100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Matt Wiman - 94.9
2. Melvin Guillard - 94.5
3. DaMarques Johnson - 93.7
4. Pat Barry - 93.4
5. Matt Mitrione - 93.2
6. Yves Edwards - 92.8
7. Mark Hominick - 92.6
8. Rani Yahya - 92.3
9. Cody McKenzie - 91.9
10. Waylon Lowe - 91.5
UFC Fight Night 23: Fight for the Troops 2
Location: Killeen, Texas
Elevation: 890'
-Fight of the Night-
Matt Wiman vs. Cole Miller
Fighters & Matches 90.6
Top 10 Fighters 93.1
TOTAL 91.9
     This was a really close fight, but I personally gave it to Campuzano, and it sounded like some people in the crowd would have agreed with my scoring. With that being said, all 3 judges gave the fight to Cariaso, 29-28, and since it was kind of a boring fight to begin with, I'm not going to bother arguing over this one. Campuzano had better counter striking, and Cariaso was more active.
      This fight was pretty much what I expected going into it. Charlie Brenneman didn't have any interested in standing with Alves at all, so he took him to the ground in all 3 rounds, and sort of beat him up, but for the most part, just tried to hold him down and control him for the entire fight. So clearly Charlie Brenneman won this fight, 30-27, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was much fun to watch at all.
      This was a pretty good fight. Waylon Lowe is built like Sean Sherk, with that short, stocky build, where technically he's too short for 155, but his stature makes it easy for him to get inside, grab you, and take you to the ground, and then dominate you with his wrestling. In the end, Lowe clearly won the first two rounds with that tactic, but he failed at his takedown in the third round, Freire ended up on top, where he was able to beat up Lowe for a couple of minutes. In the end, I gave the fight to Lowe, 29-28, and all 3 judges agreed.
      This was a really good fight, between a couple of top guys in the division. Yahya dominated the first round, taking Brown to the ground, and completely controlling him. The second round was close, Yahya still looked really good, but Brown kind of beat his ass that round with his boxing, so at this point, the fight is all tied up. The third round was 100% Yahya, taking Brown to the ground, Jiu-Jitsuing the fuck out of him, beating him up with ground & pound, and overall just dominating him. So in the end, I gave the fight to Yahya, 29-28, and for the most part, the judges agreed.
(Body Triangle)
      I enjoyed this fight quite a bit, mostly because DaMarques Johnson's Jiu-Jitsu skills looked surprisingly solid, showing brilliant transitions, getting full mount, locking on a body triangle, Guymon turned over and laid flat on his stomach, at which point Johnson applied even more pressure with that body triangle, and BASICALLY broke Guymon's back, forcing him to verbally submit. It didn't "LOOK" that exciting, but it was a brutal submission none-the-less.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round started with Yves clearly having the better standing, but I gave the round to McKenzie, because he was able to take the fight to the ground and dominate Yves. The second round looked like McKenzie was going to win that one as well, by continuing to dominate the ground game, but Yves was able to do a good job getting out of trouble, he transitioned into the full mount, McKenzie flipped over to try to escape, and Yves locked on a rear-naked choke, causing McKenzie to fall asleep. Amazing comeback by Yves Edwards, and a disappointing end to McKenzie's huge 12 fight win streak.
      This was an important fight, because to me, these guys were just entering the Top 10 List at 155, and this fight was meant to boost one guy up the rankings, and knock one guy back out of the Top 10. Well, with that being said, Matt Wiman ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED Cole Miller, all 3 rounds, beat the living shit out of him, took him to the ground repeatedly, no matter where the fight went, Wiman was 100% dominant. Cole Miller is a badass, but he just looked defeated tonight, he didn't even come CLOSE to winning any points. Wiman is a fucking animal!
      Well then! Joey Beltran looked solid in the first round, turning the fight into a bit of a brawl, and he was able to get the better of Barry during the first round. The second round was all Barry though, so they went into the third round somewhat even. Pat Barry basically chopped Beltran down like a tree in the third round though, and by the end of the round, even though the fight went to decision, Beltran was laying face first on the canvas, crying about his busted up leg. Did I mention Barry kicked Beltran in the head over and over again throughout this fight? Beltran is a zombie, but Barry is a zombie killer, dude is brutal.
      Talk about an ass whoopin'... George Roop looked like he was on stilts the entire fight, and Hominick was hunting for his head. Punch after punch landed, Hominick looked fast & mean, and he ended the fight in a little over one minute, which means they didn't really leave a lot of room for commentary. Hominick is now scheduled to get a shot at Jose Aldo's 135 pound title.
      Once again, here we are with another exciting one sided ass beating. Tim Hague looked like he was just hired to be a punching bag, while Mitrione teed off on him, eventually forcing him to turtle up on the ground in the fetal position. Matt Mitrione has been looking pretty awesome as of late, especially compared to where he was on The Ultimate Fighter.
      Nice main event! Evan Dunham looked like he had some solid wrestling skills at the start of the fight, but the explosive Guillard said "Fuck that shit homey!" And beat the fuck out of Dunham for the remainder of the fight, eventually finishing him off with some EXPLOSIVE knees. Melvin Guillard is a badass fighter when he's on his A game, like he was tonight. Is he ready for a title shot? I don't know about that yet. Maybe put him against Jim Miller or Matt Wiman, and then go from there? He's definitely Top 10 right now, but I don't think he's the #1 contender.