100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Bas Rutten - 92.8
2. Evan Tanner - 92.8
3. Tito Ortiz - 92.2
4. LaVerne Clark - 91.3
5. Darrel Gholar - 90.8
6. Tsuyoshi Kosaka - 89.8
7. Mikey Burnett - 89.2
8. Pedro Rizzo - 88.8
9. Mark Coleman - 88.7
10. Pat Miletich - 88.3
UFC 18: Road to the Heavyweight Title
Location: Kenner, Louisiana
Elevation: 3'
-Fight of the Night-
Bas Rutten vs. Tsuyoshi Kosaka
Fighters & Matches 88.6
Top 10 Fighters 90.5
TOTAL 89.6
     This fight was kind of silly. Caracci was introduced as a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Karate & Taekwondo. You would think from a background like that, he'd be ready to whoop some ass! LaVerne Clark on the other hand, was a wrestler, with a reach advantage. Clark immediately took Caracci to the ground, and just beat his ass for the entire fight. Caracci went for a kneebar at one point, but was nowhere near finishing it. Clark's glove also fell off at one point, so the referee had to stop the fight, to put it back on, but about a minute later, Caracci was tapping out due to strikes. Like I said, kind of a silly event really.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was pretty crazy. Darrel Gholar started the fight by tripping Tanner, and throwing him to the ground. Once they were on the ground, Tanner was going for armlocks & triangles from his back, and Gholar slammed him multiple times, showing tons of power. Eventually though, Tanner was able to get back to his feet, and he unleashed some beautiful knees to the body of Gholar, clearly having superior cardio than Gholar, and Gholar started to move away, turning his back to Tanner, at which point, Tanner jumped on his back, and choked him out with the rear-naked choke. Solid fight for both guys!
      Well, going into this fight, Mikey Burnett was 100% all about "I'm ready to lose, before I let a fight go to decision again..." after his last split-decision loss against Pat Miletich. Well, he started this fight strong, beat the living shit out of Saunders with his solid boxing skills, but ultimately, the fight ended up going to a decision, Burnett wasn't able to finish Saunders, and from this point forward, Burnett has never been seen in the cage again.
      Jerry Bohlander's ass was grass, and Tito Ortiz was the lawn mower. He came out, slammed Bohlander to the ground early, pounded the shit out of his face, slammed him, pounded him, slammed him, pounded him. The few moments when they stood up, Ortiz unleashed some devastating punches, showing a clear advantage both on the feet AND on the ground. In the end, Tito cut Bohlander's eye with a big elbow / forearm, and the fight was stopped by the doctor. Great upset by Tito Ortiz!
      Well, here we are with another disappointing Mark Coleman fight. Coleman came out, took Rizzo down, and just held him down on the ground for the first half of the first 12 minute round. They stood back up, Rizzo kicked the fuck out of his leg, leaving a HUGE bloody welt on Mark's lead leg, but Coleman was able to take him down again, and continued to hold him there. I ended up giving the first 12 minute round to Coleman. He wasn't able to take him down anymore during the 3 minute overtime though, so they ended up striking with each other, and Rizzo earned back his points in the overtime. In the end, I agree that Rizzo won, but it was definitely a close fight. Coleman REALLY SERIOUSLY needs to work on his cardio though, because he falls apart WAY too quickly in these fights, and I think these strikers are starting to realize it. Rizzo moves on to fight the winner of the main event, for a title shot.
      Well, that was a boring 21 minutes. Patino spent most of the fight running away, and Miletich spent most of the fight just jogging, trying to close the distance. The highlights consisted of a giant illegal head stomp by Patino, as well as a guillotine attempt at the end of the third round. Miletich retains his title, and I doubt anybody really gives a shit at this point.
      Hell yeah! Bas Rutten's strikes are second to none, especially compared to the rest of the guys in the Heavyweight division. Whenever the fight was standing, Bas Rutten was beating the living shit out of Kosaka. I was a little bit worried, because Kosaka spent at least half of the first 12 minute round, on top of Rutten, controlling him on the ground. BUT MAN! Bas unleashed some sweet punch & knee combinations in the 3 minute overtime, and he was able to put Kosaka away, leaving him crumpled on the mat. Bas Rutten is the man!