100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Scott Bessac - 90.0
2. Marco Ruas - 89.2
3. Mark Hall - 87.4
4. Paul Varelans - 85.7
5. Remco Pardoel - 85.5
6. Harold Howard - 85.5
7. David Hood - 84.8
8. Larry Cureton - 84.1
9. Ken Shamrock - 81.9
10. Oleg Taktarov - 81.7
UFC 7: The Brawl in Buffalo
Location: Buffalo, New York
Elevation: 600'
-Fight of the Night-
Marco Ruas vs. Paul Varelans
Fighters & Matches 84.3
Top 10 Fighters 85.6
TOTAL 85.0
(Guillotine Choke)
      This is another one of the few hard to find prelim fights that I was excited to finally find a copy of. Bessac came out throwing some weird Kung Fu chops or something, Hood punched him in the balls, Bessac didn't seem phased at all, and he locked on a guillotine choke for the submission victory at the 30 second mark. Nice quick win for Scott Bessac.
      Both of these guys came into this fight at 6'8" tall, and Harris was 260 pounds, Varelans was 300... So basically, this fight consisted of 2 giant beasts, battling it out, over a snack of some sort... Paul Varelans absolutely dominated Harris though, since he took the fight to the ground early in the fight, and then everyone realized that Harris had no ground game whatsoever... Harris rolled over onto his stomach, Varelans started throwing spike style elbows down at the back of Harris's head, until eventually he was forced to tap out... This fight wasn't really all that great, since the 38 year old Gerry Harris didn't stand a chance at all...
      This fight was a bit strange... Howard had the 50 pound weight advantage over Hall, but he still got (sort of) man handled by him... At first, Howard used his weight to kind of bully Hall around the octagon, eventually taking him to the ground... Howard landed on top, but not for long... Mark Hall reversed their position, finding himself in Howard's guard... From this point on, the smaller Hall, dominated Howard by punching him in the face (and I'm pretty sure he broke his nose)... Howards face was bloody, and he decided he had enough, so he made the cross sign with his wrists, almost in a "time out" sort of fashion, and I guess that was his way of tapping out... Strong performance by Mark Hall...
(Lapel Choke)
      Remco Pardoel started this fight with a basic judo throw, taking Parker to the ground... Then Pardoel got the full mount position, and just laid there for a few minutes, trying to secure a choke (but it didn't LOOK like much was going on, so the crowd started booing...) Eventually Parker was forced to tap to the choke, and that was the end of the fight... Good show of Judo skills by Pardoel, but it was still a fairly boring fight...
(Heel Hook)
      This was a pretty fun fight to watch... Again, there was quite a bit of a size difference in this fight, Cureton (248) and Ruas (210)... This is especially exciting, since Cureton started the fight by trying to lock on a guillotine choke while standing, but Ruas just picked him up in the air, and then slammed him to the ground... After that, they grappled around on the ground for a little while, Cureton threw a few headbutts, Ruas tried to find a submission, and then eventually Marco Ruas locked on a great leg lock/heel hook, forcing Cureton to submit... Good fight...
      With a 110 pound weight disadvantage, Mark Hall didn't stand a chance in this fight... He came out swinging, with one big superman punch/hook at the head of Varelans, but then Varelans got him in a headlock, flung him to the ground, cranked on his head for a minute or so, then he got in the full mount, locked on the keylock, and Paul Varelans wins by submission...
      If you're into watching technical grappling matches, then this fight was pretty awesome... If you think that "2 guys rolling around on the ground" is gay, then you probably would have hated this fight... The fight started with Remco Pardoel locking on a standing headlock on Ruas... Then they stood against the cage for a while, and the crowd started to boo... Then the fight finally went to the ground, and then Ruas showed why he's the King of the Streets... Even though he was at a 50+ pound weight disadvantage, Ruas basically schooled Pardoel on the ground, making it impossible for Pardoel to mount any offense... So, Pardoel eventually just tapped out (not to any submission holds or anything) just to let everyone know that "Yeah, Ruas is better than me... I quit..." Marco Ruas moves on to the finals, to take on Paul Varelans... Should be a good fight...
      Yeah, remember that "Superfight" between Ken Shamrock & Royce Gracie, at UFC 5? Where they fought for over 30 minutes, and basically just laid on each other the entire time, without any action at all? That's pretty much what this fight was... Another one of those superfights, with no action whatsoever, for about 33 minutes... LAME... The fight ended in a draw... I would have given the fight to Shamrock, just because he was at least TRYING to mount some offense, and Taktarov was pulling guard the entire time, without trying to lock on any submissions... Either way, the fight was boring, and it ends with a draw...
      Gotta love those leg kicks!!! This fight was kind of long (around 15 minutes or so), but it was worth it... Marco Ruas spent most of the match, chopping away at the legs of Varelans with his Muay Thai kicks... They spent about 5 minutes, hugging, while Varelans held onto the fence in order to prevent the fight from going to the ground, but other than that little break in the action, this was a pretty good fight... Nice solid ending to what otherwise was a lackluster tournament... Marco Ruas wins by KO due to leg kicks...