100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Carlos Newton - 94.8
2. Dan Henderson - 94.8
3. Tank Abbott - 92.8
4. Mike Van Arsdale - 92.4
5. Frank Shamrock - 91.8
6. Andre Roberts - 91.4
7. Chuck Liddell - 91.2
8. Pete Williams - 90.9
9. Jeremy Horn - 90.0
10. Mark Coleman - 89.7
UFC 17: Redemption
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Elevation: 10'
-Fight of the Night-
Dan Henderson vs. Carlos Newton
Fighters & Matches 90.4
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 91.2
     We all know Chuck Liddell at this point, and this was his debut fight in the UFC, and it was on the undercard, and never aired. With that being said, based off the highlights I've seen, it looks to me like Chuck basically beat the shit out of Noe Hernandez. The stats say Chuck landed 5 times as many strikes, twice as many takedowns, including a nice slam, and whenever the fight went to the ground, he maintained control there. No doubt about it, Chuck deserved this unanimous decision victory. I just wish they would have played this fight on the actual PPV.
      This was another fight that they didn't show on the PPV, but I was able to catch most of it on a highlight reel. It looks like the fight was mostly just a brawl between two huge Super-Heavyweights. In the end, after cornering "Dirty" Harry Moskowitz against the cage, Andre Roberts was able to land a HUGE elbow, which knocked Moskowitz on his ass. The referee stopped the fight, but Roberts was able to land another punch or two over the referee's back, pretty much ending the night for Moskowitz in a violent fashion.
      This fight was a little clunky. Allan Goes looked to have awesome striking at the start of the fight (even though he's a BJJ guy), and Dan Henderson looked to have awesome BJJ skills (even though he's a wrestler). So they were scrapping, it was a solid first round, very close on my scorecard, I think Henderson won that round though, because Goes kicked him in the face while Henderson was on the ground, and then tried to choke him, and refused to let go with the referee tried to call timeout. So yeah, weird first round, but still exciting. The second round basically consisted of Dan Henderson beating up Goes on the feet, until the bell rang, and since Goes kept trying to pull guard, and just looked lazy by the time the fight ended, Dan Henderson moves on to the next round of the tournament, via unanimous decision.
(Triangle Choke)
      This was awesome! Carlos Newton shot in immediately, lifted Gilstrap over his head, and slammed him down the same way Frank Shamrock finished his last fight at UFC 16. Once on the ground, Newton went for an Armbar, almost got it, but transitioned into a triangle choke, finishing the fight in under a minute. Carlos Newton is the man!
      This was a good fight, with Mike Van Arsdale taking Pardo to the ground, and beating him up for most of the fight. When they were standing, Mike also had the advantage with the striking. There was one point where Pardo went for an ankle lock, but Mike escaped, and continued to beat up Pardo, until eventually he locked on an Americana for the submission victory. Mike Van Arsdale looks like he has a ton of potential.
      Nice! Hugo Duarte shot in for a takedown, took Tank to the ground, tried to lock on an Armbar, Tank got on top and said "Fuck that shit bro..." And then beat the fuck out of Duarte until the referee stopped the fight. After the fight was stopped, Tank just walked out of the octagon like his job here was finished, and Duarte stayed laying on the ground for a while. Awesome show by Tank.
      This was one of the best fights I've seen so far in the UFC, as far as sheer competition is concerned. Carlos Newton came out and showed some awesome striking skills early in the fight, Big John almost stopped the fight when Henderson got clipped, but Henderson immediately shot for a flying takedown, causing both fighters to flip through the air, and crash to the ground. Henderson started to pound away at Newton on the ground, Newton went for submissions, they kept fighting, they kept taking each other down, brawl brawl brawl! Badass fight! In the end, I gave the fight to Dan Henderson, and two of the judges did as well, so yeah, Dan Henderson wins via split-decision. AWESOME fight, and I can't wait to see Frank Shamrock vs. Dan Henderson. (On a side note, apparently that fight never happened after this, so that sucks...)
      This fight was pretty much what you'd expect for the most part. Mark Coleman took Williams to the ground, and "ground & pounded" him for the first 12 minute round. Once the fight went into overtime, Coleman was clearly exhausted, and Pete Williams landed a baseball bat style kick to the head of Coleman, knocking him 100% unconscious. Beautiful kick, decent fight.
      It sucks that this fight wasn't included on the PPV, but whatever... The basic breakdown is, Jeremy Horn dropped Shamrock on his head early in the fight, and basically controlled him for the entire 15 minutes. Once the overtime started, they went back to the floor, Horn was on Frank's back, and Frank locked on a beautiful kneebar, forcing Horn to tapout before breaking his leg. Good fight overall, but really shitty that they didn't even include it on the VHS.