100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Abel Trujillo - 94.1
2. Renan Barao - 94.1
3. Alistair Overeem - 92.7
4. Jose Aldo - 92.3
5. Jamie Varner - 92.1
6. Ali Bagautinov - 91.7
7. Al Iaquinta - 91.2
8. Alan Patrick Silva Alves - 90.8
9. Clint Hester - 90.2
10. Rashid Magomedov - 90.2
UFC 169: Barao vs. Faber 2
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Elevation: 13'
-Fight of the Night-
Abel Trujillo vs. Jamie Varner
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.6
     What happens when you throw a UFC newcomer in with a guy that lost his last 2 fights, and is ranked somewhere around #77 in the division? You get this fight. Yup, it was ok I guess, Magny looked better than he ever has, but he's never really looked that good, so I guess it's up to you what that's worth. In the end, Magny at least won the first two rounds, probably won the third round, and all 3 judges agreed with that, giving the fight to Neil Magny, via unanimous decision.
      Here we are with two more new guys, and this was a pretty good fight. The first round, Tony Martin showed some INSANE Jiu-Jitsu skills, locking on a kimura, transitioning into an armbar, practically breaking Magomedov's arm, and just schooling him on the ground for most of the round. The rest of the fight, Magomedov turned up the heat, and beat up Martin's face, with some crisp striking, kicks, knees, decent punches, etc... In the end, Martin's face was all fucked up, and Magomedov wins via unanimous decision.
      This fight was ok I guess. It was basically a boxing match, where I gave the slight advantage to Hester on the feet, and he also secured 2 takedowns, so in the end, I think Hester won this fight, probably all 3 rounds. Andy Enz put up a decent fight for his octagon debut, but it wasn't nearly enough to get the decision over Hester.
      This fight was pretty awesome. Kevin Lee made his UFC debut, and kick a lot of ass. The first round, Iaquinta looked awesome, almost knocking Lee out early, and then nearly locking on a flying ankle lock, which was pretty fucking awesome. The second round had Kevin Lee taking Iaquinta to the ground, where he was able to get on his back, and locked on a tight rear-naked choke for most of the round. The third round was pretty much a boxing match, where both guys looked good, but I gave that one to Iaquinta as well, and all 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Al Iaquinta via unanimous decision.
      Well, here's another undercard fight I'd rather not have to watch. Nick Catone secured at least one takedown in every round, and showed "ok" striking skills. Tom Watson showed some decent striking in the third round, but for the most part, didn't doing anything. I gave the fight to Catone, 29-28, and 2 of the judges agreed with me, so he wins, via split-decision.
      And another fight I could have done without. The problem with these 125 pound guys, is that all of the fights end up looking like "point fighting" or whatever. Nobody ever does any actual damage. Martinez secured a few takedowns, but never really did anything. Cariaso landed a ton of strikes, but didn't do any damage. So Cariaso wins, via unanimous decision, I guess.
      This is probably the last fight on the card that I didn't care about at all. I thought Makdessi was a great fighter, and he did a decent job striking with Alan, and he stuffed 9 of 11 takedown attempts, so that's pretty impressive, but after the fight was over, the only things that stood out in this fight for me at all, were the 2 takedowns that Alan actually secured, because he shot through like a ball, and crushed Makdessi into the ground. Both guys did a decent job I guess, but I personally gave the fight to Alan, all 3 judges agreed with me, and Joe Rogan REALLY disagreed with the decision. And I guess, most other people gave Makdessi the fight, so maybe he should have won? But I don't know, this fight was sort of boring, and like I said, even though he only secured 2 of 11 takedowns, they were REALLY NICE takedowns. But yeah, lame fight for the most part.
      FUCK YES! This fight makes this card worth watching. Abel Trujillo was throwing bombs the entire fight, but the first round, he sort of got his ass kicked, as Varner took him to the ground, and went for a few choke attempts. The second round, was more of Trujillo getting his ass handed to him, as Varner had him pinned against the cage, and was pummeling him with GIGANTIC punch combinations, and it looked like Trujillo was going to pass out at any moment, and then he launched a HUGE right hand, knocking Varner the fuck out, and I mean he fell face first, lost 100% control of his body, and collapsed like a rag doll. Abel Trujillo earned a HUGE fucking victory right here, and it'll be hard to believe if this doesn't end up getting fight & KO of the night.
      That was a pretty solid fight between two top guys at 125. Bagautinov took Lineker down in the first round, Lineker went for a silly leg lock, which is Bagautinov's world, so Bagautinov locked one on, and won that exchanged. Lineker came back in the second round, with some solid body shots, and did a good job defending the takedowns. The third round though, was all about Bagautinov, taking Lineker to the ground, repeatedly, and controlling him all over the octagon. So in the end, Bagautinov wins via unanimous decision, 29-28.
      Man, I like Frank Mir and stuff, but Alistair Overeem just kicked his ass for 15 minutes. Mir secured a takedown in the second round, and went for a guillotine choke, but Overeem was able to escape pretty easily, and that was Mir's only real offense. The rest of the fight had Overeem smashing Mir, ESPECIALLY in the first round, when he pinned him against the cage on the ground, pinned Mir's arm behind his head, and smashed his ribs with 257 pound elbows, I was surprised Mir was able to get up after that beating. So yeah, pretty good fight, between two giants, and Alistair Overeem clearly won all 3 rounds.
      This was a pretty good title fight, with Jose Aldo doing his usual striking game, where he kicked the shit out of Lamas's legs, and punched him with crisp punches, and threw flying knees and all kinds of shit. When the fight went to the ground, Aldo was able to control most of the ground game as well, and his takedown defense, especially earlier in the fight, was outstanding. Lamas ended the final round on top, in Aldo's guard, but he wasn't really able to do much other than some basic ground & pound, but it was nowhere near enough to win the fight for him. Good fight by both fighters, and Aldo wins the fight, 49-46 on everyone's scorecards.
      This was a decent fight, with both guys showing solid striking, but the couple of times that Barao went crazy on Urijah, it looked pretty bad, and when the fight was stopped, Urijah was laid out flat on his stomach, with Barao throwing hammer fists at the side of his head, Urijah gave the thumbs up sign, but wasn't doing ANYTHING to defend himself, so the referee stopped the fight, giving the TKO victory to Renan Barao in the first round. It sort of sucks that it was stopped, because it was sort of a weak ending, but Barao was clearly winning this entire fight.