100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Rory MacDonald - 93.8
2. Vitor Belfort - 93.5
3. Brian Ebersole - 92.9
4. Rashad Evans - 92.8
5. Johny Hendricks - 91.8
6. Alexander Gustafsson - 91.7
7. Chad Mendes - 91.5
8. Mike Thomas Brown - 91.2
9. Mike Pierce - 91.1
10. Rafael Natal - 90.9
UFC 133: Evans vs. Ortiz 2
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Elevation: 39'
-Fight of the Night-
Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 91.0
     Meh, this fight was ok. Natal pretty much picked apart Bradley with his boxing for the entire fight. Bradley shot for some takedowns, and failed miserably over and over again, and he wasn't able to strike with Natal, because Natal had a pretty big reach advantage. So yeah, one-sided fight, I gave all 3 rounds to Natal, and everyone else should have as well.
      This fight was pretty decent. Brown was clearly the better wrestler, and Phan appeared to be the better striker, so it all came down to which fighter could implement more of their gameplan. WIth that being said, I gave the first round to Brown, the second round to Phan, and the third one to Brown, but really, most of the rounds were pretty close, and the fight could possibly have gone either way. Congrats to Brown for a decent win.
      Who should have won this fight? I have no idea, I guess Pierce fans could probably dispute the outcome, but me being a Hendricks fan, I have to say, HENDRICKS WINS!!! YEAH! I would have much rather seen someone FINISH the fight, there is no reason these two should have gone to a decision, but since they did, I'm glad Hendricks won. It really could have gone either way though, and I don't think it does THAT much to change either of their rankings, since it was such a close fight.
      Personally, I gave the fight to Nick Pace, so I'm not really sure what the judges were watching. I thought Pace won the first round, by getting on the back of Menjivar and almost securing a choke. Menjivar won the second round, using some decent striking and stuff like that. The third round was close, but in the end, Pace landed a huge knee, which hurt Menjivar's eye, and then he spent the rest of the round hunting him down and beating him up, so how did Pace NOT win at least 2 of these rounds? The crowd seemed to agree with me, as they went "BOOOOO!" as the winner was announced... Oh well...
      This fight should have been amazing, between two of the top guys in the division, but ultimately, it was a one-sided fight, where Mendes took Yahya to the ground repeatedly, and clearly won the fight, via takedowns. There wasn't a lot of damage to either guy, but it was easy to score, since Yahya really had no offense at all in this fight. Good win for Mendes.
(Punches & Elbows)
      Well, I gave the first round to Gustafsson, mostly for just being more active, but ultimately, neither fighter really did much during the first 8 minutes or so of the fight. Eventually, Gustafsson clipped Hamill with SOMETHING, knocking him on his ass, Gustafsson pounced on him, started throwing heavy punches & elbows, and eventually the referee had to stop the fight before Hamill's head was crushed against the mat. Alexander Gustafsson is PRETTY GOOD!
      Wow... I've been touting Mike Pyle as one of the best guys in the 170 pound division, and Rory MacDonald just made him look like a bitch. He was tripping him, controlling him, hitting him, constantly forcing Pyle to move backwards, until eventually MacDonald got him on the ground, and from Pyle's guard, MacDonald was able to land some punches hard enough to force Pyle to roll over onto his stomach, at which point he started pounding shotgun style punches to the face of Pyle, it almost made me want to cry they looked so brutal. Rory MacDonald is no joke.
      I'm not really clear why this fight was on the main card, especially after Costas Philippou's poor performance against Nick Catone in his last fight, not to mention Jorge Rivera just came back from getting his ass beat as well. In the end, this was a 3 round war, "sort of decent at times", but for the most part, it was another fight drowned by boos. I gave Costas the first two rounds, and I gave the third round to Rivera, and the judges (for the most part) agreed with me. I like Costas Philippou, I just think he needs more experience.
      Dennis Hallman was wearing a speedo, and his balls fell out. Now that we have that out of the way, Dennis Hallman started strong, immediately taking the back of Ebersole, and after grappling the shit out of Ebersole, Ebersole was able to get on top, at which point he started raining down HARD elbows, knocking Ebersole the fuck out. Excellent fight for both guys, and I'd say this fight pushes Ebersole ever so closer to the Top 10 at 170 list, what do you think?
      Yeah! When Vitor Belfort is on top of his game, he's awesome to watch, and this was one of those examples. The fight started kind of slow, but after Belfort started to unload on Akiyama a little before the two minute mark, Belfort FUCKING EXPLODED, and just absolutely destroyed Akiyama's head with punches, until he was literally laying flat on his face, unconscious. Vitor Belfort is a badass.
(Knee to the Body & Punches)
      Well, I'm glad they didn't go to a decision! Tito put up a decent fight, but for the most part, the much smaller Rashad Evans, beat the living shit out of him, outstriking him in both rounds, outgrappling him in both rounds, he even picked Tito up over his head and slammed him down in the first round. I know Tito thinks he's on the comeback track, but as far as I'm concerned, he has no business fighting here anymore. Rashad Evans on the other hand, looked solid, I don't know about calling him #1 contender after beating Tito though, this only makes 3 wins in a row, right? What about Phil Davis's 5 in a row!?! Yeah, I think that's the next fight that should happen, winner gets Jon Jones?