100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Thiago Alves - 95.2
2. Renan Barao - 93.8
3. Mark Munoz - 93.7
4. Terry Etim - 93.5
5. John Maguire - 92.9
6. Che Mills - 92.4
7. Chris Leben - 92.3
8. Chris Cariaso - 91.5
9. Papy Abedi - 91.5
10. Michihiro Omigawa - 91.4
UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz
Location: West Midlands, England
Elevation: 889'
-Fight of the Night-
Mark Munoz vs. Chris Leben
Fighters & Matches 90.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.8
TOTAL 91.5
     This was a decent fight, with Lee pulling off the first round with a guillotine attempt, some ground & pound, and overall, just more control. The next two rounds were all Cariaso though, as he got pay back for any damage he might have received in the first round. In the end, I gave the fight to Cariaso, 29-28, and two of the judges agreed, giving Cariaso the split-decision victory.
(Knees & Punches)
      Chris Cope came out, ready to swing, and Mills was able to dodge most of the shots without taking much damage. Once Che Mills started to launch his own offense, he slammed Cope's chin with a huge knee, knocking him to the ground, the referee almost stopped it, Mills continued to punch him for a few more seconds, until the referee decided enough was enough. Good UFC debut for Che Mills, but Chris Cope isn't exactly top shelf competition.
      This fight was kind of fast paced, but it was also sort of boring. The entire fight consisted of Omigawa taking Young to the ground, completely dominating him with his wrestling, throwing a few basic punches, and a couple of submission attempts on the ground throughout the fight, but ultimately, he never REALLY tried to finish the fight, he just dominated & controlled Young. So yeah, Omigawa clearly won this fight, 29-28, with only the first round going to Young, but I would have liked to see Omigawa put a little more effort into finishing the fight.
      De Fries makes his UFC debut here, by taking Broughton to the ground in the first & third rounds, and controlling him against the cage. Broughton had a good showing in the second round, getting on top, beating the hell out of De Fries, and even getting a mounted crucifix going, so he probably came the closest to finishing the fight, but since De Fries scored higher on 2 of the 3 rounds, he walks away with the unanimous decision victory.
      That fight was fucking awesome! Edwards started by kicking Maguire in the balls twice in the first 15 seconds or so, and then from that point forward, Maguire took Edwards to the ground, and dominated him with his crazy ass grappling skills. I guess I shouldn't say dominated, because Edwards hung in there with some great grappling defense, and even had a few submission attempts of his own, as well as some nice striking skills, but Maguire ultimately was just too strong & talented for him. Awesome fight for both guys.
(Guillotine Choke)
      BAM! Terry Etim threw a punch, and a couple of kicks, they all landed, he looked sharp, Faaloloto ran at him like a bull, Etim locked on a guillotine choke, pulled Faaloloto to the ground, and forced him to submit to the guillotine choke in under 20 seconds. Nice UFC return for Terry Etim, after being out for over a year & a half with a broken rib!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Why was this fight on the main card of a numbered UFC event? Oh well... Cyrille Diabate was able to keep the fight standing for most of the first round, so I gave him that round, even though Perosh secured a takedown later in the round. The second round mostly took place on the ground, with Perosh dominating Diabate, and eventually, after a few failed arm triangle attempts, he finished Diabate with a rear-naked choke from the top. Good win for Perosh, but I feel like both of these guys are well past their prime at this point.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty badass fight. Papy Abedi came out looking confident, swinging for the fences, and Alves looked like he was going to be in some trouble, until later in the first round, where he clipped Abedi, and Abedi started doing some weird chicken dance, as his legs gave out on him, and he collapsed. Alves continued to pound away at the downed Abedi from full mount, and some people were surprised the referee hadn't stopped the fight yet, so to put a definitive stamp on the fight, Alves locked on a rear-naked choke, securing his first submission victory in the UFC. Alves looked badass at the end of this fight.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Hell yeah! Brad Pickett is a badass, and Renan Barao beat his ass in his own town. Brad Pickett came out swinging, and they had a pretty fun brawling opening few minutes, but once Barao landed a huge knee to the chin of Pickett, it was all downhill for Pickett. Barao pounded away at him on the ground for a few, eventually locking on a rear-naked choke, nearly crushing the jaw of Pickett, before he was forced to submit. Great fight overall!
(Corner Stoppage)
      Hell of a fight! *standing ovation* Both guys brawled the shit out of each other, and this was a pretty great, action packed fight, lots of punching, lots of ground & pound, lots of heart, etc... The problem is, at some point in the second round, Leben got hit in the eye, he was cut open, and started complaining that he couldn't see out of his left eye. I'm not really clear on what happened, but it seemed like a legit injury. Mark Munoz is tough, his wrestling looked solid, and his punches were hard. Great fight overall, and I have to say that I think Munoz should be in line for a title shot at this point. The problem is, after he mentioned wanting a title shot during his post fight interview, the crowd just continued to boo, so I'm not sure if anybody else is interested in seeing Anderson Silva vs. Mark Munoz yet? But yeah, I'd like to see it.