100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Frank Shamrock - 95.0
2. Pat Miletich - 92.4
3. Tsuyoshi Kosaka - 92.0
4. Mikey Burnett - 91.9
5. Kevin Jackson - 91.9
6. Jerry Bohlander - 90.6
7. LaVerne Clark - 89.6
8. Townsend Saunders - 89.6
9. Kimo Leopoldo - 89.4
10. Chris Brennan - 88.9
UFC 16: Battle in the Bayou
Location: Kenner, Louisiana
Elevation: 3'
-Fight of the Night-
Frank Shamrock vs. Igor Zinoviev
Fighters & Matches 89.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.1
TOTAL 90.3
     I had to try to piece this fight together via highlights, since it wasn't shown on the actual PPV. All I know, is that Stuart started with a leg kick, it eventually went to the ground somehow, Stuart was trying to grab Clark's leg, but Clark was dropping big punches down at the head of Stuart, and the referee eventually had to stop the fight due to those strikes. LaVerne Clark seems to be a pretty legit fighter though, from what I've seen in his other fights so far.
      Well, this was a pretty decent debut for Mikey Burnett. Tadeu is supposed to be the #1 guy in his weight class or something, but Burnett just beat his ass. They started out boxing with each other, Burnett getting the better of most of the exchanges, Burnett took him to the ground, beat him up for a few minutes against the cage, and eventually the referee stood them back up. After continuing to out-box Tadeu, the referee eventually stopped the fight, because Tadeu was wobbling around like a drunk man. Good show by Mikey Burnett.
      This fight was a bit longwinded. Neither guy seemed to have much skill on the feet, Saunders being a wrestler, and Miletich being a BJJ guy. Saunders took the fight to the ground early, and for the most part, kept Miletich held down the entire fight. Miletich went for a few submission attempts, and had a nice reversal, which landed him in full mount, but Saunders ended the first 12 minute round on top. The 3 minute overtime was more of the same, with Saunders on top, and by the end of the fight, Saunders secured one last takedown, and beat the shit out of Miletich for the last few seconds. It was a close fight, but I would have given this fight to Saunders. Two of the judges gave it to Miletich though, which moves him onto the second round of the "Lightweight (170 Pound)" tournament.
Technical Submission
      This was a pretty crazy fight, with Kevin Jackson beating the shit out of Bohlander for nearly 10 minutes. He took him to the ground multiple times, including a nice Judo slam, and beat the shit out of him for a while, went for a few solid armlock attempts, etc... BUT, near the 10 minute mark, Bohlander locked on an Armbar, and the referee stopped the fight, and Jackson complained because he never actually tapped, but the referee stopped the fight because "he couldn't let his arm break". So yeah, good fight, and congrats to Bohlander for the win, but Jackson still beat your ass.
(Shoulder Choke)
      Well, it sucks that Mikey Burnett wasn't able to continue in this tournament (due to a broken thumb), because I would have much rather seen Burnett vs. Miletich, instead of this Brennan guy that came from the unaired prelims, and got his ass kicked. The fight basically consisted of Miletich throwing leg kicks, and punches, and eventually Brennan took the fight to the ground, but Miletich ended up on top, pinned Brennan against the cage, pressed his shoulder into Brennan's throat, and Brennan was forced to tap. Good night for Pat Miletich, who I GUESS is the new Lightweight Tournament Champion?
      Kimo started this fight off by taking Kosaka to the ground, and beating the shit out of him with some solid ground & pound. That lasted about 8 minutes, and I thought he was well on his way to victory, but once Kimo got tired, Kosaka stood back up, clearly looking like the fresher of the two, and he finished the first 12 minute round by beating up Kimo, and stealing the round. During the 3 minute overtime, Kimo shot for a few failed takedowns, eventually bringing the fight to the ground, at which point, Kosaka got on top, and finished the fight by kicking Kimo's ass. Awesome UFC debut by Tsuyoshi Kosaka.
      This was a pretty crazy fight. Shamrock kicked Igor in the leg once, and then picked him up, lifting him all the way over his head, and then he jumped in the air like some kind of Capcom finishing move or some shit, and SLAMMED, AND I MEAN MOTHERFUCKING CRUSHED, Igor onto the mat, knocking him unconscious immediately, and I BELIEVE he broke his collar bone and ended his career right here. That slam was FUCKING BRUTAL. Frank Shamrock is the man right now.