100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Chris Lytle - 94.2
2. Stephan Bonnar - 93.8
3. Brendan Schaub - 93.5
4. Chris Leben - 93.5
5. George Sotiropoulos - 92.6
6. Brock Lesnar - 92.2
7. Gerald Harris - 92.0
8. Ricardo Romero - 92.0
9. Shane Carwin - 92.0
10. Krzysztof Soszynski - 91.8
UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Chris Lytle vs. Matt Brown
Fighters & Matches 90.7
Top 10 Fighters 92.8
TOTAL 91.8
     Two big guys confront each other in the cage. They both confront, and continue to confront each other. The crowd boos, the two big guys move forward, AND CONFRONT! Or whatever... Vemola looked like he was ready to kill Madsen, but he wasn't able to connect with anything, almost like his depth perception was off or something. In the end, Madsen wins all 3 rounds with his takedowns, and the judges agree. Boring fight overall.
      This fight was ok. Really close fight by both guys, I gave Roberts the first & third rounds, and Petz the second round. Really though, the first two probably could have gone either way. Ultimately though, neither of these guys is ranked high enough to actually get excited about watching fight at this point, so for me, this ended up being a long-winded 15 minute fight, that I had a little trouble getting excited about.
      BAM! There aren't many more exciting ways to win a fight, than to fucking SLAM a guy, and knock him out instantly. This was a pretty hard fought 3 round fight, where I thought Harris won the first two rounds, by landing better strikes, and controlling the pace, and Branch looked tired going into the third round. He ended up getting in the clinch against the cage, and grabbed the fence, the referee warned him that you can't grab the fence, so he said "Ok, sorry about that..." and then grabbed the fence again, so the referee broke them up. Eventually, Branch tried to pull guard, Harris lifted him in the air, and SLAMMED him, knocking him unconscious. Awesome fight for Gerald Harris.
      Not really sure why they picked this fight to tack onto the end of the PPV, but this is what we got I guess. I gave the first round to Kendall Grove, the second round to Reljic (but it was close), and the third round I declared a draw, so I had no idea what the judges would do with this one. If I had to choose, I would have given the fight to Grove, and 2 of the judges agreed with me, so Kendall Grove wins via split-decision.
(Straight Armbar)
      Seth Petruzelli looked decent early in the fight, he looked like he was ready to rock, and did a pretty good job in the first round, but once the second round hit, and Romero was able to take him down and get on top, he locked on a straight armbar from the crucifix position, and Petruzelli screamed while bucking, and tapped out. So yeah, solid submission victory for Ricardo Romero.
      BOOM! There's not much to say about these fights that last only a little over a minute. They both stood up, danced around for a few seconds, Schaub landed a big punch, knocked Tuchscherer on his ass, pounced on him, punched him in the head a bunch of times, the referee had to stop the fight, and that's all she wrote. Awesome quick win for Brendan Schaub.
      I've been saying both of these guys are Top 10 Fighters for a while in the 155 division, so this was a pretty cool fight to see. George Sotiropoulos BASICALLY beat the living shit out of Pellegrino all 3 rounds, with superior wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu & striking, etc... At the VERY LAST SECOND, Pellegrino almost knocked out Sotiropoulos with a HUGE knee, followed by some punches, but Sotiropoulos was saved by the bell. Great fight overall, and I was glad to see Sotiropoulos victorious.
      Hell yeah! This was a straight up brawl, both guys spend the entire two rounds launching HUGE bombs. Blood was covering Bonnar's face, Soszynski's muscles made him look like a fucking wrecking machine, and both guys really gave it their all, pretty badass fight overall. Stephan Bonnar ended up landing a big knee in the second round, and after Soszynski fell down, Bonnar finished him off with a minute or so worth of punches on the ground. Great fight, both guys deserve a standing ovation.
(Straight Armbar)
      This fight was badass! Matt Brown is one of those guys that will probably be around for a long time, he's a brutal fighter, with a no holds barred kind of forward attack, he just swings & tries to kill people. Lytle on the other hand, is one of the most underrated fighters I've ever seen, his Jiu-Jitsu skills are some of the best in the game, he's a champion caliber boxer, and he has a TON of heart. The first round was an all out brawl, and it's hard to say who really won that round. The second round was mostly in Lytle's favor, as he was able to take Brown to the ground, locked on a triangle from full mount, and then locked on a straight armbar while maintaining that crucifix style triangle, Lytle is a beast!
(Triangle Choke)
      Hell yeah! Chris Leben is back? He just fought 2 weeks ago, what's up with that!?! This was one hell of a brawl, this entire card has been filled with brawls so far. I gave the first round to Akiyama, the second round to Leben (just barely), and the third round, Akiyama was on top for most of the round, but I still had it scored for Leben, since his submission's from his guard were way more active. In the end though, it doesn't matter how anybody scored the fight, because Leben was able to lock on a triangle choke at the last second, and Akiyama tapped out. GREAT fight overall, and Leben is a badass for fighting twice in 2 weeks like this. After the fight was over, Leben called out Wanderlei Silva (since Silva was SUPPOSED to fight Akiyama here, but pulled out). So yeah, sounds like a great idea to me!
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This was one hell of a Heavyweight title fight, between two of the biggest guys I've ever seen in the cage. The crazy part is, Shane Carwin ABSOLUTELY DOMINATED Lesnar during the first round, knocking him to the ground, and beating the living fuck out of him for several minutes. I thought Lesnar was going to die once Carwin started raining down a few HUGE elbows. I think it's a safe bet that everyone scored the first round 10-8 in favor of Carwin. The second round, both guys came out tired, Lesnar took Carwin to the ground, locked on a slow arm-triangle choke, and that's all she wrote. Pretty great fight overall, with a HUGE comeback victory by Lesnar.