He secured a mounted crucifix with 2 minutes left in the round, and unloaded with some short punches & elbows, Kape wasn't really able to defend himself, but it also didn't seem like the strikes were hurting him at all. He was absorbing a LOT of shots though. Sasaki mounted him with a minute left in the round, and then took his back. He locked on a rear-naked choke, but he couldn't quite get under his chin. Sasaki threw some more punches, went for a choke again, and then finished the round with a series of hard punches. The first round was close, but the second round was a 10-8 round for Sasaki.
     The second round was more of the same, with Kape landing some solid shots, but once Sasaki took him down, he pretty much dominated him on the ground with his wrestling, leading to what should be a 30-27 decision for Sasaki in my opinion. All 3 judges agreed, giving Sasaki the hard fought unanimous decision victory in his Rizin debut.
(Teepee Choke)
      Scoggins started this fight with some nice punches and a lot of nice kicks. Motoya clipped him with a decent punch, and then Scoggins took him down 2 minutes into the round. Motoya almost immediately threw up a triangle choke, slowly locked it on tighter, he switched it to a teepee choke and eventually Scoggins was forced to submit. That was a huge win for Yuki Motoya.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Case rocked Yachi early in the first round, and then took him down 30 seconds into the round. Case wasn't able to make much of anything happen on the ground. They stood back up halfway through the round, and reset. They both threw some heavy punches, and Yachi rocked Case with a huge right hand, but Case immediately clinched to try to buy himself some time to recover. They both got rocked multiple times in that round. I'm not really sure who won the first round.
     They traded some strikes to start the second round, and then Case scored another takedown a minute into the round, pinning Yachi in the center of the ring. They eventually stood back up, continued to trade strikes, and Case caused Yachi's right eye to explode (it was swelling between rounds). The doctor stopped the fight, and Case makes his successful Rizin debut.
      Miyata came flying out with a knee to start the fight, but Yamamoto quickly took him down and pinned him in the center of the ring. Miyata threw up a triangle attempt, and Yamamoto tried to slam his way out of it. Miyata threw up another triangle attempt, and Yamamoto slammed his way out of it again. It happened a third time, and then Miyata switched to a Kimura attempt, which looked tight, but Yamamoto did a good job rolling out of it, and then they reset back on their feet with 40 seconds left in the round. That was an interesting round, and I'm giving it to Miyata for all of those submissions attempts, especially that last Kimura.
     Yamamoto beat up Miyata in the second round with some big shots, and took him down again early in the round. Miyata trapped Yamamoto's arm behind his back, grabbed his wrist, and then cranked with a really bizarre setup for a Hammerlock, and Yamamoto was forced to submit. That was a great win for Kazuyuki Miyata. Miyata retired after the fight.
      Yamamoto took down Nagano in the first round, and beat her up on the ground. She took her down again in the second round, and beat her up on the ground, until the referee reset them with 90 seconds left in the round. Yamamoto scored another takedown to finish the round. I have Yamamoto ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Nagano shot for some terrible takedowns in this fight, and Yamamoto was able to easily stuff her shots, and then she beat her up on the ground. She landed some big knees in the final round, and continued to destroy Nagano with punches & elbows to the body on the ground. Nagano tried to setup a submission from her guard late in the final round, but never came very close to making anything happen. This should be a clear decision for Yamamoto. All 3 judges agreed, giving Yamamoto the unanimous decision victory.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Cruickshank came out throwing fast combinations of punches & kicks, and it looked like her hurt Brown a minute into the round, but he decided to randomly clinch, which gave Brown some time to recover while Cruickshank kept him pressed against the corner. When they eventually split up, Cruickshank dropped Brown with a pair of leg kicks. Cruickshank continued to beat up Brown with a slick variety of strikes, including some nice elbows, and then he took him down with a minute left in the round, showing that terrible fight IQ, and Brown caught him in a guillotine choke, and forced the submission with less than a minute remaining in a round he was losing. Congrats to Damien Brown for a solid win as he makes his Rizin debut.
      Garcia came out swinging with her chin high up in the air, and Nepomuceno fired back with a few solid shots of her own. Garcia clinched a minute into the round, and pressed Nepomuceno into the corner. Garcia took down Nepomuceno 90 seconds into the round, and pinned her with side control. She cranked on a keylock, and finished the fight by submission halfway through the opening round. Shinobu Kandori then jumped into the ring and started screaming, because Garcia missed weight by 27 pouinds when they were supposed to fight a year ago, so the fight was cancelled. I really don't want to see them fight though, because I think Kandori is 54 years old now, which is fucking stupid, for someone that is trying to start a fight with a monster.
      Halsey immediately shot for a single leg, he took down Prochazka, took his back, and started punching him in the head. Prochazka's head was a bloody mess, Halsey was beating the shit out of him, and then he locked on a tight mounted guillotine choke, and nearly put Prochazka to sleep. I have NO IDEA how Prochazka was able to survive that, but yeah, the first 3 minutes of this fight were 10-8 level minutes for Halsey. Prochazka scrambled back to his feet, and Halsey fell into the ropes and tied up his own leg like a pretzel, so they had to help him untie himself so they could continue the fight. Halsey tried to take down Prochazka again, and this time, he threw himself through the ropes again, and hurt his back on the way down. Halsey started strong, but after falling through the ropes twice, he started to look like a joke.
     When the fight started back up, Prochazka started to beat up Halsey with big punch combinations & knees, and Halsey ALMOST fell through the ropes for a third time. They both started scrambling for a takedown, Halsey took Prochazka's back, went for a rear-naked choke, Prochazka shook him off, and then unloaded with some big punches, while an exhausted Halsey flopped around on the ground for a few seconds, and then the referee stopped the fight because Halsey basically just decided to take a nap. That was another solid win for Prochazka.
      Hamasaki blasted Asakura with some fast punches, and then Asakura poked her in the eye, which brought the fight to a halt. After a lengthy timeout, the fight finally continued, and Hamasaki's right eye was red & swollen just 45 seconds into the opening round, due to the eye gouging. Hamasaki quickly threw Asakura to the ground, but Asakura was able to scramble back to her feet. Hamasaki continued to pick apart Asakura with her boxing, while Asakura was mostly just throwing single kicks. Hamasaki tried to throw Asakura with a minute left in the round, but Asakura sort of reversed the throw, threw some big punches, and then reset. Round one was competitive, but I'm giving it to Hamasaki, based on her more consistent boxing.
     They spent most of the second round boxing with each other, and then Asakura shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but Hamasaki was able to stuff the shot against the ropes, and then she tripped Asakura with 90 seconds left in the round, landing on top in side control. Hamasaki took her back with a slick transition, and then slapped on an armbar. Asakura tried to roll out of it, but Hamasaki kept it locked on with her expert grappling skills, and she finished the fight by submission with 27 seconds left in the second round. That's a big win for Hamasaki, the new Rizin Super Atomweight Champion or whatever.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Caldwell grabbed Horiguchi, almost threw him out of the ropes, so they reset them, and he yanked Horiguchi to the ground, trying to take his back in the process. Horiguchi turned into him, and tried to score a takedown of his own, but Caldwell cranked on a Kimura, ALMOST had it, and then Horiguchi rolled through the ropes, so the referee reset them. There wasn't a lot of action in the final 2 minutes, but Horiguchi blasted Caldwell with a massive front kick to the body that dropped him, but it didn't seem to hurt him at all. They reset, bounced around some more, Caldwell tripped Horiguchi, and he almost rolled out of the ropes again. I guess I would score the first round for Caldwell? It was a close round though, that could go either way.
     Caldwell threw some big punches to start the second round, and then took down Horiguchi again, but he couldn't hold him down at all. Caldwell took his back in the corner, but had trouble setting anything up so close to the ropes. Caldwell was grinding the shit out of Horiguchi though, pretty much dominating him with his wrestling, but he wasn't doing any damage, and neither fighter was working for any submissions or anything. I have Caldwell ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but I'm still not sure how the first round should be scored.
     Horiguchi dropped Caldwell with a left hook 45 seconds into the final round, and Caldwell immediately turned that into a takedown of his own, but found himself caught in a guillotine choke, and Caldwell tapped out somewhat quickly. That's the second loss of Caldwell's career, both by guillotine after he shot for takedowns. Congrats to Horiguchi for the huge win, as he takes out the Bellator Bantamweight Champion.
      These guys traded some awkward punches, and Mayweather dropped Nasukawa 90 seconds into the opening round, and then dropped him again 30 seconds later with some big punches. He dropped him again 15 seconds later, and Nasukawa's corner threw in the towel. Congrats to Mayweather for the KO victory, but I mean... That was lame as shit. I guess it's about what you'd expect from a Mayweather "3 round exhibition match" in Japan. It's also worth noting that Mayweather outweighed Nasukawa by a solid 10 pounds, not that it matters I guess.