100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Josh Barnett - 94.3
2. Anthony Pettis - 94.2
3. Hyun Gyu Lim - 94.1
4. Dustin Poirier - 92.8
5. Magnus Cedenblad - 92.2
6. Chad Mendes - 92.0
7. Erik Koch - 91.1
8. Ben Rothwell - 91.0
9. Soa Palelei - 91.0
10. Tim Elliott - 90.6
UFC 164: Henderson vs. Pettis 2
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Elevation: 617'
-Fight of the Night-
Josh Barnett vs. Frank Mir
Fighters & Matches 90.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.2
(Guillotine Choke)
     Yeah! Nice, quick, and easy to review! Hamman shot in for a takedown, Magnus Cedenblad locked on a TIGHT guillotine choke, rolling backwards, ending up in full mount, while still latching on with that BRUTAL guillotine, and Hamman was just barely able to tap, before he passed out unconscious. BRUTAL victory for Magnus Cedenblad, and then he called out Dylan Andrews so he can avenge the loss of his countryman, Papy Abedi. I WANT TO SEE MAGNUS FIGHT ANDREWS! Give the man what he wants!!! Great start to the show.
      At the start of the fight, I really tried to give Ryan Couture the benefit of the doubt, and I tried to see JUST the good stuff (like the flying knee & a few decent kicks), but in the end, there was no disputing who won this fight. Al Iaquinta boxed the shit out of Couture, bloodying his face pretty badly, and ultimately, winning all 3 rounds. Iaquinta looked good tonight, Couture? Not so much.
      This was kind of a weird fight. Soa Palelei came out like a 265 pound ball of fire, and looked like he was going to crush Krylov, and then eat him for dinner. At one point, Krylov locked on some wicked looking crucifix, but Soa was out before it really did any damage. Apparently though, Soa broke a rib during training, so the last 2 rounds of this fight, pretty much sucked. Luckily, Palelei was able to knock Krylov down in the third, where he finished him off with some slow plodding ground & pound. Palelei looks like a "badass fighter" for a couple of minutes, but like the good ol' fashion Tank Abbott style fighters, he gassed WAY too quickly to really make a difference in the UFC rankings.
      This was a pretty good fight, between two guys I haven't REALLY been paying much attention to so far. Kyung Ho Kang has some pretty great wrestling skills, and was able to control Camus for MOST of the fight, but in the end, Camus did JUST enough to win 2 of the rounds (and one judge gave him all 3? No idea what he was thinking). But yeah, Camus ended the third round with an upkick that knocked Kang loopy, and he finished the round with some crazy last second ground & pound. So yeah, I was going to give the fight to Kang, but I think Chico did enough at the end to win, so congrats to Chico Camus for the impressive comeback there at the end.
(Knee & Punches)
      WOW! BRUTAL FINISH!!! Both of these guys basically just spent the entire fight throwing bombs at each other, but eventually Lim clipped Krauss, Krauss flopped to the floor like a fish, but continued to try to get up & fight, so Lim just continued to punch & knee him, until eventually there was no question about it, Lim landed a knee, Krauss collapsed, bombs continued to fall, and the referee stopped it. Awesome fight.
      I have to admit, I've been impressed with Elliott in previous fights, and I've considered him to have the potential to be near the top of the division, but the way he beat Gaudinot's ass in this fight, I can't help but feel SUPER impressed by him now. Gaudinot is a solid fighter, so for Elliott to completely dominate him all the way through this fight, with wrestling & 200+ strikes via ground & pound. Just... That was an ass beating right there. Tim Elliott wins via unanimous decision, obviously.
      This was a pretty solid fight, kind of what I would have expected when I saw the matchup. Gleison Tibau overpowered Varner in the first two rounds, taking him down, and controlling the majority of the fight. Due to his massive muscles though, Tibau slowed down in the third, which gave Varner an opening to take Tibau down, and pound out a round. So in the end, I gave the fight 29-28 to Tibau, and so did two of the judges, but one judge gave it to Varner, 29-27 which didn't make ANY sense to me, I have no idea how they did the math with that one. But yeah, good fight overall I guess.
      This fight was fuckin' crazy! Erik Koch locked on a TIGHT triangle choke in the first round, nearly putting Poirier to sleep, but by the end of that round, Poirier had full mount, and was beating the living shit out of Koch, and even nearly locked on a D'Arce choke. The second round seemed pretty back & forth to me, but again, featured Poirier with some solid ground & pound. The third round, again, kind of close, but it ended with Koch on Poirier's back, with a rear-naked choke, and if the bell didn't happen when it did, he MIGHT have been able to finish the fight right there. Great fight by both guys, and it'll be hard not to call this one fight of the night.
(Punches & Knees)
      Holy shit! The first two rounds of this fight were "ok", but I wasn't really getting that into it. I gave both of those rounds to Brandon Vera, but it was close. Ben Rothwell went FUCKING CRAZY in the third round though, and he ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED Vera, transforming into a 262 pound Clay Guida, and he just went FUCKING NUTS. Brandon Vera just got beat down. That was a brutal ending to an otherwise mediocre fight.
      Fuck! Clay Guida is the man, and I was really hoping this would be his shot at getting back in the title picture, but to be honest, I figured Mendes would win. What I didn't expect is, Chad Mendes beat Guida in both of the first two rounds, with superior striking & aggression, and he turned it up a few more notches at the start of the third round, and he POUNDED THE FUCK out of Guida, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Chad Mendes is brutal, this makes 4 wins in a row, and in my opinion, he should fight Dennis Bermudez next, since they are both on 4 fight win streaks, winner gets a title shot? Maybe? But yeah, awesome fight by both guys, I feel bad for Guida though, he rarely ever seems to catch a break.
      Josh Barnett in the hizzy!!! I have to be honest, Josh Barnett might be my favorite fighter of all time, so I have no business judging any fight of his. With that being said, I like Frank Mir as well, but he always ends up disappointing me. SO! I was happy to see Josh Barnett beat the living crap out of Mir, completely dominating him as far as I'm concerned, pinning him against the cage, punching, throwing huge heavy knees, big elbows, just BRUTALLY beating Mir. Mir landed a few good shots, but nothing as significant as what Barnett was landing. In the end, Barnett CRUSHED Mir's skull with a HUGE knee with Mir's head pinned against the cage, and Mir collapsed like a ragdoll. The referee stopped it, and Mir got up REALLY quickly, so MAYBE it was premature? But realistically, if the fight would have continued from that position, Barnett would have killed Mir. So yeah, good stoppage, great fight, amazing UFC return by one of my favorite fighters of all time, and JOSH BARNETT IS BACK BITCHES!!!
      YEAH!!! Somebody finally finished Benson Henderson! And in the first round none-the-less!!! This fight was pretty awesome, Benson Henderson started strong, trying to take Pettis to the ground, and trying to control him against the cage, but it didn't really matter, because once Pettis broke free, he threw some GIGANTIC body kicks that would have broken most men in half, and once the fight went to the ground, Henderson got on top, he looked confident, Pettis grabbed his arm, and BROKE THAT BITCH. Apparently Henderson verbally submitted, because you couldn't see a tap at all, but Pettis clearly ripped his arm off. Anthony Pettis is FUCKING LEGIT, and I'm proud of him for getting this belt. Finally we have a Lightweight Champion that I'm actually looking forward to watching fight again. And then he called out Jose Aldo already, for a Title vs. Title match!?! We'll see what happens.