100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Vitor Belfort - 94.9
2. Ronaldo Souza - 93.8
3. John Lineker - 93.0
4. Iuri Alcantara - 92.7
5. Francisco Trinaldo - 92.3
6. Rafael dos Anjos - 91.7
7. Evan Dunham - 90.9
8. Gleison Tibau - 90.8
9. Nik Lentz - 90.6
10. Lucas Martins - 90.5
UFC on FX 8: Belfort vs. Rockhold
Location: Santa Catarina, Brazil
Elevation: 79'
-Fight of the Night-
Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 91.0
     Wow, that's gotta be disappointing for Jeremy Larsen. I personally gave both of the first two rounds to Larsen, for throwing heavy punches, as well as securing several takedowns. Martins locked on a nice calf slicer in the first round, and also showed some solid muay thai skills throughout the fight, but I really thought he was losing. The third round started, and it looked like Larsen was executing his gameplan perfectly, throw a few jabs, and follow it up with a big hook or overhand right, but Martins was backing up quickly against the cage, threw a hard right jab to defend himself, and knocked Larsen unconscious. Great fight overall, between two guys I haven't really been paying much attention to. I also want to add, that Brazilian crowd is terrifying, so I felt bad for Larsen, it sounded like they were going to kill him at any minute with those loud waves of chants. Martins on the other hand, with the hometown crowd support, wins via KO.
      Well, this fight was ok I guess. Brazil's hometown boy got the win again, even though by the end of the fight, it looked like he was clearly on the losing end. Jussier da Silva won the first two rounds, no questions asked, by just taking the fight to the ground and controlling it there, but he didn't really do any damage. Cariaso stole the third round by locking on a D'Arce choke, which was the closest the fight came to being finished, and then he followed that by taking da Silva to the ground, and beating him up there. Personally, overall, I think Cariaso did the most damage of the fight in the third round, even cutting open da Silva's eye, and leaving him laying on the ground when the fight was over, Cariaso didn't look like he had taken any damage at all. BUT! Jussier da Silva still wins 29-28. I don't like the way fights are scored in MMA, using my system, Cariaso would have won this fight, using THEIR system, I agree that da Silva won, via lay & pray.
      Yeah! Last time I saw John Lineker fight, I complained that guys at 125 can't finish each other, because he spent 15 minutes beating the living shit out of Yasuhiro Urushitani, but couldn't finish the fight. Well, 6 months later or so, he's back, and he proves me wrong, by beating the shit out of Gashimov in a 10-8 round in the first round, and then the second round started, he threw a huge kick to the body, followed by a punch to the body, and then he pounded away at his face with big punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight. John Lineker might be my favorite fighter at 125!
      The first round consisted of Hollett doing a spinkick that hit Maldonado square in the nuts, putting him down for 5 minutes or so. Once they got back go fighting, Hollett took him to the ground twice and won that round. The second round had Maldonado pinning Hollett against the cage, using his dirty boxing to pick apart Hollett. The third round was basically a repeat of the second round, but to a greater degree, with Maldonado really making Hollett look foolish with his boxing skills. Maldonado wins via unanimous decision, and I can't really argue with that.
      This was another one of those "short notice" fights, and it really showed. Santos got completely destroyed by Yuri's violent striking, and after getting beat up for a couple of minutes, he eventually crumbled into the corner, and the referee had to stop the fight. Good clean show by Yuri Alcantara.
      Well, I personally gave this fight to Tractor, I thought he did enough to win the first two rounds, constantly coming forward, and landing huge leg kicks. The third round obviously went to Paulo Thiago, as he turned it up a notch, started landing more strikes, and finished the round on the ground, beating up Tractor. Either way, Paulo Thiago wins, somehow, via unanimous decision.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Gleison Tibau is fuckin' huge for 155. This entire fight basically consisted of Tibau's muscles winning on the scorecards, until halfway through the second round, where he was able to lock on a guillotine choke, transforming into a pitbull, forcing Cholish to submit. Tibau looked solid.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      WHAT!?! All I know is Rio was dominating this fight with his wrestling, controlling Trinaldo with his wrestling, and somehow, Trinaldo got on top, went for an arm-triangle choke, was caught in Rio's half guard, and was still able to finish it from that position? SAY WHAT!?! Trinaldo wins via first round submission, crazy shit.
      Holy shit! The American won in Brazil! After an entire card, where the Brazilians have been kicking the shit out of all of the Americans, finally Nik Lentz steps up, and beats the living shit out of Hacran Dias for the first two rounds. Granted, Dias won the third round, no questions asked, but NIK LENTZ WON A DECISION IN BRAZIL! One of the judges scored the fight 28-27, which was kind of strange, but other than that, the 29-28 scorecards pretty much described the fight. Excellent job Nik Lentz!
      Well, this fight was a little bit long-winded. The first round was interesting, because they went to the ground, both laying on their backs, going for leglocks, so the concept of two BJJ black belts, trying to take out each other's legs, it was an interesting chess match, but after a while, Zeferino started whining about bullshit fouls and stuff like that (Natal was throwing his heel at the shoulder of Zeferino on the ground, so Zeferino kept trying to position his head under the heel, to force an illegal kick on the ground), I thought that was annoying. Anyway, after grinding it out for the last two rounds, with Natal on top in both rounds, I gave the fight to him via decision, and so did all 3 judges. Sort of a boring fight overall.
      This fight was pretty great, between two guys fighting for a higher ranking in the Top 10 Lightweights rankings. I had dos Anjos ranked above Dunham going into this fight (and so did most people I think), and after 3 rounds of hardcore brawling, I technically scored the fight a draw, I had no idea how to score it really. I was leaning SLIGHTLY in favor of dos Anjos, and I think a lot of people might have thought Dunham won, but since the fight took place in Brazil, it's no surprise that dos Anjos walked away with the unanimous decision victory. Great fight by both guys, and personally, I'm glad dos Anjos won. Great fight.
Technical Submission
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This fight was just about as one-sided as a fight can possibly get. Jacare Souza took the fight to the ground early, completely dominated Camozzi, Camozzi looked to have some solid submission defense, but once Jacare locked on the arm-triangle choke, there was nothing Camozzi could do, except for fall asleep a couple of seconds later. That was one of the fastest "submissions leading to unconsciousness" that I've ever seen. Jacare is a hardcore badass on the ground! Props to Camozzi for accepting such a big fight on short notice though, ruining his 4 fight winning streak right before his wedding vacation.
(Spinning Heel Kick & Punches)
      FUCK YEAH!!! Going into this fight, not being a huge fan of most of the Strikeforce fighters that are coming out of the woodwork, I was a little nervous after hearing about how much of a beast Rockhold was. I felt confident Belfort would win, but Rockhold's fans seemed to think he was a monster. Well, after a brief feeling out process, and Belfort exploding a handful of times with big punch combinations, Belfort unleashed a spinning heel kick OUT OF NOWHERE, knocking Rockhold on his ass, and Belfort swarmed him, launching super fast and hard punches, knocking Rockhold unconscious. Vitor Belfort is still legit, and he's THIS much closer to another title shot. Amazing fight! BAM BAM BAM!!! VITOR BELFORT FOR THE WIN!!! I still think he should have to fight someone else (maybe Jacare? Francis Carmont?) but after that, if he can win one more fight, I think he MIGHT BE standing on Anderson Silva's doorstep, waiting for another title shot. It's always cool seeing Vitor get big wins in Brazil.