100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Evan Tanner - 93.7
2. Sione Latu - 93.1
3. Tito Ortiz - 92.8
4. Joey Roberts - 92.8
5. Kevin Randleman - 91.7
6. Gary Goodridge - 91.2
7. Pete Williams - 91.1
8. Jeremy Horn - 90.7
9. Guy Mezger - 89.1
10. Chuck Liddell - 88.5
UFC 19: Ultimate Young Guns
Location: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Elevation: 23'
-Fight of the Night-
Evan Tanner vs. Valeri Ignatov
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.4
     Man, this was a really good fight, Latu was kicking some ass early in the fight, taking Roberts to the ground and smashing him. After a few minutes, the positions were reversed, and Roberts was kicking Latu's ass. Roberts ultimately was winning this fight in my opinion (but both guys were doing a good job), and the referee even made the fighters stand back up, while Roberts had a triangle choke locked on Latu, which is a bit ridiculous. In the end though, as Roberts was currently kicking Latu's ass on the ground, the referee made them stand back up, and stopped the fight, giving the win to Latu, due to a cut on Roberts face (or a bloody nose? I'm unsure at this point).
      This was a nice quick win for Pete Williams. The fight went to the ground almost immediately, with Pete on top, and after scrambling around for a minute or so, he grabbed one of Godsey's legs, cranked back on it, nearly ripped his leg off with the tight kneebar, and Godsey yelled out his verbal submission. Pete Williams is a solid fighter.
      This fight was the stuff of Legend. Evan Tanner basically spent the fight, beating the crap out of Ignatov on the feet, using great knees & punches, and just chasing him around like a rabid animal. Once he got the fight to the ground, they both went for leglocks, Tanner got the full mount from that position, and then he started raining down HUGE ELBOWS, that made gigantic "KABOOM! BOOM! BANG! KABOOM!" noises, and Big John McCarthy was forced to stop the fight, because Tanner was unleashing too brutal of a beating. Awesome fight for Evan Tanner, and he's quickly becoming one of the best fighters in the UFC.
      This fight was ridiculous. They both spent way too much time at the start of the fight, just standing there staring at each other, waiting to counter each other, but since neither guy was showing any offense, it was just a stalemate. Eventually Maurice threw a kick, Randleman caught it, and took him to the ground, and again, they just laid there, staring at each other. The referee eventually stood them up, and reset them on their feet. Smith threw another kick, Randleman caught it again, and took him to the ground, and they spent the rest of the 12 minute round, on the ground, hugging each other. (Well, there WAS one last takedown by Randleman, but still... LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD GUYS!) Maurice Smith went for an armlock while on his back, but it didn't go anywhere. The 3 minute overtime was basically more of the same, Smith threw a strike, Randleman took him down, etc... In the end, Randleman wins via unanimous decision.
Technical Submission
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Ugh... This fight made me sick. I've been a Chuck Liddell fan ever since WAY back in the day, and I've never liked Jeremy Horn (because Horn always made me tapout in the first UFC videogame). So with that being said, watching Jeremy put Chuck to sleep in this early UFC fight, has always been painful to watch. I'm glad that it's finally covered here, so I'll never have to watch it again. Congrats to Horn though, for the solid submission win.
      This fight sucked. Andre Roberts came out at nearly 400 pounds (you don't see shit like that in modern day UFC), and Goodridge hit him a few times with some kicks, and a couple of punches, nothing looked all that impressive, and then Andre Roberts just turned his back to him, and walked away while tapping out. Apparently Goodridge broke Andre's nose. Lame ending for a fight between two massive brawlers.
      I've never really been a fan of Tito, but this really was a legendary performance for him, and a huge moment in his career. He avenged his only loss in the cage, by stomping the shit out of Mezger for the entire 10 minute fight. After the fight was stopped, because Ortiz was pounding Mezger too brutally, Tito flipped off Mezger's corner (including Ken Shamrock & the Lion's Den gang). I believe he also put on a shirt after the fight, that said "Gay Mezger is My Bitch" or something like that. So the Lion's Den was ready to start a war, and Mark Coleman & Kevin Randleman seemed to be on Tito's size, so it could have turned into one of the biggest brawls in the world, if it wasn't for the fact that this is the UFC, and not Ken Shamrock's WWE. Awesome win by Tito though, and this is one of those Hall of Fame moments for sure.