100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Joe Lauzon - 94.7
2. Cheick Kongo - 94.2
3. Charles Oliveira - 93.3
4. Matt Mitrione - 93.2
5. Ricardo Lamas - 92.9
6. Michael Johnson - 92.6
7. Charlie Brenneman - 92.6
8. Pat Barry - 92.4
9. Rich Attonito - 92.3
10. Nik Lentz - 91.4
UFC Live 4: Kongo vs. Barry
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Elevation: 1,365'
-Fight of the Night-
Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry
Fighters & Matches 90.1
Top 10 Fighters 93.0
TOTAL 91.6
     This was a pretty good fight, Faaloloto throwing some hard punches, and showing solid striking skills, but once Johnson was able to find his pace, it was all over. Johnson got the clinch, threw a ton of knees to the body of Faaloloto, he threw some hard elbows, knocked him down with a big punch, and finished him off with some brutal hammer fists. Michael Johnson looked awesome in this fight.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      This was a really good fight. Lamas shot for a takedown sort of early in the fight, Grice beat him up a little bit on the way down, but eventually Lamas was able to get the fight to the ground, but he wasn't able to do anything once they were on the ground. They eventually stood back up, where Lamas was able to show off some really great striking skills, eventually kicking Grice in the head, kicking him in the body, pinning him against the cage, and throwing some bombs at his head, eventually knocking Grice the fuck out. It was a pretty brutal finish, the referee probably could have stopped it a little sooner, but it was an awesome finish none-the-less.
No Contest
(Lentz Struck by Illegal Knee)
      First off, I think the "You can't throw a knee to the head of a downed opponent" is a dumb rule, I'm all for bringing back that ability, because it was awesome in Pride, and it's a legit technique. So with that being said, fuck the commission, I'm going to give the victory points to Oliveira here, for beating Lentz's ass. Don't get me wrong, Lentz put up a HELL of a fight, and the entire experience was pretty amazing, both guys going full force, so they both deserve to move up in the rankings, but Oliveira opened up a can of whoop ass, throwing an "illegal" knee to the head of Lentz while he was trying to stand up, and then Oliveira continued to batter him until he eventually finished him with a rear-naked choke. I fully understand that knees on the ground are brutal, BUT GET RID OF THIS STUPID RULE, it's a badass technique, and it needs to be available to these fighters. If you don't want to take a knee to the head while on the ground, learn to defend against it. Great fight by both guys, but an unfortunate technicality plagued the ending.
      This was a pretty good fight, especially for Attonito. He looked really strong in this fight, and overpowered Roberts in most of the exchanges, he beat him up with some hard punches, he outgrappled him in all 3 rounds. The only thing Roberts really had going for him, was he came out fast in the second round, and got on Attonito's back, looking for the rear-naked choke, but again, by the end of that round, Attonito was kicking his ass again. So yeah, this fight goes to Attonito, 30-27 on my scorecard, and for the most part, the judges agreed.
      FUCK YEAH! That was one of the most badass submissions I've ever seen. Joe The fight was kind of slow, with basic boxing for about a minute, and then Lauzon knocked Warburton's head off with some hard punches, knocked him to the ground, got on top of him, went for a Kimura, sort of locked on a triangle choke for leverage, continued the kimura, nearly ripped his arm completely off from his body, and Warburton was forced to tap to save his life. Joe Lauzon looked fucking amazing in this fight!
      What happened to Joe Stevenson? Last time I checked, almost all of his fights were super exciting, but yeah, this fight started strong, and ended with a bunch of boos, and slow sloppy striking. In the first round, Stevenson locked on an inverted armbar, which looked tight, but Vazquez ended up stealing the round by escaping that, and going for an armbar of his own, and then he just controlled the fight from that point forward. Javier Vazquez looked pretty solid in this fight, but overall, it ended up being kind of a boring 15 minute decision in favor of Vazquez.
      I usually want Manny to win most of his fights, but it seems like more often than not, they end up not going in his favor. With that being said, Manny had a couple of nice throws/takedowns, but for the most part, I think Griffin's leg kicks & boxing won him this fight. I scored the first round for Manny, but the next two rounds definitely went to Tyson, so there you have it, Tyson Griffin wins via unanimous decision.
      I'm really starting to like this Mitrione character! I don't know who the fuck Christian Morecraft is, but Mitrione BASICALLY beat his ass for two rounds, eventually knocking him out with some CLEAN punches at the end of the second round, and after Morecraft started to fall to the ground, Mitrione just walked away, because he knew the fight was over before the referee even realized it. Mitrione is a beast!
      I've been a big Matt Brown fan for a while, but he's been on a hell of a losing streak, and even though he won this fight, he didn't do much to rejuvenate the excitement that once surrounded him. Both guys gave it a decent effort, but nobody really came close to finishing the fight. In the end, I guess I gave the fight to Brown, and so did the judges. Not much of a fight really though.
      Holy shit! Brenneman just ruined Story's life! Rick Story was skyrocketing to the top of the 170 pound division, but after Marquardt failed a drug test and was taken off this card, Brenneman moved up from the undercard to take on Story on short notice, and he basically beat Story's ass in the first 2 rounds, Story was winning the third round, but Brenneman ended that round on top as well. Charlie Brenneman just fought the fight of his life! Great fight overall.
      HOLY SHIT! This was one of the craziest fights ever! Pat Barry knocked out Cheick Kongo, TWICE, in the first two minutes of the fight! The problem is, Kongo wasn't out, and he somehow got back up, on wobbly legs, and knocked Barry the fuck out, and when I say "The fuck out", I MEAN, "THE FUCK OUT!!!" HOLY HORSE SHIT, that was a crazy fucking fight. I feel horrible for Barry, because he had every reason to believe that he was moments away from finishing this fight, so yeah, sucks for him, but HOLY SHIT, Kongo is a beast.