100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Jon Jones - 95.2
2. Jacob Volkmann - 93.3
3. Igor Pokrajac - 93.0
4. Charles Oliveira - 92.8
5. Matt Riddle - 92.3
6. Jake Ellenberger - 92.1
7. Yushin Okami - 91.7
8. Brian Stann - 91.6
9. Takanori Gomi - 90.6
10. Mark Munoz - 90.4
UFC Live 2: Jones vs. Matyushenko
Location: San Diego, California
Elevation: 422'
-Fight of the Night-
Jon Jones vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
Fighters & Matches 90.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.2
     This was a decent fight. Steve Steinbeiss clearly had the better striking, with his kickboxing background, and I gave him the first round for that reason. The second round, Kimmons was able to control most of the round with his grappling, and the third round was the same way, so I scored the fight 29-28 in favor of Rob Kimmons, and all 3 judges agreed with me.
      Great quick fight! Elkins picked Oliveira up at the start of the fight, and slammed him down to the ground, as soon as they hit the ground, Oliveira locked on a triangle, and transitioned into an armbar, forcing Elkins to submit quickly, otherwise, Elkins would have left with a broken arm. Amazing defensive Jiu-Jitsu by Oliveira!
(Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty good brawl. Mike Massenzio won the first round by showing he had superior grappling skills, and I thought he was going to do the same in the second, but Stann started unleashing some solid striking on the ground, so Stann stole the second round from him. The third round was mostly Stann on the attack, and he was able to lock on a triangle choke for the submission victory. It was a pretty slow / poor triangle, but it worked, and it secured the victory for him, so that's all that really matters.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Yeah! I don't mean to sound like a dick, but it's always fuck to watch James Irvin get his ass kicked by random newcomers to the UFC. Irvin tried to take the fight to the ground, and didn't really do much with it, and once Igor was back on his feet, he started throwing bombs at Irvin, he rocked him, he slammed him, he beat him up, and locked on a rear-naked choke (or a neck crank), and that's all she wrote. Great UFC debut by Igor Pokrajac!
      This was a pretty solid fight. Both guys showed some solid striking skills in the first round, but I gave the first round to Riddle for his superior wrestling skills. The second round was 100% Riddle, as he was able to take Johnson to the ground, and beat the living shit out of him, via full back mount, as Johnson just turtled up and tried to hide. Great performance by Matt Riddle.
      This fight was basically 100% Jacob Volkmann, dominating Kelly with INSANE grappling skills, superior wrestling, badass Jiu-Jitsu skills, Jacob Volkmann is a beast on the ground, and he's super strong too! Kelly landed an amazing flying knee late in the third round, almost knocking out Volkmann, but he was able to recover quickly, and he took Kelly back down, finishing the fight in control again. Jacob Volkmann impressed the shit out of me in this fight.
      BAM! Good ol' Takanori Gomi, taking out Griffin in a little over one minute, with a huge right hook, causing Griffin to lose all control over his body, as he faceplanted on the mat. Takanori Gomi is always up in the air, in regards to whether or not he'll put on a good show these days, but this was a pretty excellent win, considering I had Tyson Griffin in the Top 10 at 155.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Damn! This fight basically consisted of Ellenberger taking Howard to the ground with REALLY nice spear style takedowns in every round, and once they were on the ground, Ellenberger pounded the shit out of Howard's face. In the second round at some point, Howard's left eye became SO SWOLLEN, it looked like he had a dragon egg that was about to explode out of his eye. The third round, it continued to swell, and by the end of the fight, the entire left side of his face looked like the Mask. I haven't seen swelling like that since... eh, nevermind... it was gross. Ellenberger had a very impressive performance here, and I hope Howard's face doesn't explode.
      I would have liked to see Munoz finish this fight, but he was too set on trying to takedown Okami, and Okami stuffed ALL of his takedown attempts, which earned Okami tons of huge points, based on wrestling defense. I gave the second round to Munoz for outstriking Okami, but the other two rounds, I had Okami up on the scorecards for having better wrestling AND more active striking. Munoz didn't really do enough to even earn a split-decision in my opinion, I'm shocked that one of the judges gave the fight to Munoz. But yeah, Okami wins, and he deserves it, so there you go, I would like to see him eventually finish a fight though.
      Jon "Bones" Jones... He is a scary dude... This fight basically just consisted of Jones taking Matyushenko to the ground, once they hit the ground, Jones got him in the mounted crucifix, started raining down SHARP elbows, SUPER FAST, and the referee had to stop the fight before Jones was able to scalp Matyushenko with those vicious elbows.