100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Don Frye - 95.5
2. Gary Goodridge - 92.3
3. Ken Shamrock - 90.1
4. Jerry Bohlander - 89.9
5. Scott Ferrozzo - 88.1
6. Kimo Leopoldo - 86.5
7. Sam Adkins - 80.8
8. Paul Herrera - 73.5
9. Paul Varelans - 72.3
10. Joe Moreira - 71.3
UFC 8: David vs. Goliath
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Elevation: 26'
-Fight of the Night-
Don Frye vs. Gary Goodridge
Fighters & Matches 85.7
Top 10 Fighters 84.0
TOTAL 84.9
      This bout was a bit ridiculous... Thomas Ramirez ran out, and threw I think one punch (which was at the same time Don Frye was throwing one) and both connected... After that, Frye threw 2 or 3 more punches, and Ramirez went flying into the cage, slamming his head against the mat, looking like he died... Don Frye won by knock out, in just a few seconds... I look forward to seeing whether Don Frye is a bad ass, or if he just got lucky... We'll see in the next round of the tournament...
      Absolutely nothing happened in this match... There's no photo footage of this match, since it was boring, and nothing happened... Basically Varelans was walking towards Moreira the entire time, and Moreira spent the entire 10 minute match walking in the opposite direction... They would lock up every once in a while, and then strike each other on the break, but nothing was devastating enough to keep the match interesting... This was quite possibly the worst match I've ever seen...
(Guillotine Choke)
      This match started out with Ferrozzo throwing Bohlander around like a ragdoll... Breaking out some Benoit style double suplexes, I thought that Ferrozzo was going to be the winner of this match, until I realized how calm Bohlander was after being thrown around like that... Bohlander took the calm, cool, strategic attack to Ferrozzo, eventually locking on the choke for the win by submission...
      Herrera started the match by shooting for Goodridge, and instead of taking him down, he got locked up quickly into some sort of crucifix type maneuver by Goodridge... Goodridge then started pounding away at the head of Herrera with the most insane looking elbow/knee combinations that I've ever seen... He seriously looked like he killed Herrera within the first few seconds of this match... AWESOME show by Goodridge, but it would have been nice to see him do it to someone else that actually had some credibility...
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This is one of the best fights I've seen in a long time... Not necessarily because it was a good FIGHT, but it was basically just a really good ass kicking... Adkins didn't really stand a chance at all... Frye took him down with a single leg takedown at the very start of the match, and from that point on, he just threw a continuous stream of punches with his right hand, until Adkins started bleeding REALLY badly, and the match was stopped by the referee... Great ass kicking, but that's partially due to the fact that Adkins was just an alternate fighter (replacing Varelans, since he broke his foot earlier by walking around too much?) Whatever... Don Frye is the man...
      This was the first match between two really great fighters of the night... From the earlier fights, I assumed that Goodridge would dominate the entire fight without a problem, but Jerry Bohlander actually proved that he has some incredible defensive techniques... Eventually Goodridge's size & strength won over, and he got Bohlander in quite possibly the worst position possible... Bohlander ended the match upside-down, on his back, locked by Goodridge's leg, while Goodridge threw several punches down towards his face... The referee stopped the match... Goodridge wins...
      There wasn't really much flash going on in this match, it was mostly just a test of strength & wrestling abilities... Kimo went straight in for the striking attack at the beginning, and Shamrock took him down to the ground... From that point on, Shamrock pretty much had control of the entire match, until one point where Kimo got on top and threw one good solid punch down at the face of Shamrock... Shamrock then took back control, and won the match with a knee bar...
      This was a really tough match, and Goodridge dominated it for the most part, with his superior strength... But it seemed like even with everything that he dished out to Frye, nothing seemed to have any sort of real effect on Don Frye... A little bit after 2 minutes into the match, Frye took control of the match, pinning Goodridge against the mat, and started throwing strikes at him, until Goodridge eventually tapped out... Don Frye became the champion of the 8th UFC Tournament...