100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Paul Jones - 92.5
2. Jeremy Horn - 92.0
3. Tsuyoshi Kosaka - 91.4
4. Ron Waterman - 91.2
5. Travis Fulton - 91.1
6. Andre Roberts - 91.0
7. Eugene Jackson - 90.9
8. Pat Miletich - 90.6
9. Tim Lajcik - 90.2
10. Flavio Luiz Moura - 89.3
UFC 21: Return of the Champions
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Elevation: 810'
-Fight of the Night-
Paul Jones vs. Flavio Luiz Moura
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.0
TOTAL 90.0
     This fight was ok. The first round was pretty close, and uneventful, but I gave it to Fulton. The second round, Fulton landed a HARD knee to Dodd's chin, which almost knocked him unconscious, and then he got him on the ground, and threw a bunch of knees at his head, so in the end, Travis Fulton kicked Dodd's ass, and won via unanimous decision. The pace slowed down dramatically near the end though.
      Well, that was kind of fucked up. Ron Waterman looks like a mountain of muscle, and Andre Roberts looks like a mountain of fat. Waterman basically beat the living shit out of Roberts for the entire fight, until eventually Roberts clipped Waterman, and Waterman just kind of got tired and fell over. It was the weakest looking knockout punch I've ever seen, but Waterman clearly blew his wad too early in this fight. Good win for Roberts, good start for Waterman, and kind of a bizarre ending to an otherwise lopsided fight.
      This was a really good fight. Royce Alger tried to take Jackson down early, failed for a few minutes, but eventually he was able to get the fight to the ground, Alger got the full mount, and he beat the shit out of Eugene Jackson for the last half of the first round. By the time the second round started, Alger was tired, and Jackson was able to pick him apart with strikes, eventually finishing him off with a big left hook. Nice debut for Eugene Jackson!
(Corner Stoppage)
      This was a really good fight, with sort of a lackluster ending. The first round showed Tim Lajcik dominating Kosaka, with his great wrestling skills, boxing, and solid ground & pound. The second round looked like it was going to be more of the same, but Kosaka was able to eventually get on top, and he finished that round beating up Lajcik on the ground. Tim Lajcik's corner threw in the towel after the 2nd round, because apparently Lajcik just didn't have any gas left.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty fun fight. Moura came out fast, threw a punch, knocked Paul down, and he jumped on his back immediately, but Moura got way too high on Paul's back, and Jones was able to escape, ending up on top, where he ground & pound the shit out of Moura, until eventually he got on Moura's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and Moura tapped out. Paul Jones looked surprisingly good for a new guy.
      This fight was an example of poor matchmaking. Jeremy Horn came in about 30 pounds heavier than Takase, and with that advantage, he was able to completely dominate Takase, taking him to the ground, getting the full mount, raining down heavy punches & elbows, and eventually the referee had to stop the fight, as Takase just laid on the ground after the fight was over. Jeremy Horn looked solid, but COME ON, 30 pound weight difference?
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This was a pretty good fight, but as usual, I'm not really sure how the UFC is finding their title contenders. Pat Miletich has been the Champion for a while, and he keeps fighting guys that have no business being in there with him. With that being said, Miletich pretty much boxed with Andre for most of this fight, and he ended up cutting Andre's left cheek open pretty badly (a river of blood was running down his chest), so the referee was forced to stop the fight. It SOUNDED like he hit him in the head with a baseball bat, there was a loud crack, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had a broken skull or something. Solid performance by Miletich.
(Corner Stoppage)
      Well, that was just about as shitty as an ending can be. Marco Ruas beat up Smith, catching a kick and taking Smith to the ground, and Ruas kept the top position for most of the round. He also came close to locking on a variety of leg locks. The problem is, after the round ended, Ruas just kind of wobbled back to his corner and gave up. Apparently he fucked up his knee. So yeah, this night comes to an untimely end.