100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Chael Sonnen - 94.1
2. Nam Phan - 93.7
3. Joe Lauzon - 92.6
4. Leonard Garcia - 92.4
5. Anthony Pettis - 91.0
6. Aaron Simpson - 90.9
7. Darren Elkins - 90.9
8. Demian Maia - 90.9
9. Frankie Edgar - 90.4
10. Jose Aldo - 90.3
UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard 3
Location: Houston, Texas
Elevation: 43'
-Fight of the Night-
Chael Sonnen vs. Brian Stann
Fighters & Matches 90.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 91.0
     I don't really care about either of these fighters, but I've never liked Cantwell, so I'm glad to see Massenzio walked away with the unanimous decision victory. The first round was pretty close & boring, Mazzenzio beat up Cantwell during the last 2 rounds, so yeah, I agree with the judges.
      This was pretty much a one-sided ass beating from beginning to end, with Aaron Simpson boxing the shit out of Schafer's face, until Schafer basically turned into a zombie in the third round, and just kept coming forward, while Simpson continued to beat the shit out of him. Aaron Simpson looked pretty awesome in this fight, but Eric Schafer kind of looked like shit.
      This fight was pretty good. Tiequan Zhang started EVERY round with a tight guillotine choke attempt, and Elkins was able to escape all of them, finishing every round in complete control, with the grappling & striking in favor of Elkins for pretty much the entire fight, all 3 judges gave the fight to Darren Elkins, no questions asked.
      I've never heard of Stipe Miocic, but this was pretty impressive. The first round, Miocic used his "Cro-Cop" style attack on Beltran, kicking & punching him from the outside, and he even proved to be a solid wrestler, leaving round one firmly in Miocic's hands. Beltran came back as a brawler in round 2, and I gave that round to him. Miocic returned with his sharper skills in the third round, giving the fight to Miocic via unanimous decision.
      This was a pretty badass fight. I've always known Pettis had great striking skills, but his grappling skills in this fight were pretty amazing. Stephens is a hard striker, and he has really good wrestling, but Pettis kicked the shit out of him all 3 rounds, Pettis took him down and controlled him in every round (Stephens had a couple of good takedowns in the first round though). In the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Anthony Pettis. To be honest, I'm not sure what the judges were thinking with a split-decision. Either way, great fight, and great first UFC win for Anthony Pettis.
      This was a boring fight. It mostly consisted of Demian Maia dragging Santiago to the ground, and just holding him there, playing the fight very safe, making sure he secured the victory, without taking any chances of receiving any punishment. The crowd was full of boos, and I can't really blame them. Maia is a great fighter, but this was a boring performance.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was the perfect start for a PPV event. Melvin Guillard came out like a ball of fire, and launched some HUGE punch combinations, flying knees, big kicks, etc... Guillard looked to be on top of his game, until Lauzon clipped him with a quick hook to the jaw, Guillard went down, Lauzon jumped on his back, and choked him out immediately with the rear-naked choke. Great fun was had by all!
      This fight was fucking INSANE!!! The entire fight was nonstop punches & kicks being thrown by both guys. Nam Phan proved to be the superior boxer, with amazing technique, and some of the best punch combinations I've ever seen. Leonard Garcia on the other hand is a brawler, and he threw some of the heaviest hands I've ever seen for a 145 pounder. In the end, I gave the first round (just barely) to Phan, the second one was 100% Nam Phan, and the third round was all Garcia. So I agree 100% with the judges scorecards of 29-28, Nam Phan wins via unanimous decision.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This fight was pretty awesome as well! Great UFC event so far! Going into this fight, I was kind of rooting for Brian stann, but GOOD GOD! Chael Sonnen is easily one of the best wrestlers I've ever seen in MMA. He took Stann down at will, with NO trouble whatsoever, completely dominated him on the ground, toying with him, punching him, running a grappling clinic, and eventually he ended the 2nd round with an arm triangle. Chael Sonnen is the real deal! I hope he's next in line for Anderson Silva, because I think that's the only fight that makes sense at middleweight right now.
      I really thought this was going to be Kenny's first championship, but after the first round, he sort of fell apart. I gave the first round to Florian, for having the superior striking, and he just seemed a lot more aggressive. After that, it was obvious Kenny wasn't going to be able to take Aldo to the ground, so Jose Aldo started to unleash some really solid striking of his own, beating Kenny for the final 4 rounds. In the end, Aldo remains the champion, via unanimous decision.
      This fight was pretty cool. Gray Maynard beat up Edgar pretty badly in the first round, breaking his nose, and cutting his face open in several spots. After that, Edgar slowly started to improve throughout the fight, until finally in the fourth round, he almost took Maynard to the ground, and then while they were scrambling to get back to their feet, Edgar knocked Maynard the fuck out with an excellent punch combo. Great comeback by Frankie Edgar!