100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Kenichi Yamamoto - 90.9
2. Pedro Rizzo - 90.5
3. Eugene Jackson - 90.3
4. Kevin Randleman - 90.0
5. Katsuhisa Fujii - 89.5
6. Joe Slick - 88.6
7. Pete Williams - 88.3
8. Keiichiro Yamamiya - 87.9
9. Tsuyoshi Kosaka - 87.5
10. Masutatsu Yano - 87.3
UFC 23: Ultimate Japan 2
Location: Chiba, Japan
Elevation: 36'
-Fight of the Night-
Eugene Jackson vs. Keiichiro Yamamiya
Fighters & Matches 87.8
Top 10 Fighters 89.1
TOTAL 88.5
     Fujii showed solid striking skills while on his feet, and I gave him both rounds due to his striking. The first round ended with Yano taking him to the ground though, and showing some decent ground & pound, so the first round ended up being pretty close. It didn't go to a decision though, because Fujii was able to knock Yano to the ground with a flurry of punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight, so Fujii moves on to the next round in tonight's tournament.
      Yamamoto had a 34 pound weight advantage, and had better wrestling & striking skills, so ultimately, he won all 3 rounds, just by being bigger, stronger, and throwing more punches. Takase pulled guard a couple of times, and looked like he had a great defensive guard, nullifying most of the damage Yamamoto wanted to deliver, but still, you don't win fights by just defending yourself. So Yamamoto wins, via unanimous decision, by attacking Takase.
      This was a pretty solid fight. There were some highlight reel moments, where both guys were throwing wild bombs, and both guys seemed to have a blast throwing down with each other, giving each other high fives and all sorts of "good sportsmanship" moments like that. In the end, Eugene Jackson knocked Yamamiya on his ass with a big punch, so Jackson wins via KO punch. It was weird though, because leading up to that, Yamamiya kept pulling stuff out of his mouth and throwing it out of the octagon, so I don't know if he was losing teeth? Or what was going on? They never really explained it, but I was surprised the ref didn't stop the fight and ask what was going on. Overall, best fight of the night so far.
      Ouch... Joe Slick looked like he had pretty solid wrestling skills, controlling most of the first minute or so, but eventually, he picked up DeLucia, and took him to the ground, and DeLucia's right leg buckled behind his body, basically ripping his knee apart. So DeLucia started screaming, clearly with a broken leg or something, and the referee stopped the fight. Slick looked solid, but sad ending to what could have been a pretty good fight.
      This fight was a decent ending to the short tournament tonight. Yamamoto was throwing bombs, and Fujii was able to always duck under them, and take Yamamoto to the ground, controlling most of the fight there. So the first round, I gave to Fujii for controlling the fight. The second round looked like it was going to be the same thing, until Yamamoto locked on a kneebar out of nowhere, forcing Fujii to tap! Good fight.
      This was a decent fight, where both guys basically just stood & traded punches (and kicks) for the entire fight. It started out pretty even, but Rizzo started to get the upper hand by landing leg kicks, bruising Kosaka's thighs pretty badly, and eventually, in the third round, Pedro Rizzo put Kosaka down with a big punch, and the referee stopped the fight. It sort of seemed like an early stoppage to me, but once it was stopped, Kosaka stayed down for longer than I thought was necessary, so I guess maybe it was a better stoppage than I originally thought.
      Well, since Bas Rutten decided he didn't want to be Champion anymore, these two guys are competing now for the Heavyweight Championship. After 25 minutes of Randleman taking Williams to the ground, and holding him there, Kevin Randleman is your new UFC Heavyweight Champion! Personally, I still wish it was Bas instead, he's a lot more exciting. But yeah, good job Randleman, you probably deserved this win after the controversial loss to Bas. So I guess this means Randleman vs. Rizzo is the next Championship fight?