100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (12 Total):
1. Sanae Kikuta - 91.9
2. Ikuhisa Minowa - 90.3
3. Murilo Bustamante - 90.1
4. Ron Waterman - 89.4
5. Tito Ortiz - 89.0
6. LaVerne Clark - 88.4
7. Wanderlei Silva - 87.7
8. Koji Oishi - 87.6
9. Eugene Jackson - 87.3
10. Joe Slick - 87.2
UFC 25: Ultimate Japan 3
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Elevation: 144'
-Fight of the Night-
Sanae Kikuta vs. Eugene Jackson
Fighters & Matches 88.0
Top 10 Fighters 88.9
TOTAL 88.5
     Well, LaVerne Clark was on his way to being one of the top guys in the UFC, with a solid 3-0 streak going into this fight, and an average fight time of 3:12 or so. The problem is, Koji Oishi accepted this fight on short notice, and was able to completely nullify Clark's attack, with his general grappling skills. LaVerne Clark clearly won this fight, but it was a pretty boring fight, and Oishi held on a lot longer than he probably should have against a guy like Clark. Good effort by Oishi, and boring win for Clark.
      Ikuhisa Minowa is the KING of fighting guys bigger than him. Joe Slick came in with a 20 pound weight advantage, and Minowa was able to dominate him with his wrestling, throwing & slamming him multiple times, and eventually in the third round, he landed a BEAUTIFUL kick to the head of Slick, cutting his forehead open pretty badly, leaving him with a dark mask of blood covering his face in a matter of seconds. Ikuhisa Minowa is awesome.
      Ron Waterman has to be one of the most disappointing fighters I've ever seen, in the sense that the guy LOOKS like he should be the KING OF ALL FIGHTERS, he's a 260 pound muscle bound skinhead, ready to destroy all who oppose him. The problem is, here he is, taking Honma down at will, pounding the shit out of him for 15 minutes, and it's like the punches & knees were all fluff or something. He weighs a solid 40 pounds more than Honma, and he still wasn't able to finish him, even though he controlled the entire fight. Oh well, good win for Waterman I guess, but I don't know why they're even DISCUSSING a possible title shot for him. That'll never happen.
      Eugene Jackson is a really good fighter, but he said before this fight that he had the flu, and it really showed. Sanae Kikuta took him to the ground, beat the living shit out of him, locked on an arm-triangle, wasn't able to finish, so transitioned into a tight Armbar, and Jackson was forced to submit. Sanae Kikuta BEAT EUGENE JACKSON'S ASS!!! Good fight, but I feel bad for Jackson, he looked very poor in this fight.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This was a good fight for Murilo Bustamante. He was able to completely control Anjo throughout the fight, keeping him on the ground in the first round, and beating him up during the last few seconds of that round. The second round started with Anjo throwing a punch, Bustamante ducked under it, and took him down immediately, and locked on the arm-triangle choke without any sort of problem whatsoever. Murilo Bustamante looked pretty awesome in this fight.
      This should have been a legendary fight, between two of the top fighters of all time, but it ended up being sort of a snooze fest. Tito Ortiz took Silva down in all 5 rounds, and for the most part, just held him there. Silva almost knocked out Tito in the third round, so in the end, Silva actually did more damage in this fight I think... BUT! Since Tito held him on the ground & controlled most of the fight, Tito is the new Middleweight Champion.