100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Melvin Guillard - 94.6
2. Carlos Condit - 93.5
3. Chris Leben - 92.8
4. Rafael dos Anjos - 92.8
5. Anthony Njokuani - 91.8
6. Dominick Cruz - 91.8
7. Tito Ortiz - 91.6
8. Aaron Simpson - 91.6
9. Jeff Hougland - 91.6
10. Dennis Siver - 91.1
UFC 132: Cruz vs. Faber 2
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim
Fighters & Matches 90.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.2
     Jeff who? Walker who? Yeah, this is one of THOSE fights. But you know what? It was actually a pretty good fight, with Jeff Hougland controlling most of the fight, winning most of the striking exchanges, winning most of the grappling exchanges, he even locked on a few submissions that almost ended the fight near the end of each round. In the end, Walker won some points in the third round, but not enough to make up for the ass kicking he received from Jeff Hougland. Good fight overall.
      This was a good fight overall. The first round was like an Anderson Silva highlight reel, where Njokuani unleashed some BRUTAL attacks from the clinch, throwing countless knees to the head, punches, elbows, he just brutalized Winner for the entire round. The second round was a little closer, but Njokuani still won that round as well. I started to lose a little interest in the third round, since it seemed like neither guy had any interest in finishing their opponent anymore, but the decision was easy, clearly giving the fight to Njokuani on all 3 scorecards.
      This was a pretty decent fight, with Aaron Simpson controlling most of it with his wrestling skills. Tavares had a really nice slam in the second round, but for the most part, this fight was all Simpson, so congrats to him for the unanimous decision victory.
      These guys are both a couple of great fighters, but this fight was not great. It was mostly a boxing match, where both guys landed a decent number of shots, but none of them were power shots, and nobody really tried to finish the fight at all. Apparently Bowles broke his hand in the second round, so that could have something to do with why he just clinched and tried to win the third round by riding Mizugaki's back, without really progressing for a submission or anything. Decent fight I guess, Bowles wins via unanimous decision, I would have liked to see someone try to finish it though.
      DAYUM! I've been talking about how great both of these guys are for a long time now, but they both came into this fight off of a loss, so they both had something to prove, and Dos Anjos was the first to prove it, by punching Sotiropoulos in the face, and snapping his head back like a bobblehead. Rafael dos Anjos gets to retain his "This dude could be really legit!" status, and Sotiropoulos continues to fall down a few notches on the ladder.
      YEAH! Shane Roller is pretty good or whatever, but Melvin Guillard is at the top of his game right now. He clipped Roller in an early exchange, Roller fell to the ground, Guillard landed some hammerfists, Roller tried to escape, Guillard landed a perfect knee to the head of Roller as he got back to his feet, and Guillard finished him of with a chaotic KO. Melvin Guillard is a ball of fire!
(Flying Knee & Punches)
      BAMMY WHAM! This fight was kind of slow paced for the first couple of minutes, but after that, Condit launched a flying knee out of nowhere, knocking Kim on his ass, at which point Condit dove on him, pinning him in the corner, throwing fast punches to the face, completely overwhelming the stun gun. Pretty amazing finish for Carlos Condit, and since I had both of these guys ranked in the Top 5 going into this fight, it's hard to find a reason why Condit shouldn't be next in line for a title shot. That finish was AWESOME!!!
(Guillotine Choke)
      Well isn't that something... The only black mark on the record of Ryan Bader, was his loss to Jon Jones, and I mean, you can't blame him for that, Jon Jones destroys everybody. But yeah, Tito Ortiz just broke a 5 fight losing streak, by beating one of the current top guys at 205? What kind of bizarro world is this? The fight started kind of slow, but after about a minute & a half, Ortiz landed a big uppercut, knocking Bader on his ass, and then he locked on a tight guillotine choke, and Bader tapped... Weird... Good showing by Tito I guess, I'm not sure if this fight alone makes up for a 5 fight losing streak, but maybe he's back on the right track?
      Honestly? I have no idea who should have won this fight. I personally probably would have given it to Wiman, about half the crowd thought Wiman should have won, and WIMAN was SURE he won. With that being said, Wiman CLEARLY won the second round, the first & third rounds were both close in my opinion, so they could have gone either way, and the judges gave the fight unanimously to Dennis Siver. I'm fine with that decision, especially since after the winner was announced, Wiman sort of threw a tantrum. But yeah, one of these guys should have FINISHED the fight, because this particular fight was way too important to leave it in the hands of the judges. I'd say this probably puts Siver in the Top 5 at 155 now, and Wiman is going to have to work his way back up a bit again. Solid fight overall by both guys though.
      HOLY SHIT! What happened to Wanderlei!?! Chris Leben just fucked him up, HARD, in under 30 seconds. Silva came out swinging like a Wildman, and Leben said "Fuck that shit bro..." and started throwing jackhammer style uppercuts, until Silva just curled up in a ball and landed on his face. Brutal KO victory by Chris Leben, HOLY SHIT...
      That sucks! This was a really good fight, with two little guys, fighting like crazy, and I really wanted Urijah Faber to win, but I don't know WHAT to feel at this point. After all of the banter before the fight, I've grown to dislike Urijah, but I don't know if it's POSSIBLE for me to LIKE Dominick Cruz, so yeah, this was a painful 25 minutes. Don't get me wrong! 25 minutes of solid action, but I don't know man, I'm bummed that Cruz is still the champion. What's next? I'm not even really paying much attention to this weight class, so I don't know WHO is next in line for a title shot? Brian Bowles maybe? Scott Jorgensen? I have no idea.