100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Thiago Alves - 93.5
2. Jim Miller - 93.1
3. Stefan Struve - 92.8
4. Mark Bocek - 92.3
5. Mac Danzig - 92.0
6. Georges St. Pierre - 91.8
7. Ricardo Almeida - 91.3
8. Matt Riddle - 91.0
9. Jesse Bongfeldt - 90.9
10. John Makdessi - 90.8
UFC 124: St. Pierre vs. Koscheck 2
Location: Quebec, Canada
Elevation: 322'
-Fight of the Night-
Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira
Fighters & Matches 89.7
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 90.9
     This fight wasn't very fair really. The crowd was on the side of their hometown guy, John Makdessi, and he looked like he was here to prove a point. Points all over the face of Audinwood that is. Makdessi's striking skills looked sharp, completely outclassing Audinwood, and eventually, the fight was left in the hands of the judges, at which point it was no surprised that all 3 judges gave the fight to Makdessi, 30-27.
      Ricardo Almeida pretty much controlled this entire fight, taking Grant to the ground in every round (even slamming him a couple of times), showing some solid ground & pound, great ground control, and overall, he just outworked Grant. Grant is tough, and hung in there for the entire 3 round fight, but all 3 rounds went to Almeida pretty easily, and all 3 judges agreed.
      Personally, I gave this fight to Matt Riddle. I gave the first round to Pierson, but the last two rounds, I thought Riddle did enough to pull off the victory. Apparently all 3 judges disagreed with me, and everybody else disagreed with me, so maybe I just don't like Pierson that much, and I think Matt Riddle is the man. Either way, it doesn't really matter what I think I guess, it's pretty clear that Pierson walked away with the victory, so I guess I'll just accept that. Terrific fight though overall!
      This was a really close fight, that the judges declared a "majority draw", so I guess that means it's up to me to break the tie. Natal won the first round, by getting on Bongfeldt's back, Bongfeldt won the second round by rocking Natal early in the round, and even though Natal got on his back near the end of the round, I thought Bongfeldt did more damage. Round 3 was the only one-sided round, where Bongfeldt completely beat the shit out of Natal, so I gave the fight to Bongfeldt, 29-28, so he's going to earn the victory point here at least. Pretty good fight overall though, and both guys really need to work on their cardio, but Bongfeldt was the only one still doing anything when the fight was finally over.
(Triangle Choke)
      Damnit! Bocek is a solid fighter, but I generally don't think much of him. Dustin Hazelett on the other hand, is one of those guys that I keep waiting to see him break the Top 10 list, and work his way towards the title. Bocek pretty much beat Hazelett at his own game though (and ended up retiring him). Bocek took him to the ground, the scrambled for a bit, Bocek was always in control, Bocek locked on a triangle from the full mount, Hazelett pretty much just gave up halfway through the triangle, with kind of a "Why do I continue to put myself through this?" expression on his face. Sucks that Hazelett is gone, he's a badass. But yeah, pretty amazing win for Bocek.
      This was a pretty good fight. Miller won the first round, by taking Doerksen to the ground, and beating him up. Doerksen won the second round, by taking Miller down, and locking on a kimura, and going the route of submissions. The third round had Miller on top again, beating up Doerksen, so I thought it was a pretty easy decision to make, 29-28 Miller, but one judge gave it to Doerksen. Either way, decent fight, nothing special though.
      Thiago Alves looked BADASS tonight! He beat the living shit out of John Howard, all 3 rounds, absolutely dominated him, slamming him to the ground, throwing some of the best leg kicks I've ever seen, throwing hard punches, his cardio was through the roof, etc... Thiago Alves looked unstoppable in this fight, and John Howard put up a tough fight, but it was nowhere even CLOSE to being enough to even win a single round away from Alves. Thiago Alves is brutal.
      Well, this fight started kind of slow, and the entire time, Joe's corner was yelling for him to take the fight to the ground, but he seemed to be completely ignoring them. Eventually, he shot in with a punch, Danzig countered with a big left hook, Chuck Liddell style, and Stevenson fell to the ground, unconscious. Great KO victory for Mac Danzig!
      Jim Miller is a 155 badass! I mean, Charles Oliveira is a badass in his own right, but he just got dominated by Jim Miller. Miller took the fight to the ground, they scrambled for a couple of minutes, Oliveira went for a leg, Miller countered by locking on a kneebar, Oliveira just sat there looking confused for a few seconds, and then tapped out. Jim Miller is on a crazy streak right now, and I do agree with him, that he is currently one of the Top 3 in the division, but I'm not sure if he deserves a title shot necessarily, over Gray Maynard or George Sotiropoulos, but that's just my personal opinion. If he beats EITHER of those guys though, then I don't see any reason why they should make him keep waiting.
      Stefan Struve is a gigantic badass. McCorkle started strong, picking up Struve and slamming him, but once the fight hit the ground, Struve started going for various kinds of armlocks, and eventually was able to get on top, where he was able to rain down punches & elbows, until eventually McCorkle turtled up and the referee stopped the fight. Stefan Struve is probably one of my favorite heavyweights right now.
      You're not going to believe this, but... GSP just beat the shit out of Josh Koscheck, I KNOW, RIGHT!?! SUCH A SURPRISE! But yeah, this fight was basically just GSP moving around the octagon, and throwing a left jab, and Josh Koscheck's right eye turning into a plum. GSP clearly won all 5 rounds, there is no disputing that, and Koscheck was mature about the defeat. Good fight overall, but as usual, I would have liked to see a finish.