100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. T.J. Grant - 93.4
2. Paul Sass - 93.2
3. Yves Edwards - 92.7
4. Josh Neer - 92.5
5. Matt Wiman - 92.5
6. Anthony Johnson - 92.4
7. Mike Easton - 91.6
8. Shane Roller - 91.5
9. Dominick Cruz - 91.4
10. Stefan Struve - 91.3
UFC Live 6: Cruz vs. Johnson
Location: Washington, D.C.
Elevation: 205'
-Fight of the Night-
T.J. Grant vs. Shane Roller
Fighters & Matches 90.3
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.3
     This was a pretty quick fight. Walel Watson kicked Sandoval in the balls, and then after the fight restarted, he kicked him in the head, and finished him off with a series of punches & kicks. Walel Watson looked fast, had great striking technique, and he looked ready to go. Sandoval looked way too short to be fighting Watson. Good fight though, and congrats to Watson.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Ooooooooh... This fight was pretty brutal. The first round had Neer landing some short elbows from the clinch, but the real damage came from when Wisniewski hit him with a nice shot, and broke a couple of Neer's ribs. The fight continued though. The second round started, and Neer CUT THE LIVING FUCK out of Wisniewski's face, with those short elbows from the clinch, his face was SOOOOOO fucking bloody, it was disgusting. The worst part was when Neer locked on a guillotine choke at the end of the second round, and Wisniewski's head literally started pouring out blood like a faucet or some shit. Brutal fight, and awesome win for Neer, ESPECIALLY if those ribs actually broke in the first round.
Technical Submission
      This fight was a pretty amazing grapple fest by both guys. I ended up giving all 3 rounds to T.J. Grant (Roller ALMOST won the second round, but Grant stole it away at the end, with a series of slick submission attempts at the very end of the round). The third round was more of the same, with Grant locking on a guillotine choke, he transitioned into an Armbar, and the referee stopped the fight (for seemingly no reason). Apparently Roller "grunted" and the referee assumed that was a verbal submission, but Roller immediately argued against the stoppage, and I can't really blame him, the referee was pretty quick to stop it. But yeah, awesome win by Grant, and even if Roller didn't tap, he would have ended up losing to a decision anyway, so yeah, T.J. Grant is a badass.
(Knee to the Body & Punches)
      Mike Easton is one of the few guys at 135 that I actually think is REALLY entertaining. He sort of fights like a character from DragonballZ or some shit. But yeah, he pretty much won the first round, by just being more active, and moving around a lot. The second round was all about beating some ass though, and he really hurt Bloodworth with leg kicks, knees to the face. Mike Easton is someone to keep an eye on.
(Heel Hook)
      I love leg locks in MMA, because they're so infrequent compared to chokes & arm locks. This fight was pretty good, with Michael Johnson getting the best of the exchanged on the feet, but once Sass pulled guard (and then "pulled mount" which was weird), but he was able to secure a leg, and he just got tighter, and tighter, until eventually Johnson wasn't able to escape at all, and was forced to submit before his leg was ripped off. Another awesome submission victory for Paul Sass.
      BOOM! There's some good ol' fashion Yves Edwards for you. He pretty much showed for the entire fight that he's the better striker in this one, keeping everything at a perfect distance, and he just picked Oliveira apart. Finally, he landed a big right hook, knocked Oliveira to the ground, landed some kicks, and then just smashed his face with a ton of punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Awesome win for Yves Edwards.
      This was another pretty great fight between these two evenly matched fighters. I gave the first two rounds to Matt Wiman, his striking looked solid (but so did Danzig's), his grappling looked a little better though, and in the second round, he even locked on a pretty tight Armbar. The third round was a really close round, where both guys were going all out until the very end, and in the last 10 seconds, Danzig locked on a tight guillotine choke (too bad he didn't lock it on 10 seconds earlier), but Wiman was able to hang on until he was saved by the bell. Great fight by both fighters, and Wiman wins via unanimous decision.
(Head Kick)
      Well, it was clear that Brenneman didn't have a chance at winning this fight, Anthony Johnson looked like he was coming in a couple of weight classes above Brenneman. Johnson controlled him on the ground, hit him with some good shots, and kicked him in the face about halfway through the first round, Brenneman fell backwards (and caught himself on his elbows, ready to keep fighting), but the referee stopped the fight "because the kick looked hard". Sort of a bad stoppage, but like I said, Brenneman didn't have any chance of winning this fight anyway, so I don't mind the stoppage really. Next fight!
(Triangle Choke)
      Wow! The first round was sort of a standard fight, both guys throwing strikes, neither one really "going at it" all that hard. The second round though, was sort of more of the same, until the fight went to the ground, at which point, Struve locked on a SLICK triangle choke, Pat Barry lifted him up in the air the EXACT same way Rampage lifted Arona, and SLAMMED him down with a huge BOOM, and just when you thought Struve might get knocked the fuck out, Barry tapped to the choke, because Struve was able to defend himself against the slam, by landing on his elbow instead of flat on his back. Great win for Struve, and valiant effort for the much shorter Pat Barry.
      You know what? As much as I like these smaller weight classes and stuff, this shit is NOT acceptable as a main event, not yet anyway. Who the fuck is Demetrious Johnson? I mean, it's all good or whatever, but when you build these guys up on the undercard, then nobody is going to give a shit when they suddenly get a title fight. Not to mention, neither fighter seems to be able to finish a fight in the UFC, so we're left with these long 25 minute fights, where YEAH, there is a lot of "action", but when nobody is ever in any trouble of getting knocked out or submitted, what the fuck is the point? If I wanted to watch a couple of little guys run around like maniacs, I'd watch Middle School cross country or some shit. But yeah, Dominick Cruz clearly won this fight, so there you go, can't wait to see him go to ANOTHER 25 minute decision in the future.