100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Brandon Thatch - 93.6
2. Roger Bowling - 92.7
3. Kelvin Gastelum - 92.6
4. Carlos Condit - 91.9
5. Jason High - 91.2
6. Takeya Mizugaki - 91.0
7. Darren Elkins - 90.9
8. Hatsu Hioki - 90.9
9. Dylan Andrews - 90.5
10. Zak Cummings - 90.5
UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann 2
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Elevation: 715'
-Fight of the Night-
Brandon Thatch vs. Justin Edwards
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.4
(Knee to Head on Ground)
     Damn... This was a badass fight, but it ended in a shameful way. The first round, both guys were throwing huge bombs, it was wild, it was crazy, it was brutal. In the end, Bowling slammed Trujillo to the ground, and ended the round with a guillotine choke, so I gave that round to Bowling. The second round was more of the same, but Bowling had a rear-naked choke at the end instead. The problem is, at the very end of the second round, Trujillo landed a clear foul, by throwing a big heavy knee to Bowling's face while Bowling was CLEARLY on the ground, so as far as I'm concerned, this was Bowling's fight, Trujillo ended it with a foul, so Bowling should have got the win (he really NEEDED a win at this point, to be honest...) But yeah, the referee called it a No Contest, so whatever... Shitty end to a badass fight.
(Brabo Choke)
      This fight didn't really do anything for me. Both guys clinched against the fence, they grappled for a few, nothing was really happening, I gave the slight edge to Alloway, but Cummings was eventually able to take the fight to the ground, he locked on a Brabo choke, and eventually Alloway was forced to tap. Decent ending, to an otherwise lackluster fight.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was a pretty cool, quick fight. Jason High attacked James Head, the fight went to the ground quickly, High locked on a guillotine choke, and they started rolling around violently, but he had it locked on like a pitbull, and eventually James Head was forced to submit. Pretty awesome first UFC win for Jason High.
      This was a pretty badass fight. I gave the first round to Hioki for his striking skills, and overall, he just seemed to control that round. The second round was 100% Elkins, with great grappling, striking, EVERYTHING. BUT, Hioki finished strong, showing even better grappling than Elkins, ending up on the back of Elkins, and going for submissions like a Wildman. VERY close round. The third round had to go to Elkins as well, for controlling the fight, taking Hioki to the ground, and just pushing nonstop. So in the end, I personally wanted to give the fight to Hioki, due to the way he finished strong in the second round, but all 3 judges gave the fight to Elkins, 29-28, and I'm ok with that I guess. Either way, pretty awesome fight by both guys.
(Knees & Punches)
      Fuck yeah! It's always cool seeing new guys come into the UFC, and absolutely destroy people. This was some Bill Goldberg style shit right here. Brandon Thatch came in for his UFC debut, he punched & kneed the fuck out of Justin Edwards, until he crumbled into a pile of nothingness. It was actually pretty insane. Brandon Thatch is VIOLENT, and I like it! I can't wait to see this dude fight again.
      This was a pretty great fight, sort of? Papy Abedi showed some awesome striking skills in the first round, both kicks & punches, he picked Andrews up and SLAMMED him, and then he also slammed him with a brilliant Judo throw. The second round slowed down a bit, but Abedi still impressed me with his aggressive nature. The second round ended with Andrews grabbing Papy's shorts, the referee said not to grab the shorts, so Andrews "tapped" on Abedi to let him know he apologized, Abedi (I think?) thought Andrews tapped out, so he looked up questioning why, and then the buzzer sounded for the end of the round, and Andrews kneed Abedi in the balls. It was all downhill from there, with Andrews knocking out Abedi early in the third round. Sort of a weird ending, to an otherwise pretty great fight, especially considering Abedi REALLY fucked up the shoulder of Andrews with that Judo throw in the first round.
      Well, that was a decent fight I guess, as long as you ignore the multiple kicks to the balls (by both guys). Brad Tavares had some pretty brutal leg kicks, and I really think that kind of won him the fight. Bubba McDaniel did a decent job taking Tavares to the ground a couple of times, but wasn't really able to accomplish much down there. In the end, I gave the first two rounds to Tavares, and so did all 3 judges, so he wins via unanimous decision.
      This was a pretty great fight from beginning to end, both guys really gave it their all, but when it's all said & done, the things that stood out to me, were the rear-naked choke Mizugaki locked on Perez, a big punch to the face from Mizugaki, and overall, just the way Mizugaki seemed to control the majority of the grappling exchanges, so in the end, I gave the fight to Mizugaki, 29-28, and a couple of the judges agreed, so Mizugaki wins via split-decision.
      This was a pretty decent fight, mostly just a brawl, both guys moving forward, throwing punches, Whittaker landed some nice elbows that busted up Court's face quite a bit. To be honest, I don't really know who SHOULD have won, but I WANTED Court to win, and two judges gave him the fight, so I'm ok with that. Court McGee wins via split-decision.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      I've never really liked the guy, but I have to admit, Kelvin Gastelum just whooped some ass! He basically came out swinging, took Melancon to the ground, they got back up, Kelvin landed some hard punches, knocked Melancon to the ground, and Kelvin jumped on his back, locked on the rear-naked choke, and it was a quick tap from there. Kelvin Gastelum looked pretty awesome here, but I have to admit, his post fight interview reminded me of Diego Sanchez, so hopefully he doesn't succumb to the same mental issues that held Diego back from true greatness in the sport.
      How the hell did these 2 guys let the fight go to a decision? Generally speaking, I consider both of these guys to be some of the most dangerous fighters at 155, so the fact that they didn't finish this fight, I can't help but be disappointed in both of them. With that being said though, Dos Anjos controlled the striking game, he controlled the wrestling game, he pretty much FOR THE MOST PART, dominated Cerrone in all 3 rounds (AT LEAST 2 of them). So yeah, no arguments here with the decision, I'm just disappointed they couldn't finish the fight.
(Punches & Knees)
      Yeah! I like both of these guys "just fine", and the first round was pretty close, but from that point forward, Carlos Condit BEAT THE SHIT out of Kampmann for the next two rounds. Once the fourth round started, Condit got knocked to the ground, I thought he might be in trouble, but he got back up, and finished off Kampmann with some heavy punches & some awesome knees in the clinch. Pretty great fight for Carlos Condit, especially considering the fact that he almost let it slip there at the end, but was able to finish it all in brutal fashion. Cool card overall.