100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Jon Jones - 95.6
2. Roy Nelson - 93.0
3. Cody McKenzie - 92.5
4. Pat Healy - 92.0
5. Steven Siler - 91.8
6. Bryan Caraway - 91.2
7. Michael Bisping - 91.0
8. Phil Davis - 90.8
9. Rustam Khabilov - 90.6
10. Sara McMann - 90.5
UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Elevation: 13'
-Fight of the Night-
Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.6
     I generally don't like it when undercard fights go to decision, because it usually means it'll be 15 minutes of boredom. That's never the case with Steven Siler though, I've only seen him fight once so far (before this), and he got his ass beat by Darren Elkins, but he proved to be "tough as nails" at least. Well this time around, Kurt Holobaugh is the one that is tough as nails, and Siler is the new beast in town. Steven Siler dominated Holobaugh in the first round with his Jiu-Jitsu, and did the same in the third round, so I gave the fight to Siler. Holobaugh won the second round with some solid ground & pound, but that wasn't enough to secure the victory. Both guys are pretty exciting though, and I look forward to seeing them both fight again in the future.
      Wow! Just as I had hoped it would go (sort of). I scored the first two rounds 10-8 for McKenzie, and the judges scored the fight in his favor as well, so he wins! He absolutely dominated Garcia in the first two rounds with his SICK Jiu-Jitsu skills, mounted on Garcia's back for almost an entire round. Cody McKenzie is crazy on the ground, he looks pretty goofy on his feet though, and that's where Garcia was able to win back some points in the third round. I still ended up giving all 3 rounds to McKenzie, but Garcia at least put up a fight during the final 5 minutes. I feel bad for Garcia though, because his record is going down the drain, so I'm not sure how much longer the UFC will hold on to him (unless they JUST keep him based on the fact that he's fun to watch).
(Guillotine Choke)
      No! Johnny Bedford has been on a roll lately, and I was kind of hoping he would continue to move closer to a title shot eventually, but Caraway just crushed those dreams, by dominating him for the first two rounds with his grappling skils, and then the final round, he finished Bedford with a guillotine choke from the mount. Bedford just looked tired in this fight, and that sucks, because Caraway is the one that took the fight on short notice. Either way, good job Caraway, solid performance.
      Well, I'm all for these female fights, because they've been pretty amazing so far, but this fight was kind of silly. Sheila Gaff ran straight at McMann to start the fight, McMann took her down immediately, controlled her for a couple of minutes, and the ref eventually stood them up. After some awkward standup for a few seconds, McMann took her down again, got in the mounted crucifix position, and just threw short punches until eventually the ref stopped the fight. Decent fight I guess, but neither of these girls look like they're even in the same league as the other girls that have fought in the UFC so far.
Technical Decision
      What the fuck was this? The first two rounds were boring, but I had St. Preux ahead on the scorecards a LITTLE BIT, but technically, had it down as a draw so far (Preux 1st round, Villante 2nd round). Anyway, the third round started with a gigantic thumb to the eye of Villante, so Villante backed up for his time out to recover, no big deal, right? The referee then stopped the fight. SAY WHAT!?! This motherfucker needs fired. Either way, this was one of the most ridiculous referee issues I've ever seen, and since neither fighter looked all that impressive, fuck it, I'm going to mark them both down for a loss, you can thank the ref for that. (But technically, the judges gave the fight to St. Preux via majority technical decision, whatever the fuck that is...) I refuse to give "victory" points to a guy that wins via accidental eye poke though. That was retarded. Next fight! Let's move on... COME ON RUSTAM KHABILOV!!!
(Thumb Injury)
      WOW... Two in a row? Seriously? This fight started slow, which sucks, because I've been Khabilov's biggest fan ever since he made his UFC debut and suplexed Vinc Pichel in December, and I was really keeping my fingers crossed, hoping he would be the next "Lightweight Fedor" or something. Well, once the action really got started, a couple of minutes into this fight, Khabilov started to work his Sambo skills, and broke the thumb of Medeiros via suplex (Medeiros broke it by trying to catch himself on the way down). So yeah, fight stopped due to an injury. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal, if this wasn't the second fight in a row tonight to end in a fucked up "technical issue" fashion. But yeah, Khabilov is still the man, but this fight didn't do anything for him, other than add another point in the win column. It REALLY sucks for Medeiros though, because this fight ended his undefeated career so far.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Well, here's another Top 10 Lightweight that I thought was on his way to Championship glory (Jim Miller), and Healy put a stop to that, by making his UFC comeback (first UFC fight since 2006), and yeah, it was a pretty solid grueling fight, but I'm just disappointed that Jim Miller didn't win. To be fair, my prediction was that Healy would win, but I was really hoping I'd be wrong this time. Both guys showed great grappling skills, and tons of heart, but Healy came out victorious late in the third round with a rear-naked choke, putting Miller to sleep.
      Well, that kind of sucks. This fight was huge for me, since I've been a big fan of Phil Davis lately, and I've also been keeping an eye on Magalhaes, watching him climb up the rankings, etc... SO, this fight was pretty interesting to me going into it, but it was kind of boring really. Phil Davis's striking looked really good in this fight, and he was able to completely negate the Jiu-Jitsu skills of Magalhaes, by simply NOT going to the ground with him. So yeah, good win for Davis, but it wasn't all that exciting really.
      You know, a lot of people still consider him a joke, but as far as I'm concerned, I had Roy Nelson ranked as the #2 Heavyweight in the entire world going into this fight (and Kongo ranked somewhere around 9 or so). After knocking out the striker with one big punch, I actually DO think that Roy Nelson deserves a title shot right now. So, he just called out "Whoever wins at UFC 160", and I'll be really interested in hearing if Dana White is going to let that happen (since he hasn't been a fan of Nelson in the past). Great first round KO victory by Nelson though! BAM BAM!!!
Technical Decision
      Well, this was another fight I was REALLY looking forward to (especially after they were talking shit in press conferences beforehand). The problem is, once the fight started, they just turned it into a casual boxing match, where Bisping threw a lot of punches, but they didn't have much thunder behind them, and Belcher didn't look like he was in this fight at all, ever. So, I'm not sure what happened, but Bisping won all 3 rounds in my opinion. The most unfortunate aspect of this fight, was the big eye poke at the end of the fight, forcing the fight to go to ANOTHER "Technical Decision", due to an accidental injury. Alan Belcher's eyeball was actually bleeding, it looked horrible. SO yeah, fucked up card so far, but I have to admit, I'm happy that Bisping won.
(Elbows & Punches)
      OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! *pukes all over the floor* That fight was fucking insane... Jon Jones basically "Chael Sonnened" Chael Sonnen. He took him to the ground, slamming him several times, once they stayed on the ground, Jon Jones broke out his signature elbows & punches, making Sonnen bleed, and forcing the referee to stop the fight. Awesome performance by Jon Jones! The problem is, during the post fight interview, he looked down and realized his big toe was literally HANGING OFF HIS FUCKING FOOT, OH MY GOD... *pukes again* If Sonnen would have lasted 27 more seconds, he probably would have won the fight due to the injury. But yeah, THANK GOD the referee stepped in, because that would have REALLY fuckin' sucked if Jon Jones lost due to an injury. HOLY FUCK. What a CRAZY ending to a CRAZY event. This whole card was fucked up... GOOD, but FUCKED UP... I'm getting the fuck out of here, to check out the post fight press conference.