100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Nate Diaz - 94.0
2. Tony Ferguson - 93.3
3. Jon Jones - 93.2
4. Josh Koscheck - 93.1
5. Takeya Mizugaki - 92.0
6. Tim Boetsch - 91.6
7. Matt Hughes - 90.4
8. Mark Hunt - 90.3
9. James Te Huna - 90.2
10. Quinton Jackson - 90.0
UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage
Location: Denver, Colorado
Elevation: 5,410'
-Fight of the Night-
Jon Jones vs. Quinton Jackson
Fighters & Matches 89.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.6
     What the fuck was that? Romero shot in for the WORST takedown attempts I've ever seen, literally falling on his own face, while diving for the takedowns, it was like he was drunk or some shit. Te Huna eventually punched him, and Romero was knocked out, and then you could hear Romero crying, and he sounded like he had some serious brain damage or something, the way he was groaning, it was weird. To be honest, I wish I wouldn't have watched this fight, Te Huna looked solid, but Romero looked like the worst fighter I've ever seen.
      I'll be honest, I'm not that familiar with guys in the Bantam weight division, but I've heard of both of these guys (mostly Escovedo). With that being said, from what I gather, Escovedo is the submission guy (almost had a solid flying triangle choke), and Mizugaki is the boxer (he boxed the shit out of Escovedo, and knocked him out in the second round). Great show by both guys, but Mizugaki is clearly the better fighter at this point.
      This fight was kind of boring. Assuncao did a good job not getting hit, by constantly moving away, and then he secured enough takedowns to win all 3 rounds, but the first 10 minutes were pretty boring. In the third round, Assuncao took Yagin to the ground, pinned him against the cage, and beat him up with "soft looking" punches, but still, he clearly won the fight.
      Wow, I'm excited, even though most of this fight wasn't very exciting. Nick Ring won the first round, because Boetsch looked tired, and wasn't really doing anything (he cut a lot of weight for this fight). Boetsch came back in the second round, and almost locked on a kimura near the end of the round. The third round was slow, until Boetsch LAUNCHED Ring with a beautiful hip toss / Judo throw, that SLAMMED Ring to the ground, and then Boetsch got on top, and landed a bunch of elbows from side mount, and pretty much kicked ass for the rest of the fight. Tim Boetsch is a beast at 185, but I don't think the Colorado altitude helped him much in this fight.
(Jaw Injury)
      Ouch... Aaron Riley has had jaw issues before (Spencer Fisher broke his jaw a while back), so Ferguson landed a HUGE uppercut early in this fight, breaking Riley's jaw, and he continued to fight for the remainder of the first round, with a broken jaw, but it was clearly fucked up, and he had blood pouring out of his mouth, so yeah, pretty brutal finish, and it sucks that the fight had to be stopped due to the broken jaw, but Ferguson's boxing looked pretty awesome in this fight.
      This fight was awesome. I haven't watched a UFC event in quite a while, so it was a nice welcome home gift, watching Diaz box the shit out of Gomi, and then finish him with some FAR superior grappling skills. Diaz spent the majority of the round punching the shit out of Gomi's face, Gomi really had no answer for any of it, the fight went to the ground, Diaz locked on a triangle choke, Gomi nearly escaped, Diaz converted it into an armbar, and THE END. Nate Diaz is turning into a pretty badass 155 pounder.
      And then as a direct contrast to the Diaz vs. Gomi fight, this one went all 3 rounds, and kind of sucked. Travis Browne basically beat up Broughton on the feet, punching him with 3-4 really solid fluries throughout the fight. Every time Browne would go for a single leg takedown, Broughton's big ass would just fall to the ground and lay there. Broughton at some point during the third round almost locked on a kimura, but other than that, he had absolutely nothing to show for himself. Browne wins via unanimous decision victory.
      This fight was actually a lot better than I had expected it to be, partially because I wanted Mark Hunt to win, and I don't think he was supposed to. He pretty much beat the shit out of Ben Rothwell on the feet, and Rothwell tried to take him down a few times, but somehow, HUnt proved to be the better wrestler. I think this fight fell into the hands of stamina, and Hunt proved to dominate in that area, but just barely. Great job Mark Hunt!
      I have mixed feelings about this fight. I wanted Josh Koscheck to win, because I really don't like Hughes, but I sort of don't like Koscheck either, so I wasn't really sure what I wanted to happen. Hughes won about 95% of the first round, outboxing Koscheck the entire time, which was pretty crazy, but at the end of the round, Koscheck knocked Hughes to the ground, and destroyed his head, hammer fisting Hughes's face against the mat, until eventually he went unconscious. BRUTAL ending by Koscheck, solid fight overall, and the end was kind of emotional for Hughes, as he refused to retire. Interesting event.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Hell yeah, Jon Jones is insane. I've been saying it ever since I saw his first fight, he's basically the Anderson Silva of the 205 division. His striking is AMAZING and very unpredictable, his wrestling is top of the division, his submission skills are pretty insane. Overall, Jon Jones might currently be my favorite fighter. He won all 4 rounds, and submitted Jackson in ROund 4 via a rear naked choke. Jon Jones is STILL, your UFC Light Heavyweight Champion! (Jackson looked solid though, so I really hope he wins his next fight, regardless of who he fights against, because I don't want him to get discouraged from his hardcore training).