100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Jens Pulver - 92.5
2. Shonie Carter - 92.3
3. Scott Adams - 92.1
4. Bob Cook - 90.9
5. Lance Gibson - 90.4
6. Tedd Williams - 90.2
7. Steve Judson - 89.8
8. Dave Menne - 89.5
9. Brad Gumm - 89.3
10. Tiki Ghosn - 89.1
UFC 24: First Defense
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Elevation: 13'
-Fight of the Night-
Scott Adams vs. Ian Freeman
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 90.6
TOTAL 90.0
     This fight was badass! Shonie Carter threw Gumm several times, with BADASS Judo throws, and crazy shit that made Gumm look like a ragdoll. Gumm locked on a nice triangle choke to win back some points in the first round, but he wasn't able to compete with Carter's striking skills, and ultimately, Carter's grappling skills proved to be superior as well. Great fight by both guys, and it just sucks that it only lasted two rounds. This was one of the few fights I would have LIKED to see a third round for, but since it's a preliminary fight, they only had it scheduled for two 5 minute rounds. Shonie Carter wins via a clear unanimous decision.
(Heel Hook)
      This fight was pretty badass, assuming you're into leglocks. Scott Adams took Ian Freeman to the ground IMMEDIATELY at the start of the fight, and instantly went for a leg lock, and they started rolling around like crazy, and Scott Adams was relentless with his heelhooks & kneebars. I was really impressed by Ian Freeman's ability to defend against those submissions, but eventually it was too much, and Adams nearly ripped Freeman's leg off, forcing him to submit a little over halfway through the first round.
      This was a pretty fun fight. Jens Pulver basically beat the shit out of Velasquez with big knees while standing, took him to the ground, got the full mount, and pounded the shit out of him with big punches & elbows. The entire fight was 100% Jens Pulver, and he blasted Velasquez out of the water. Looking forward to seeing Pulver fight again soon.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a solid fight. Tiki Ghosn was going crazy with awesome strikes in the first round, and looked like he might be able to finish Cook, but Cook finished that round strong with some beautiful combinations of his own, nearly taking Tiki's head off. The second round consisted of Cook taking Tiki to the ground, getting full mount, then mounted Tiki's back, and then finished him off with the rear-naked choke. Awesome fight.
      This fight was pretty decent, but it never really came close to being finished at all. Fabiano Iha started strong, with an early takedown, and an armlock attempt, but from that point forward, Dave Menne spent the entire fight taking Iha to the ground, and mostly just holding him there, throwing some punches & knees every once in a while. Dave Menne wins via unanimous decision, but I would have liked to see SOMEONE try to finish this past the first couple of minutes.
      This was a pretty good fight, between two guys that I wasn't familiar with at all. (Apparently Lance Gibson is one of Rampage Jackson's trainers, for future reference). But yeah, most of this fight consisted of Gibson taking the fight to the ground, and controlling Jermaine, but when they were on their feet, with a little space between each other, Jermaine Andre's striking looked pretty spectacular. In the end though, after grinding out the third round in the clinch against the cage, Gibson pulled back, launched a huge left knee, and knocked Andre unconscious. Great win & UFC debut for Lance Gibson Sr.
      This fight was kind of weird. Steve Judson looked like a muscular power house, and Tedd Williams had a 50 pound weight advantage over him. Steve Judson had aggressive and HARD striking skills, rocking Williams a few times, but ultimately, after boxing the hell out of each other, Tedd Williams broke out some dirty boxing skills, and knocked Judson on his ass. Good fight, but I was really hoping Judson would win, since he looked more like an action figure. Good showing by Williams though. My question now is, why the fuck was this a main event fight? Who are these guys supposed to be?