100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Vitor Belfort - 92.9
2. Frank Shamrock - 92.7
3. Pedro Rizzo - 91.3
4. Tsuyoshi Kosaka - 91.3
5. Ebenezer Fontes Braga - 90.4
6. Tulio Palhares - 90.4
7. Tank Abbott - 89.5
8. Pete Williams - 88.7
9. Mikey Burnett - 88.3
10. John Lober - 88.3
UFC 17.5: Ultimate Brazil
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Elevation: 2,493'
-Fight of the Night-
Frank Shamrock vs. John Lober
Fighters & Matches 88.7
Top 10 Fighters 90.4
TOTAL 89.6
      This fight mostly took place on the ground, with Palhares on top, beating up Santos with short punches. Santos was able to hang in there for 9 minutes, so kudos to him for that, but he really had nothing to show for his offense. Palhares eventually got the full mount, and around the 9 minute mark, he started punching Santos in the face from the full mount, and the fight was stopped. Nice win for Tulio Palhares.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Well, after randomly getting a title shot that never aired, against Frank Shamrock at the last UFC event, Jeremy Horn makes his big return, against Ebenezer Fontes Braga. The fight started with Braga pushing Horn against the cage, they clinched, they hugged, Braga took him to the ground, punched him a few times, stood back up, Horn shot immediately from the ground, towards a takedown, and planted his head firmly inside Braga's guillotine choke, forcing him to either submit, or else get his head ripped off. Braga looked solid, but Horn's performance makes me wonder how he got a shot against Shamrock in the first place.
      This fight was a hell of a grappling match, between two heavyweights that were coming into this fight with 1-0 records in the UFC. Kosaka beat Kimo's ass last time I saw him fight, and Williams knocked out Coleman with that huge kicked to the head in his last fight. Well this fight consisted of Kosaka unleashing a BEAUTIFUL Judo throw, and then controlling Williams for a while, going for a few arm locks. Williams was able to get on top, and beat up Kosaka for a few. The first 12 minute round was close, but I gave it to Kosaka. The 3 round overtime was pretty close too, but I also gave that to Kosaka, so I agree with the judges, and he earned the unanimous decision victory.
      Well, that was kind of disappointing. Two solid fighters, square off, Miletich spent the entire fight grabbing Burnett's shorts, and defending himself with a decent guard. Mikey Burnett spent the fight throwing strikes, had a nice guillotine attempt, a nice arm lock attempt, and even took Miletich down a couple of times. As far as I'm concerned, Mikey Burnett won this fight. BUT! Somehow, Miletich pulled of the split-decision victory, so whatever. Decent fight, but Burnett was the only one that actually did anything, other than try to unpants his opponent. Sort of irritating that the first ever title fight in this weight class, ended via shitty split-decision.
      Well, this fight was kind of ugly. Tank Abbott came out swinging like a mammoth, like usual, and gassed himself out. Since Rizzo was able to survive the early storm, it was just a matter of time before Rizzo was able to pick him apart, and eventually, Rizzo threw some grazing strikes, Tank got tired and just collapsed, and Rizzo wins via "KO" I guess.
      Well, that kind of sucks, because I like Wanderlei Silva a lot, but yeah, Vitor Belfort just fucked him up. I'm sure most UFC fans have at least seen the highlight clip from this fight, where Vitor Belfort runs right through Wanderlei Silva, throwing punch combinations, while sprinting across the octagon, until Silva just collapsed like he had been hit by a Brazilian Lawn Mower, shredding him into nothingness in the corner. Vitor Belfort is awesome.
      This was a hell of a fight, with both guys taking each other down a couple of times, the ground game was very back & forth, with Shamrock coming out on top more often than not. Shamrock attempted a couple of tight guillotine chokes, but Lober was able to escape them all. In the end, Shamrock turned up the striking, and knocked Lober on his ass, he got on top, pinned him against the cage, and Shamrock beat on him for a few, until eventually Lober tapped out due to a mixture of strikes to the body, and a "forehead pressed against the chin" submission hold. Frank Shamrock is legit, and it had to feel good for him to avenge the only loss so far on his record, by taking out John Lober.