100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Henry Cejudo - 93.9
2. Glover Teixeira - 93.2
3. Donald Cerrone - 92.8
4. Paige VanZant - 92.4
5. Alonzo Menifield - 92.0
6. Gregor Gillespie - 92.0
7. Cory Sandhagen - 91.9
8. Geoff Neal - 91.9
9. Chance Rencountre - 91.3
10. Joanne Calderwood - 91.3
UFC Fight Night 143: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Elevation: 59'
-Fight of the Night-
Henry Cejudo vs. T.J. Dillashaw
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 90.9
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     These guys both came out swinging, and then Stewart kicked Rencountre in the dick just a few seconds into the opening round. When the fight started back up, Rencountre clinched, and pressed Stewart against the fence. He eventually took his back, and slowly pulled him to the ground. He locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission halfway through the first round. That was a strong performance by Rencountre.
      The first minute of the opening round had both guys just staring at each other, and then Muhammad started working some leg kicks, while Neal tried to rush him with some punches. It was a somewhat uneventful round of trading random strikes with a lot of dead space between attacks. Neal landed the harder strikes, so the round one goes to Neal.
     Neal continued to destroy Muhammad with some hard short ranged punches to the face. Muhammad was trying to stay in the fight, but Neal is pretty clearly a level above Muhammad when it comes to effective striking skills. Muhammad almost scored a takedown 90 seconds into the round, but Neal immediately flowed through it and got back to his feet. Muhammad started to attack the body halfway through the round, and he had some success with that, but Neal was still punching Muhammad in the face a lot, leaving Muhammad's face a bloody mess. Muhammad shot for several takedowns, and Neal stuffed all of the shots, so I have Neal ahead 20-18 going into the final round. The second round was competitive, but Neal should be winning this fight.
     They continued to trade strikes in the final round, and then Neal dropped Muhammad 2 minutes into the round with a pair of hard punches, and then he pinned him near the fence, where he continued to beat him up for a few seconds, Muhammad stood back up, and Neal continued to move forward while throwing hard punches. Muhammad was moving forward too, Neal dropped him with a head kick with 90 seconds left in the fight, Muhammad somehow recovered, popped back up, and continued to wing wild strikes at Neal. That was a really good fight, that should be a clear 30-27 for Neal, but Muhammad put up a hell of a fight. All 3 judges agreed, giving Neal the hard fought unanimous decision victory.
      Edwards came out and blasted Bermudez with some big shots early in the first round, rocking him, forcing Bermudez to dig for takedowns, which Edwards was able to stuff over and over again. Bermudez finally scored a takedown with a minute left in the round and pinned Edwards near the fence. I was going to give the first round to Edwards for starting strong, but by the end of the second round, it became pretty clear that this fight was going to be all about Bermudez taking down Edwards, pinning him against the fence, and chipping away with short strikes while working to setup Kimuras. The third round was more of the same, and Bermudez went for a wild guillotine attempt a minute into the round, and Edwards tried to roll out of it, but Edwards seemed like he ran out of energy halfway through the first round and never recovered. Edwards finished the final round by winging some bombs, but it was too little too late. Both of these guys looked pretty bad tonight, but it's a clear unanimous decision victory for Dennis Bermudez, breaking a 4-Fight losing streak. Bermudez then retired after the fight, which is probably a good idea.
      Sandhagen came out and immediately started picking apart Bautista with strikes, and then he dropped him with a flying knee 2 minutes into the opening round, and then mounted him in a seated position against the fence. Bautista was able to scramble to take Sandhagen's back from the clinch, but Sandhagen rolled, slapped on a reverse triangle choke, went for a kneebar, Bautista rolled out of that, so Sandhagen slapped on an armbar and finished the fight by submission in the first round. Cory Sandhagen is someone to keep an eye on for sure.
      Menifield dropped Moreira almost immediately with a lot of wild strikes, most of which didn't really land, but he just kind of overwhelmed Moreira in the opening seconds. They reset back on their feet 30 seconds into the opening round. Moreira clinched and tried to take down Menifield against the fence, but Menifield was doing a good job staying on his feet, creating a stalemate. Menifield broke free, dropped Moreira with some punches, and finished the fight in the first round. That was another solid performance by Alonzo Menifield, as he moves on to 8-0.
      Lipski came out swinging, but Calderwood quickly clinched, they battled for control, and then Calderwood scored a trip takedown 90 seconds into the opening round, pinning Lipski against the fence. She worked some basic ground & pound, and then tried to setup a rear-naked choke, but Lipski did a good job scrambling out of that. Calderwood continued to control Lipski on the ground, and then she slapped on an arm-triangle choke with 90 seconds left in the round, but Lipski rolled out of that as well. Calderwood continued to control Lipski's back, and then switched to an armbar from back control with 30 seconds left in the round. Round one clearly goes to Calderwood.
     The second round was mostly a kickboxing match, with both girls landing some solid shots, but neither fighter was showing a clear advantage with the striking. The first round was 100% Calderwood, and the second round could potentially go either way, but I would say Calderwood is probably ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     They both traded some hard strikes to start the third round, and then Lipski took down Calderwood in the center of the cage, and landed in side control. Calderwood threw up an armbar from the bottom, and Lipski was able to slowly work her way out of it with a minute left in the fight. Calderwood finished the round with another armbar attempt. This should be a pretty clear decision for Calderwood. All 3 judges agreed, giving Calderwood the unanimous decision victory.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      Hernandez came out and landed a handful of hard punches to the jaw of Cerrone, and then Cerrone took him down with some magical wrestling skills, but Hernandez popped back up a minute into the opening round. They continued to trade strikes at a solid pace, and Cerrone started to destroy the face of Hernandez with some clean shots that chopped up his face. Round one probably goes to Cerrone based on visible damage.
     The second round was another solid round of action packed striking, with Cerrone controlling the pace for the most part, until he landed a big right head kick, dropping Hernandez, and then he finished him off with some big punches on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight. That was a fantastic win for Donald Cerrone, breaking Hernandez's 8-Fight winning streak.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      These guys traded a few shots, Teixeira shot for a takedown, Roberson stuffed the shot against the fence, unloaded with some hard elbows to the side of Teixeira's head, he dropped him, continued to unload with big punches & elbows on the ground, passing to full mount, Teixeira sort of recovered, went for another takedown, Roberson threw some more elbows, and then somehow Teixeira ended up on top in full mount just 2 minutes into the opening round. That was a crazy start to this fight. Teixeira setup an arm-triangle choke, but Roberson squirmed out of it. Teixeira slapped on another tight arm-triangle choke, he jumped over to the proper side, squeezed, and Roberson was forced to submit. That was a great win for Teixeira, after almost getting knocked out in the first minute of the fight, with several hard elbows to the back of the head mixed in.
      These girls threw some wild strikes, they clinched, and then Ostovich scored a takedown 30 seconds into the opening round, pinning her in the center of the cage. The referee stood them up, and then Ostovich scored another quick takedown, pinning Paige in the center of the cage again. Ostovich had an awkward guillotine choke locked on from half mount, where VanZant's head was sort of stuck under Ostovich's arm, with all of Ostovich's weight crushing VanZant's head. She finally let it go with 90 seconds left in the round. VanZant rolled for an ankle lock, and Ostovich scrambled around wildly, while trying to land some punches, but VanZant looked like she had some shit locked on pretty tight. They continued to scramble wildly until the end of the round, with Ostovich finishing the round with an armbar attempt. Round one goes to Ostovich, but VanZant at least kept it competitive with her leg lock attempts.
     They traded some punches to start the second round, and then Ostovich scored another quick takedown 30 seconds into the round, pinning her in the center of the cage again. Ostovich scrambled for back control, but VanZant slipped out, took Ostovich's back, rolled her over into back mount, unloaded with some wild punches, and Ostovich continued to try to scramble out the back door, and then I guess VanZant finished the fight with an armbar? Yeah, that was a slick armbar, with 100% of her weight coming down on it, so yeah, that was a great second round submission victory for Paige VanZant after a wild round & a half of scrambling.
      The first round started with both fighters trading some basic strikes, and wrestling around a bit. Benavidez scored a takedown halfway through the first round, but Ortiz quickly scrambled out of that, and stood back up. Benavidez took down Ortiz again, and then they stood back up again. Benavidez then dropped Ortiz with a hard left hand, and then he went in for the kill with a minute left in the round, but Ortiz recovered as soon as he hit the ground. Round one goes to Benavidez.
     The second round was pretty similar to the first, but with Ortiz controlling the wrestling this time. I'm giving the second round to Ortiz, and have this fight all tied up going into the final round. The final round was more back & forth wrestling, with Benavidez in control this time, leading to the 29-28 unanimous decision victory for Joseph Benavidez.
      Gillespie started the first round by aggressively digging for takedowns against the fence, and Medeiros was forced to spend all of his effort on defending the takedowns. Medeiros magically almost took Gillespie's back halfway through the round, but Gillespie rolled out of that, and continued with his aggressive offensive wrestling. Round one 100% goes to Gillespie, but I'm curious if he's going to burn himself out with all of the energy he's spending with his wrestling.
     The second round was another round of Gillespie grinding the shit out of Medeiros, keeping him pressed against the fence, with constant takedown attempts. He worked a bit of ground & pound, and ultimately, was well on his way to a possible 20-16 lead going into the final round. Wait, no... nevermind... The referee stopped the fight as Gillespie was unloading on Medeiros with punches from back mount in the final seconds of the second round. That was a fantastic one-sided performance by Gregor Gillespie.
(Illegal Knee)
      Hardy dropped Crowder 10 seconds into the opening round, but he jumped back up, tried to fire back, and Hardy rocked him again. Crowder then took down Hardy 90 seconds into the opening round, with a really slow takedown, and he pinned Hardy against the fence. He passed to the mounted crucifix with 2 minutes left in the round, and Hardy tried to roll out of it. Hardy stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round. Hardy looked FUCKING EXHAUSTED at the end of the round. He started strong, but I think Crowder stole that round with his wrestling.
     The second round started slowly, and then Crowder started talking mad shit, he let Hardy punch him a few times, clearly realizing Hardy was out of gas, Crowder unloaded with some wild punches while rushing forward while cussing at Hardy. Hardy the sort of stuffed a takedown, and then threw a blatant illegal knee to the side of Crowder's head, and the fight was stopped, with Hardy getting disqualified. That's an interesting ESPN debut for a wife beater.
      Dillashaw threw some leg kicks, they clashed in the middle, Cejudo threw a high kick, followed by a punch to the temple that dropped Dillashaw, Cejudo jumped on him, unloaded with wild punches, the referee gave Dillashaw plenty of time to recover, but he was getting beat up while just kind of flopping around, so the referee stopped the fight, and Cejudo defends the Flyweight Championship. Soooo... Does that mean the Flyweight division isn't dead then?