100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Jim Crute - 93.0
2. Montana De La Rosa - 92.7
3. Kyung Ho Kang - 92.7
4. Devonte Smith - 92.6
5. Lando Vannata - 92.3
6. Jalin Turner - 92.2
7. Ricky Simon - 91.9
8. Shane Young - 91.9
9. Israel Adesanya - 91.3
10. Jonathan Martinez - 90.8
UFC 234: Adesanya vs. Silva
Location: Victoria, Australia
Elevation: 75'
-Fight of the Night-
Israel Adesanya vs. Anderson Silva
Fighters & Matches 89.4
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.8
     These guys traded a few strikes, and then Buren scored a trip takedown from the clinch a minute into the opening round. Buren tried to setup a guillotine choke, but Martinez was able to wrestle his way back to his feet, he dumped Buren to the ground, Buren kept digging for the guillotine choke, and Martinez passed to side control, where he started working for a Von Flue choke. He eventually gave that up, and took Buren's back. Buren worked his way back to his feet with a minute left in the round, and Martinez continued to grind him against the fence with some more clinching. Martinez threw a high kick late in the round, and slipped, so Buren ended the round on top, but I'm still giving that round to Martinez for all of his control on the ground.
     The second round mostly took place on the feet, with both guys trading some random strikes, and then Buren scored another takedown 2 minutes into the round, pinning Martinez in the center of the cage. Buren controlled him for a couple of minutes, and then Martinez scrambled back to his feet with 90 seconds left in the round, he grabbed Buren's back, and pushed him against the fence where he continued to grind. He finished the round digging for a rear-naked choke from a seated position. I have Martinez ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but it's been a close fight so far.
     Buren started the final round with another quick takedown, he rolled for an armbar a minute into the round, Martinez expertly escaped the armbar, and immediately took Buren's back, and started punching him in the head. Martinez started working for another rear-naked choke, and spent a good chunk of the round in control on the ground again. Buren almost took control late in the round, but Martinez ended the round on top, and he was throwing bombs at an exhausted Buren, as Buren turtled up, so in my opinion, Martinez wins the fight 30-27. All 3 judges agreed, with only one judge giving a single round to Buren. Congrats to Martinez for getting his first UFC win.
      Potter immediately tried to pull guard, he was digging for a leg lock, and then Turner stood up, threw some big strikes, and knocked Potter the fuck out in less than a minute. That was a strong performance by Jalin Turner. Potter didn't really seem to have anything to show for himself here, other than a desperate ground game that didn't pay off at all.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys both traded some awkward strikes, it looked like Ishihara was rocked, but Kang fell down too, and they both kept winging punches at each other, without showing any real understanding of what defense is all about. Kang rocked the shit out of Ishihara 2 minutes into the opening round, and it looked like the fight was almost over, but Ishihara fired back with some more wild punches, and everything just looked sloppy as shit from both fighters. Kang sort of scored a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, and then took Ishihara's back against the fence. He tried to setup that kneebar from back control, and then switched to a rear-naked choke, putting Ishihara to sleep. I THINK Ishihara tried to tap twice, but the referee didn't see it, so he went to sleep. That marks 3 losses in a row for Ishihara, so... Is that it for him in the UFC?
      The first round started with some basic boxing, where France cracked Frazao with a couple of big shots that nearly dropped him a couple of times in the first minute. Frazao tried to score a takedown, but France stuffed the shot and they reset. They spent the rest of the round boxing with each other. Round one probably goes to France.
     The second round started with France shooting for a random takedown, which Frazao immediately reversed, and after a brief scramble, they reset a minute into the round, and then France shot for another takedown, which Frazao stuffed against the fence. I thought Frazao was well on his way to winning the round with his wrestling, but France rocked the shit out of him with some big punches halfway through the round, that sort of brought the scoring back to even for the round. They both rocked each other in the final minute of the round, so I have no idea who won that round. Frazao finished the round rolling for a mounted guillotine in the final 3 seconds, so I guess I would give the round to him? It's all tied up going into the final round.
     They traded a few strikes to start the final round, and then Frazao blasted France with a brutal kick to the groin. They continued their back & forth boxing, and wrestling for the rest of the round, with everything looking really close, and then France capped off the round with a nice takedown, so... I guess I would score this fight 29-28 for France? Especially since he absorbed a really bad groin strike? Two judges agreed with me, giving France the hard fought split-decision victory.
      The first round had Young controlling the center of the cage, constantly pressuring Arnett with forward movement, while Arnett circled around the outside, while chipping away at Young with clean boxing. Young finished the round with a powerful combination, so that combined with forward movement, was probably enough to win the round for Young.
     The second round was pretty similar, with Young still looking aggressive, and he was landing some big shots, but Arnett snapped in the final 20 seconds, and blasted Young with some BIG punches, as he started to scream at Young, but Young was still firing back with cleaner shots, so I have Young ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round was more of the same, with both guys boxing at a rapid pace, but Young's pressure was just too much, and when it showed the stats, he actually landed twice as many strikes in every round, so this fight SHOULD go to Shane Young. It felt like a close fight, but I'm still scoring it 30-27 for Young. In case there was any question, Young dropped Arnett as the horn sounded, and he nearly finished him, so... Yeah, Young SHOULD win this fight for sure. All 3 judges agreed, giving Young all 3 rounds, for the unanimous decision victory.
      This fight had both guys boxing with each other, they both landed a few solid shots, and then Smith unloaded with around 90 seconds left in the first round, he dropped Maestro, he basically face planted, and then Smith knocked him out with some brutal punches on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight while Ma's ass was up in the air. That was a great finish by Devonte Smith.
      Yikes... These guys were both trading some random strikes, starting kind of slowly, and then Crute blasted Alvey with a brutal right hand, he tried to do the "walk off KO" thing, but the referee let the fight continue, so Crute charged him, dropped him, unloaded with some punches on the ground, while Alvey was trying to cover up, with his thumb up, telling the referee he was fine, but he LOOKED really hurt, so the referee stopped the fight, and Alvey immediately complained about the stoppage. So... That was a bad stoppage, but it was also a bad idea for Crute to try to walk off when he did, since he could have had a more convincing stoppage if he would have just went in for the kill when he first had the opportunity. Still, good win for Crute regardless.
      Montana came out immediately swinging for the fences, throwing wild punches, she overwhelmed Kassem, threw her to the ground, and continued to pound on her with punches against the fence. Montana pretty much dominated Kassem in that first round, and even capped it off with an awkward Kimura attempt. Round one clearly goes to Montana.
     The second round started the exact same way, with Montana throwing wild punches, she rushed forward, and then took down Kassem. She slapped on a mounted triangle choke, threw some punches, switched to an armbar 90 seconds into the round, rolled around, cranked, and then Kassem just found herself caught back inside a triangle choke again, where Montana hammered her with elbows, and then she finished her off with another armbar. Montana De La Rosa looked fucking awesome in this fight.
      The first round was a pretty good brawl, with Yahya trying to pull guard a few times, but most of the round was full of both guys just throwing bombs at each other, and Simon rocked Yahya several times, dropping him, and making him look somewhat foolish, as Yahya already looked exhausated halfway through the first round. Round one pretty clearly goes to Simon.
     The second round was another good round of brawling, with both guys landing some big shots. Simon won the first half of the round, and then Yahya came on strong in the last half of the round, but Simon dropped Yahya with a shoulder strike or something, so that might be enough to secure the round for Simon. I'm assuming Simon is ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Simon started the final round with a big punch to the body of Yahya, and then Yahya pulled guard. Simon popped back up pretty quickly though. The rest of the round was all about Simon beating the shit out of Yahya. This was a really good fight, and a great highlight reel performance for Ricky Simon, as one judge even scored the fight 30-25 for him.
      Mariano threw a lot of big kicks, Vannata just ate all of the big shots, and then he picked up Mariano and slammed him 90 seconds into the opening round. Vannata spent the rest of the round on top, working some basic ground & pound, including a few hard shots that he put all of his bodyweight into. Just as I was about to submit my scorecard for the round, Vannata finished the fight with a Kimura. That was a nice win for Lando Vannata.
      This fight gives me that creepy Chuck Liddell vibe, where I kind of don't want to watch Anderson Silva fight anymore, because he seems old, but... at the same time... Anderson Silva can still knock people out, so... Israel Adesanya is dangerous though, and sort of the next generation of Anderson Silva. With all of that being said, they both landed some solid shots, and I'm assuming Adesanya won the first round, but Silva kept it competitive at least.
      Silva was really aggressive in the second round, coming forward, almost screaming, and blasting Adesanya with some big shots, over and over again. Adesanya was still firing back with some clean striking as well, but I think Silva won that second round, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round. That's impressive, considering Silva is a huge underdog in this fight.
      The final round was weird, but good. They were both taunting each other a lot, there was a lot of staring, but they were both still landing some big shots. Adesanya looked really clean, and Silva looked really aggressive. I honestly don't know who won this fight. I'm assuming Adesanya will win, 29-28, but I wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision, and I also wouldn't be surprised if the judges give the fight to Silva. I really don't know what to expect. I really would have liked to see these guys go 5 rounds. All 3 judges gave the decision to Adesanya, with only one judge giving a round to Silva. That was a good fight overall, and even though Silva kept it close, I kind of hope he retires now. It sounds like he wants one more fight in Brazil.