100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Chael Sonnen - 95.1
2. Anderson Silva - 94.3
3. Rick Story - 93.6
4. Junior dos Santos - 93.5
5. Stefan Struve - 93.4
6. Johny Hendricks - 93.0
7. Matt Hughes - 92.9
8. Jon Fitch - 92.6
9. Christian Morecraft - 92.0
10. Phil Davis - 91.9
UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen
Location: Oakland, California
Elevation: 43'
-Fight of the Night-
Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva
Fighters & Matches 91.1
Top 10 Fighters 93.2
TOTAL 92.2
     This fight was ok. For the most part, it just consisted of Dennis Hallman taking Saunders to the ground with relative ease, and unleashing some hard elbows, cutting the face of Saunders in the first two rounds. Saunders won back some points with his Muay Thai knees in the third round, but it wasn't enough to secure the victory for him, so Dennis Hallman walks away with the unanimous decision victory.
      DAMN! Hell of a fight! Morecraft took the fight to the ground early, and literally squashed Struve's head like a grape, with some VICIOUS ground & pound, for the entire first round. 10-8 round for Morecraft, amazing UFC debut. BUT UH OH! Struve's lip was busted all to hell, and the doctor mentioned surgery, and Struve was like "Fuck that shit!" And went in there, and chopped Morecraft's head off in 22 seconds of the second round. That shit was amazing, one of the best comebacks I've ever seen. Stefan Struve is a BEAST!
      This fight wasn't very good. Boetsch won the first round, by securing a takedown. He got lazy in the second round, and Brown was able to steal that round with his striking. The third round was the only really decent round, where Boetsch was able to secure another takedown, and beat up Brown for a good portion of the round. Decent fight I guess, but not Tim's best performance.
      Charlie Brenneman is an animal, shocking me by winning round one, by defending against the takedown attempts of Hendricks, and actually securing a takedown of his own, as well as winning the majority of the standup exchanges. The problem is, once the second round started, Hendricks proved to be the more dangerous animal here, by beating the living snot out of Brenneman on the feet, causing him to crumble multiple times. Brenneman kept trying to get back up, but eventually, the referee had seen enough, and stopped the fight as Brenneman fell for the last time. GREAT win for Johny Hendricks.
      This was a pretty lopsided fight, with Davis taking Wallace to the ground in every round, absolutely dominating him with his grappling skills, striking while on the ground, going for a couple of submissions, etc... In the end, Wallace didn't stand a chance, and Phil Davis won via unanimous decision.
      HOLY FUCK... Dustin Hazelett is one of my favorite fighters, and Rick Story just came in out of nowhere, and beat the living fuck out of Dustin Hazelett, racking in two 10-8 rounds against one of the best fighters in the division. Rick Story threw BRUTAL punches to the body & the head of Hazelett, completely crushing his will to live, and eventually, after two rounds of brutal ground & pound, the referee had seen enough, and stopped the fight, and Hazelett just laid there like the entire world had collapsed on him. Rick Story is a FUCKING BEAST!
      I've been wanting to see this fight for a while, because I've always considered Junior dos Santos to be the better fighter, but for some reason, I've had Roy Nelson ranked above him for a while (based on how our site tracks stats, etc...) So with that being said, this was a 3 round brawl, Roy Nelson WILL NOT QUIT, he is a beast, but Junior dos Santos threw everything he possibly could at Roy, including tons of BRUTAL punches, and even a takedown. Junior clearly won this fight, but Roy Nelson is no joke.
Technical Submission
(Anaconda Choke)
      This was weird. The fight was basically 3 minutes of two legendary grapplers standing with each other, and then Hughes landed a left hook, Almeida went to the ground, and Hughes ran in, locked on (sort of) an anaconda choke, and Almeida fell asleep 15 seconds later. Matt Hughes looked pretty awesome the way he finished the BJJ black belt.
(Jaw Injury)
      Yeah! I've been a Clay Guida fan for a while, but I always end up disappointed, because his fights almost always go to a decision. Well, this time, he was able to break Rafael's jaw in the first round with a punch combination, and it was all downhill from there for Rafael dos Anjos. Eventually, in the third round, Clay slammed Rafael, got the mount, and then basically crushed his jaw some more with a shoulder, until Rafael was forced to submit. That shit must have been painful.
      Jon Fitch is a badass. He might be boring to some people, with his takedowns & aggressive control on the ground, since he once again, outworked his opponent and took the fight to a decision, but REALLY, Thiago Alves got his ass kicked in this fight. Alves didn't stand a chance, he came in overweight (had to give up a portion of his purse to Fitch for not making weight), and Fitch still looked like the bigger guy in my opinion. Jon Fitch is crazy good, I just don't know where he goes from here, since he can't beat St. Pierre.
(Triangle Armbar)
      Holy shit... I'm a little late to the game here, since this event happened a few years ago, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT, this was one of the most insane fights I've ever seen. As everyone already knows, Chael Sonnen absolutely dominated Anderson Silva for all 5 rounds, all the way up until the end, when Anderson Silva locked on a fast triangle choke at the last minute. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, Anderson Silva is the God of all fighters, and Chael Sonnen is one bad S.O.B.