100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Mackens Semerzier - 93.8
2. Chan Sung Jung - 93.5
3. Johny Hendricks - 92.4
4. Amir Sadollah - 92.3
5. Michael McDonald - 92.2
6. Phil Davis - 91.7
7. John Hathaway - 91.7
8. Christian Morecraft - 91.4
9. Anthony Johnson - 91.1
10. Nik Lentz - 91.0
UFC Fight Night 24: Nogueira vs. Davis
Location: Seattle, Washington
Elevation: 518'
-Fight of the Night-
Chan Sung Jung vs. Leonard Garcia
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.8
(Guillotine Choke)
     The first two rounds of this fight were ok, but nothing special. Lowe probably won the first round with a takedown, he took Lentz down in the second round, but I gave it to Lentz, because he landed more strikes. They started to brawl a little bit in the third round, and that exchange ended with Lentz locking on a tight guillotine choke, forcing Lowe to submit. Good finish to an otherwise "meh" fight.
      This fight was ok. Started out pretty close, with Miranda showing some decent control with the grappling from the clinch, but ultimately, by the end of the fight, everything was one-sided, with Simpson controlling all of the action, taking Miranda to the ground, and beating him up on the ground.
      Well, that fight was pretty quick. Waldburger started off aggressive, but he wasn't able to really do much, as his takedown attempt failed, and Hendricks ended up controlling him on the ground. Once they stood back up, Hendricks cracked him with a hard punch, Waldburger collapsed like a broken marionette, and Hendricks continued to hit him as the referee pulled him off and stopped the fight. There is some debate about how this might have been an early stoppage, but after seeing the way Waldburger collapsed, with his leg almost bending in a Cro Cop position, I think it was a good call by the referee.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      Well that was just about as lame as a fight can get. The first round had some slow floppy looking grappling going on, where I thought McCorkle had the advantage at first, but by the end of the round, Morecraft was beating him up. In the second round, McCorkle was exhausted, took a knee to the lower stomach, and claimed it was a nut shot, so he then took his full 5 minutes to "rest", because his cardio sucks. Luckily, soon after, McCorkle shot for an ugly takedown, got caught in a guillotine choke, and was put to sleep. Shitty fight, and I don't look forward to watching either of these guys fight again.
      This was a pretty great fight between a couple of UFC newcomers. Michael McDonald looked pretty awesome, nearly knocking out Figueroa in the final seconds of the first round, almost finishing the fight with a triangle, and an armbar in the second round. Figueroa had insane submission defense, and was really able to hang in this fight until the end. The third round, both guys were tired, but it turned into a solid brawl, and by the end of that round, it probably could have been scored for either guy, but I gave it to McDonald for securing a few more takedowns. Great fight overall.
      That was actually a really good fight! All of the action was very back & forth, McCray went for a takedown, Hathaway went for a leg lock, another takedown, another submission, another takedown, a reversal, some punches, a big kick to the body, a big knee to the chest, etc... Pretty much nonstop action from both guys, obviously slowing down at the end, but still fun to watch. I had the first round a draw, second round McCray, and third round to Hathaway, so I guess I'd probably score it a draw. With that being said, I WANTED Hathaway to win, and two of the judges gave him the fight, so I'm good with that decision.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was fucking nuts. Caceres came out like a bat out of hell, throwing wild punches, and was taken down by Semerzier. From that point forward, Semerzier completely dominated him on the ground with crazy grappling skills, eventually mounting his back, riding him like a bull, and eventually slamming his head with elbows, he locked on the rear-naked choke, and forced Caceres to submit. Awesome UFC debut by Mackens Semerzier.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Meh... I gave both rounds to Mike Russow, for landing more strikes, and controlling most of the action by pushing Madsen up against the cage and holding him there. It was a pretty boring fight overall, so I'm kind of glad that the fight was stopped after the second round. Madsen's left eye was swollen shut, so the doctor had to stop it, and the crowd was booing during the entire second round because they were bored, so yeah... Glad this one is over...
      Yeah! As usual, Leonard Garcia is in another crazy / wild / exciting fight, and as usual, he lost again. Both guys put up a hell of a fight, but Chan Sung Jung clearly won both rounds. The last round ended with some hard shots by Jung, knocking Garcia to the ground, and once Jung got on his back, it looked like he was going for a rear-naked choke, and then he transitioned into a twister, securing the first "Twister" victory in the UFC. I LOVE it when these guys use submission skills that most people haven't ever seen! Great submission victory by Jung!
      This fight was actually pretty good. DaMarques Johnson won the first round in my opinion, which is substantial, considering he took the fight on 2 weeks notice. The problem is, once that second round started, it was all Sadollah, as he was able to pick apart Johnson, eventually getting him to the ground, wrapping one of Johnson's arms around his own head (so he couldn't defend himself) and then Sadollah started throwing HEAVY elbows with his other arm, I thought he was going to smash Johnson's skull. The referee eventually stopped the fight after Johnson tapped out due to strikes. Great performance by both guys, especially Sadollah.
      Well, that was disappointing. Anthony Johnson looks way too big for the 170 weight class. Anthony Johnson basically took Hardy to the ground in all 3 rounds, and held him there, completely controlling the fight. Good smart fight by Johnson I guess, but I wish he wouldn't talk so much shit about how "There is no way this fight is going past round one..." if you're just going to hold the guy down and wait out a decision. So yeah, sucks that Hardy lost, but there is no disputing this decision, he basically got his ass kicked via a giant wrestler.
      The first round was close, and I had no idea where it was going to go from there. Davis (after being stuffed multiple times in the first round) was finally able to secure a takedown in the second round, at which point he pounded away at Nogueira, finishing the round with some BRUTAL knees to the body. The third round was sort of like the second round, but not QUITE as action packed, Davis was still able to take Nogueira down and control him though, so good fight overall for Davis, basically taking out a legend.