100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Pete Williams - 92.2
2. Ron Waterman - 92.0
3. Wanderlei Silva - 92.0
4. LaVerne Clark - 91.7
5. Marcelo Mello - 91.7
6. Pedro Rizzo - 91.7
7. Kevin Randleman - 91.6
8. Bas Rutten - 91.4
9. Tra Telligman - 91.0
10. Fabiano Iha - 89.3
UFC 20: Battle for the Gold
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Elevation: 643'
-Fight of the Night-
Kevin Randleman vs. Bas Rutten
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.4
     This fight was kind of ridiculous. Condo looked like a 336 pound whale, and Ron Waterman looked like a trained assassin. Waterman took him down quickly, punched the fuck out of his face, and the fight was stopped. Ron Waterman looks like a fighter, Chris Condo looks like an overweight plumber. The End.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This fight was fucking crazy! Iha was throwing wild strikes (and not landing much), and Clark was showing some insane boxing skills, knocking Iha on his ass, and cutting his forehead (right between the eyes) with a big punch, causing a waterfall of blood to pour all over the place, while Iha simultaneously was trying to lock on an ankle lock. The referee tried to stop the fight, and Iha said "Fuck that shit bro! I'm going to finish this fight!" And he nearly ripped Clark's leg off, but the referee finally got them to stop, and Clark won via referee stoppage due to the bad cut on Iha's forehead. Sort of sucks, since it looked like Iha was about to win via submission, but I like Clark, so it was cool to see his undefeated streak continue to grow in the UFC.
      I'm not sure who these guys are, so this was kind of a pointless fight for me. BUT! With that being said, Mello slammed Roberts early, picking him up off the ground and dumping him on his head, and then he got the full mount, Roberts turned to his stomach, and Mello started throwing sharp downward elbows to the head of Roberts, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Marcelo Mello looked pretty awesome.
      Wanderlei Silva is awesome. Tony Petarra spent the entire fight, struggling to takedown Silva, but he failed, Silva was able to stop the takedown, clinch with him, and knee the fuck out of his head, eventually knocking Petarra on his ass, Silva followed it up with a big diving punch, and the referee stopped the fight immediately. Silva's Muay Thai skills are awesome.
      This was a good fight, between two scrappy fellows. Travis Fulton tried to keep the fight standing, and showed some solid striking skills, and when the fight went to the ground, he showed some solid grappling, both wrestling & submission defense. The problem is, Pete Williams is on another level, and he was able to control the majority of the fight on the ground, going for multiple submission attempts, including a nice heel hook, until eventually he was able to lock on a tight Armbar for the submission victory.
      During the tale of the tape, they announced Tra Telligman's weight as "???". What the fuck is that!?! What do you mean you don't know how much he weighs? Did they not weigh the fighters before this event? Just because he has a chunk of his chest missing, doesn't mean he gets to skip the weigh ins. Anyway, Telligman came out like a 230ish pound ball of fire, launching some HEAVY punch combinations, forcing Rizzo to move backwards, but eventually, he gassed himself out, and Rizzo was able to pick him apart with leg kicks, and eventually he knocked him out with a big punch. To me, the punch barely looked like it connected, but Telligman was all too ready to fall to the ground at that point. So good win for Rizzo, but I hope they don't make a habit of this "Weight: ???" bullshit. It makes stat tracking a pain in the ass.
      This was weird. It was a HUGE main event fight, maybe the biggest Heavyweight Fight to date. Kevin Randleman absolutely dominated Bas for the first 15 minute round, taking him down, beating the living shit out of him for 6 constant minutes or so at the start of the fight. After a while, the pace slowed down, and Bas was able to do some damage with strikes from his back, but ultimately, Kevin Randleman controlled this entire fight, and he should have won this fight unanimously, no questions asked. And keep in mind, I'm a huge Bas Rutten fan, and I DEFINITELY wanted him to win this fight, so I'm glad he won, but that is TOTALLY fucked up, because Kevin Randleman got completely screwed. I'm shocked.