100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Matt Brown - 96.9
2. T.J. Dillashaw - 93.6
3. Jordan Mein - 93.5
4. Chad Mendes - 93.3
5. Yoel Romero - 92.5
6. Joseph Benavidez - 92.4
7. Josh Thomson - 91.9
8. Myles Jury - 91.9
9. Anthony Njokuani - 91.5
10. Daniel Cormier - 90.9
UFC on Fox 7: Henderson vs. Melendez
Location: San Jose, California
Elevation: 82'
-Fight of the Night-
Matt Brown vs. Jordan Mein
Fighters & Matches 90.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.8
TOTAL 91.8
(Flying Knee & Punches)
     Hell yeah! I love it when new guys that are built like action figures, come in and beat the living shit out of people. I've never seen Yoel Romero before, but I've never been a fan of Clifford Starks, so I was really hoping Romero would bring something exciting to this fight, and he did! Early in the first round, he launched like a fucking rocket, throwing a HUGE flying knee to the chin of Starks, basically knocking him out, and he followed it up with some punches for good measure. Yoel Romero LOOKS super legit, but considering Starks isn't exactly "top notch" competition, I'm not sure if this fight really says much, other than Yoel Romero is someone to keep an eye on.
      Here we are with another guy that I don't really know at all, Anthony Njokuani. The first round I gave to Roger Bowling, because he was throwing BOWLING BALLS at the face of Njokuani, really hunting that head, looking to take him out with power (and he also secured a great takedown / slam), but he failed to finish the fight. The second round started, and Bowling was a little less aggressive, but as he shot in for an inside punch, Njokuani countered with a HUGE left hook, and knocked Bowling unconscious. It looked like Bowling had been shot in the face with a shotgun. Njokuani's striking looked sharp, and Bowling's looked powerful, but Njokuani was the better fighter overall tonight.
      This was another pretty solid fight, good card so far! Hugo Viana landed a good punch early on (I thought this fight was going to end the same way as the Njokuani fight that just happened), but as soon as Dillashaw fell to the ground, he latched onto Viana, immediately transitioned to back mount which was pretty badass, and Dillashaw went for a rear-naked choke, but Viana was able to escape. Once they got to their feet again, more boxing happened, and then Dillashaw basically knocked out Viana, several times, until eventually the referee stopped the fight. (Viana was basically out on his feet, wobbling around trying to defend himself). Pretty cool fight.
      Eh, this was a pretty good fight, I would have liked to see it go in the favor of Tim Means though. The first round I basically declared a draw, the second round I gave to Masvidal, because he was able to take Means to the ground multiple times and control him. He took Means to the ground in the third round again, but from the bottom, Means did some nasty damage with his elbows, cutting open Masvidal's head in multiple spots. Means was also able to reverse positions, ending up on top, at which point he unleashed some brutal ground & pound. I thought Means should have won, but I guess this is what happens when you leave the fight in the hands of the judges.
(Punch to the Body)
      Damnit! I was pretty high on the Uyenoyama train, after watching him destroy Phil Harris a few months ago, and I really thought he was well on his way to the top of the division, but Benavidez pretty much had his number, preventing the fight from ever really spending much time on the floor (which is where Uyenoyama really shines), and Benavidez was able to pick him apart, until Uyenoyama eventually collapsed at the end of the second round due to a vicious body shot. Benavidez looked good, but I still don't like this weight division very much yet.
      Well then, that was quite the knockout! The entire first round consisted of both guys rolling around on the ground, trading places, back & forth, etc... No real damage, but lots of scrambling around. The second round, Ramsey tried to stand with Jury, and that proved to be a horrible idea, because as Ramsey was running in with some punches, Jury countered and KNOCKED HIM THE FUCK OUT. Great finish by Myles Jury.
      Are you fucking kidding me!?! Francis Carmont spent the entire fight trying to take Larkin to the ground, and failing miserably, Larkin's takedown defense was some of the best I've ever seen (similar to B.J. Penn in style). While standing, Larkin did way more damage, and even the couple of times the fight DID go to the ground, I thought Larkin scored more points down there with his defensive Jiu-Jitsu & wrestling defense. So yeah, as far as I'm concerned, Larkin should have won this fight, but somehow Carmont got all 3 judges to vote for him. That was a shitty decision.
      Damnit! I almost put some money on Elkins in this fight, since the odds were SO FAR AGAINST HIM in this fight, and I actually had him ranked higher going into the fight. Well, Mendes pretty much made him look foolish by knocking him out in a little over one minute in the first round. Chad Mendes is a badass fighter, and I think you'll have a hard time finding reasons he shouldn't deserve a shot at Jose Aldo's belt.
(Punches & Elbows)
      Holy fuck! This might be the best fight I've seen so far this year, this fight was ridiculous. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Matt Brown is an insane brawler, and he really took the fight to Mein. Jordan Mein is no slouch either, he's a fucking beast. This whole fight was BEAST vs. BEAST. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. So yeah, the first round, SO MUCH BACK & FORTH, it's almost impossible to declare a winner, but I ended up giving the first round to Brown. The second round was 100% Brown, as he picked apart Mein, leaving him a crumbled broken mess in the corner of the octagon. Matt Brown is FUCKING BRUTAL!!!
(Head Kick & Punches)
      Man, the Diaz brothers are right in the middle of a string of bad luck, eh? Diaz didn't really look very good in the first round, getting his knee busted up pretty badly, and basically just chasing Thomson without doing any real damage. The second round, Thomson was able to cut Diaz's face open in multiple spots, leaving him a bloody mess, and after landing multiple head kicks, Diaz eventually collapsed, and Thomson finished him off with punches. I feel bad for Diaz, it looked like he didn't really show up to fight or something. Thomson made a hell of a UFC comeback though (hasn't fought in the UFC since 2004).
      Damnit Frank... I can't think of another fighter that I cheer for EVERY SINGLE TIME, and then regret it halfway through the second round, as I realize he has no gas tank at all. Daniel Cormier (as Joe Rogan said) is like glue, and every time Mir would move in on him, he would just get stuck, and then Cormier would pin him against the fence. Boring fight really, with a lot more hype than what it lived up to. So is Frank done with the UFC now? They made it sound like his job might be on the line for this. Cormier on the other hand, maintains his undefeated record, which sucks, because I want somebody to beat his ass! But whatever, good job Cormier I guess...
      That sucks. He were are with ANOTHER decision, in the favor of Benson Henderson (dude needs to learn how to finish a fight!) But yeah, I'm glad that the fight was a SPLIT decision, since to me, I had mixed feelings about it. I technically probably would have declared it a draw, because I scored 2 of the rounds as a draw, 2 in favor of Henderson, and 1 in favor of Melendez, but I gave Melendez a higher rating overall, so it really was a mixed bag. To top it off, Benson proposed to his girlfriend or whatever during the post fight interview, which was a little awkward, considering the fact that the entire crowd was booing LOUDLY the entire time. It's really weird watching a heel propose on TV. So yeah, whatever, weird ending to an otherwise amazing card.